Donald Trump sometimes appears to be a very bona fide person, especially when he talks with dictators. This also applies to North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un. At the press conference after the failed summit with Kim in Hanoi, the US was mentioned, President on the case of US students, Otto and warm beer. The Student was taken during a North Korea trip, in a show trial, convicted and allegedly severely tortured. Shortly after the release, he died in 2017 in the United States.

Kim had no responsibility, claimed Trump. On the contrary, he defended his “friend” Kim Jong-Un: “He has a bad Conscience because of that. He knew the case very well, but has to know only later. He told me that he knew nothing about it. And I take him at his word”. Trump had the presumption even to the assertion that Kim would never let you do that warm beer “very bad things” happen, if he had previously experienced. He suspected a revenge for a North Korean circles to the students of the Kim just was not aware. So the ratios are in the Communist state.

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Donald Trump, the subject was visibly uncomfortable

the US President, the subject was visibly uncomfortable. He wants to avoid anything to upset Kim Jong-Un. For him, much depends politically on an agreement with North Korea, which provides the core of the nuclear disarmament of the country. The is only moved once, in the distant future.

Meeting with Kim in Hanoi

Donald Trump to be completed ahead of schedule the U.S.-North Korea summit: “Sometimes it’s time to go”


the summit of the dispute, sanctions had Failed. The North Koreans would have demanded that because of their nuclear and missile program imposed sanctions “in their entirety”. “And we couldn’t make it,” said Trump. Kim have, however, promised that his country will not resume the testing of atomic weapons, said the US President. Kim had assured not to test missiles, or “anything that has to do with atomic energy”. Further sanctions against North Korea, he does not think is necessary. “I don’t want to talk about tougher sanctions,” said Trump. “There are a lot of great people in North Korea who must live, too.”