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Presidents Day 2023 Date February 20 Holiday Weekend

When is Presidents Day 2023: The 30th annual Presidents Day is on Monday of February 20. Here we are providing the details of Presidents Day 2023 Date – February 20 Holiday Weekend.


This public holiday celebrates the different presidents of the United States with a range of events in the city.

Presidents Day 2023 Date
Presidents Day 2023 Date

What does President’s Day Celebrate?

According to the federal government, the holiday observed on the third Monday in February is officially known as Washington’s Birthday. In the United States, Presidents Day is always celebrated on 3rd Monday of February between the birthdays of Presidents George Washington (22 February) and Abraham Lincoln (12 February).

Presidents’ Day 2023 Date – February 20 Holiday Weekend

My dream is of a place and a time where America will once again be seen as the last best hope of earth.- Abraham Lincoln

Washington’s Birthday became official in 1885, when President Chester Arthur signed a bill making it a federal holiday. The first thing to know: it’s not officially called Presidents’ Day. It is still known as Washington’s Birthday. Presidents Day never falls on the actual birthday of any USA president.

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Presidents Day Weekend 2023 (February 20, 2023 – February 20, 2023)

Presidents Day Weekend: This weekend will start on February 20, 2023, and will end on February 20, 2023. The observed federal holiday is actually called George Washington’s Birthday. Certain states, however, list the holiday as Presidents’ Day.

Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty. - John F. Kennedy

Presidents Day 2023 Date & From 2015 to 2025

Presidents Day 2023 Date
Presidents Day 2023 Date

Every year the United States will celebrate Presidents Day on the third Monday of February. This year Presidents’ Day in 2023 is on Monday, the 20th of February. Presidents Day is a federal holiday in the USA.

February 20 Monday is a Federal Holiday?

Presidents Day 2023 Calendar: According to the 2023 USA Federal Holidays Calendar, USA will celebrate February 20 Holiday. Which is 3rd Monday of this year, Also this weekend called Presidents Weekend.

State Government offices will close on all of the states where the date is an official holiday. Public schools also closed on this day but some private companies and businesses are open.

President’s Day 2023 In the United States of America

Presidents Week 2023: Presidents’ Day in 2023 is on Monday, the 20th of February. In the United States, Presidents Day is always celebrated on the third Monday of February.

During this Presidents Weekend 2023 many organizations, institutes, Restaurants and Shops will provide many offers. Many communities throughout the United States hold special celebrations on President’s Day.

Presidents Day 2023 Interesting Facts

  • Abraham Lincoln’s birthday falls closely to George Washington but his is not a federal holiday. Many states still celebrate his birthday along with George Washington’s.
  • Even though it is a federal holiday, each state is free to call it what they choose and how to celebrate.
  • Since 1888, George Washington’s Farewell Address has been read in the Senate on February 22nd of most years.
  • In 1879, approximately one century later, President Rutherford B. Hayes signed the bill making February 22nd a federal holiday.
  • On the eve of the holiday, a special memory of the lessons is held in schools, dedicated to the outstanding American leaders, school performances are put on patriotic themes.
  • George Washington was president for two terms, from 1789 to 1793, and 1793 to 1797.
  • Presidents’ Day is not just a favorite long weekend of the United States, it’s a memory of sons, who lifted their land in the international community.
Presidents Day 2023
Presidents Day 2023

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