The British house of Commons may vote a third Time on the same Brexit Deal. The President of Parliament, John Bercow, made on Monday in the lower house. Without any Changes to the agreement which is contrary to a rule from the early 17th century. Century, according to which the same template is not as often as you wish put to the vote. So Bercow, the government made a dash through the Brexit plans.

Originally, the Prime Minister Theresa May had announced, with Brussels negotiated agreement to the members present. However, no majority for the Treaty in the completely divided under the house was until very recently still.

point of contention Backstop

The government had tried to overcome in long talks with the Northern Irish DUP the resistance. The support of the party, whose votes may’s minority government relies, is considered key to the success of the deal. Should change the DUP’s your attitude – so the hope was – could also fold a lot of enemies of Mays Conservative party.

the crux of the Brexit dispute is the so-called Backstop. This is a in the exit agreement stipulated a guarantee for an open border between the EU-state of Ireland and British Northern Ireland. The regulation stipulates that the UK remains in a customs Union with the EU, until a better solution is found.

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Brexit-not to keep the deadline, probably

Brexit-hard-liners fear that it could captivate the country permanently to the European Union and an independent trade policy. They demanded, therefore, a time limit or a unilateral termination right for the Backstop.

Actually, the UK at 29. March from the EU to escape. The appointment is no longer maintained. If there should be a third vote, regardless of the result calculated with a request for postponement of the discharge date.

politics demands clarity from the UK

German foreign Minister Heiko Maas open for a “lap of honour”, a Unger Brexit apply and to avoid its many drawbacks. The SPD politician called for in Brussels, but the clarity of the UK: “for How long? What should be the reason? How does it work? What is actually the aim of the extension? You will speak now.” The Belgian foreign Minister Didier Reynders said: “We are against the extension, but we want to know what are the intentions of London followed.”

The Chairman of the EU Committee in the Bundestag, Gunther Krichbaum, expressed, however, are critical. “It is the British policy concepts”, the CDU-politician lacking in the ARD. “If I zurase with 200 kilometers per hour on a precipice, then it might not be the right strategy to say: I need more time.”

the Federal Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz (SPD) said in Berlin, he often understood what to go to in the UK. In the current situation, one would try in Germany or other countries, to agree across party boundaries. “That would be for the United Kingdom the worst idea.”

In the UK, sets the leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn, however, to hold a new election. For the case of a renewed defeat of the Labour leader May had threatened with a new motion of censure.

Silvia Kusidlo / DPA