This comment is long, very long. So long, that when Scrolling, the Finger will likely be sore. Not because you need to read a lot of Text, but because the collection of Tweets at the end of this piece is almost endless. You show how hypocritical US President Donald Trump and behaves. But from the front.

the family Trump shows with your Postings in the social networks always has a happy knack, has only Jr two days ago, Donald Trump. demonstrates the shot after the speech of his father, on the situation of the Nation with a Twitter attack on a female member of the Democrats, once again, a big own goal. Now, the Senior has shown, by whom, his Eldest, the hypocrisy has inherited, other people and things to blame, which you take out yourself safely.

Donald Trump complains about “President-Chicane”

In a series of Tweets, Donald Trump is on the opposition Democrats left, because they use their newly gained majority in the US house of representatives are going to set up committees of inquiry, to take the President and his Administration under the magnifying glass. It is also a question of the finances of Trump and his group, to an area in front of the man in the White house banned a large “no trespassing”sign.

flag lapel pin

Donald Trump Jr. wants a Democrat to demonstrate indoor and shoots a goal

By Marc Drewello

This is a sign of the new Chairman of the intelligence Committee in the house of representatives, the Democrat Adam Schiff wants to blow your mind, now. He wants to find out whether the “foreign players” have financial or other pressure means against the President, his family, his company, or people in his environment.

“Now, Congressman Adam Schiff announces so, after he has found zero collusion with Russia, he will consider every aspect of my life, both financially and personally, even though there is no reason to be. Never happened before! Boundless President-Chicane”, whined Trump on Twitter.

“The Democrats and their committees ‘turn’. The Republicans have President Obama’s never done, there is no more time to lead the government,” railed Trump. He had heard that other Committee planned to Chairman studies. “A continuation of the witch-hunt!”

Two hours later, the President put in capital letters: “PRESIDENT-CHICANE! It should never be allowed to happen again!”

It was Donald Trump, the Democrats in the house of representatives exercise its constitutional prescribed duty of monitoring to the President, after the previously Republican-dominated Japanese chamber had might be irritated by two years, in this respect, dead. Since the President but, as he himself claimed again and again, has “one of the greatest memories of all times”, he can certainly remember that his party has complied with this statutory mandate, yet some time ago, with a lot of commitment. However, the man’s name was there in the White house is still Barack Obama.

While the Republican-led Congress at the time, Obama’s private companies to target – because this had namely, no private companies. The representatives of the people studied, but there are various areas of political action by the Obama Administration: a failed covert Operation of a Federal police authority, the allegation that the Federal tax authority would discriminate against conservative groups, the failed launch of the website, to sell Obamacare policies, the award of a Federal loan to a solar equipment manufacturer as well as the terrorist attack on the U.S. Consulate in Libya’s Benghazi. That Trump is doing so, as the committees of inquiry would be against a government in an evil invention by the hostile Democrats, is complete nonsense.

Trump stalked Obama on Twitter

Would it have gone to Donald Trump, would have been to Congress yet, Obama personally speak to, for example, its origin or its University documents. The Republicans of the pre-Trump Era, did not want to let then down. For Trump tried his predecessor even turn up the heat. He sat down at the top of the “Birther”movement, which claimed, incorrectly, that the President should not be President because he was not born in the United States and did not miss an opportunity to attack Obama and to bring false claims into disrepute. Especially on Twitter, he attacked him constantly. These are just some of the quotes from his Tweets about Obama:

“looks like an incompetent fool”

“terrible attitude”,

“has done such a bad Job as President that there will be over generations, no other black President more,”

“is a racist”

“no Problem, to lie to the American Public,”

“so stupid”,

“don’t want to change the name of the White house, because the maximum is discriminatory and politically Correct”,

“a total disaster”,

“gives terrorists a way to come into our country. A stop to his cap”


“so inelegant and unpräsidentiell”,

“maybe the worst President in US history”,

“everything he touches is garbage”,

“how much of a man on the most obvious things lie?”,

“will give the terrorists all the rights in the Constitution, but not our cops”,

“shame on you!”,

For the attacks against then President Obama durch Trump, the whines just full of self-pity about “President-bullying”, there is a suitable designation: President-bullying. And also to be whining a term: hypocrisy exists.

And the next cries of hypocrite in the White house to prevent – this time over alleged Fake News, here as a supporting document for Trumps Obama-Stalking is a “small” selection of his Tweets:

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