German foreign Minister, Heiko Maas will be represented this Friday for the first time, Germany, as a member of the UN security Council.

He takes part in the main body of the United Nations in a debate on the topic of climate protection. Germany is since 1. January is one of the ten temporary members of the security Council. In addition, five States are part of the body constantly, have the right of veto in all decisions: the US, Russia, China, France and the United Kingdom.

The security Council is concerned primarily with the maintenance of peace and the management of conflicts in the world. Because of the great differences between the USA and Russia its ability to act is currently very limited.

Germany wants to take in the body of a mediating role. “Where we understanding can provide, we want to do,” said Maas on Thursday, the Deutsche Welle. “It’s not just Russia and the United States. There is also the question of what is the role of China in disarmament issues. And since we are going to be very involved in the coming weeks and months.”

Maas was referring to the dispute over the INF Treaty to ban nuclear medium-range missiles. The United States accuse Russia, to break with new cruise missiles. US President, Donald Trump wants the contract to 2. February not terminate, if Moscow compromises. Russia and the USA have a common Problem with the Treaty: It does not apply to an emerging nuclear power like China, can further kidney new medium-range missile site.

in addition to climate protection wants to make Germany the arms control a priority for its membership in the security Council. Another issue is the protection of women in conflicts. At an event on Thursday Maas called on the United Nations to do more in this area. Sexual violence was used in Syria and in other conflicts as a weapon of war, he said. “This is the perfidious reality of almost all conflicts of our time.”

Maas wants to support, among other initiatives, the crimes against women document, to drag the perpetrators to justice. “Because of lack of workup, transported to today, a “culture of impunity” and,” he said.

For Saturday have requested the United States for an emergency session of the security Council the power struggle in Venezuela. If Maas will attend, if the meeting should take place was on Thursday evening (local time) is still unclear.