In the race to succeed the Prime Minister, Theresa May, Boris Johnson is on course for Downing Street. The 55-Year-old is regarded as the strong favourites, the chief of his Conservative party and thus the government to be.

According to a recent survey of Tory members, the controversial politician could get more than 70 percent of the vote. His rival, foreign Minister, Jeremy Hunt, will only be given to small opportunities.

The election result will be announced on Tuesday in London, on Wednesday, Johnson will be appointed for the new Prime Minister.

the survey will be fraught with uncertainty. However, other surveys came to similar results, according to the conservative website “Conservative Home”. This would point to the fact that “Johnson will win with an overwhelming majority”.

about 160,000 party members were able to decide until late in the afternoon, if you want to have a Johnson or Hunt as the new chief, and thus as Prime Minister.

the Ex-foreign Minister and former London mayor is very controversial. He takes it with the truth is often not so accurate. As foreign Minister, he came into a lot of blunders on the international stage. Many party members to trust the eccentric politician but to get disappointed Brexit-voters back into the boat.

The new Prime Minister is likely to have it May be very difficult: The government has only a majority of three votes. The Premier exchange also comes in the midst of conflict with Iran, was a British Tanker in the Strait of Hormuz fixed. The BBC spoke from the first “diplomatic Test” for Johnson.

British media assume that Johnson in the event of his election victory, many of the government appointments at new. Newspapers speculated about a Comeback of the former Brexit-Minister Dominic Raab, the could take over the Ministry of justice. Reportedly Johnson’s plans of the “Telegraph”, according to also, to re-Ex-Brexit-Ministers David Davis and make him the Finance or foreign Minister. Critics believe Davis incompetent and lazy.

The weekend had already announced, Finance Minister, Philip Hammond, and Minister of justice, David Gauke, the task of their Offices, should Johnson government chief. British media expect further resignations of EU-friendly Ministers.

Johnson wants the UK on Halloween, October 31. October, from the European Union’s lead, “come what may”. In doing so, he threatens Brussels with an exit without any agreement – which would have significant negative consequences for the economy and other areas of life. May was failed three Times with your with Brussels negotiated the Deal in Parliament.

Johnson said on Monday that a regulated EU exit by the end of October with “will and drive” is feasible. If it’s 50 years ago already it was possible to fly to the moon and back, “then we can solve the Problem of the smooth trade on the Northern Irish border,” wrote Johnson in the Telegraph. As for the flight to the moon there were also technical solutions.

Johnson was referring to the so-called Backstop, the refuse strictly. This warranty clause is intended to prevent between the British Northern Ireland and the EU Ireland border controls must be introduced. Because that could stir up the old conflict between Catholic supporters of a unification of Ireland and Protestant loyalists again.

The Backstop provides that the UK remains part of a customs Union with the EU, until the Problem is solved otherwise. For Northern Ireland, should also apply in part the rules of the European single market.

Johnson sees in the clause to be an “Instrument of incarceration” in the UK in the customs Union and the internal market. He wants to paint the Backstop and the Irish border question only after the exit in a future free trade agreement with the EU to solve.

may’s successor will set out on Tuesday in a first speech may be Details of his Brexit plans. On Wednesday the handover of power then follows. May will provide lunch for the last Time to the questions of the deputies. Then, you will stop in front of the seat of government in Downing Street, a farewell speech, and then with Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace, her resignation to submit.

The 93-year-old Queen will directly appoint the new Prime Minister and forming a government delegate. Also by him is expected to make a speech in front of his headquarters.

The British had three years ago, on 23. June 2016, in a Referendum with a narrow majority for the EU-pronounced outlet.

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