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“Sister,” is the German contribution to the ESC in Israel (22.41 PM)verdict: Wolf in lower Saxony can be killed (14: 05)BGH strengthens in the diesel scandal, the Position of the VW customers (12.01 p.m.)to go four and a half years in prison for the crown jewels-thief in Sweden (11.55 PM)to 150,000 children, out of fear of attacks, not to school (11.36 PM)200 US soldiers to remain after the withdrawal of troops in Syria (11. 28 PM)

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+++ 22.42 PM: Duo of S!sters win the German ESC preliminary round +++

The Duo S!sters has won the German preliminary decision for the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC). The two young women were in the Show “Our song for Israel” against six other competitors. With their song “Sister” to represent the two now, at 18. Of may Germany in the final of the world’s most renowned music competition in Tel Aviv.

+++ 17: 28: Lügde: Senior police officer of tasks released +++

In the scandal of missing evidence material to the case of abuse of Lügde, the police has relieved the chief of the circle lip, a senior official of his duties. The head of the competent “Directorate K” I informed him too late about the missing evidence in the case, said the authorities chief, and district chief Axel Lehmann (SPD) on Friday in Detmold at a press conference.

NRW-Minister of the interior, Herbert Reul had reported on Thursday about missing pieces of evidence in the building of the police in Detmold. At the end of January, the loss was noticed only days later, the authorities informed management. “So it’s not”, criticized Lehmann. He also referred to the use of a police candidate at the sighting of the evidence as a serious craft error. To the question of how the evidence could disappear, there is no new information.

+++ 17.01 PM: SPD politician calls for: Internet giants tax +++

The SPD politician Achim Post called the taxation of large Internet companies as a core requirement prior to the European elections at the end of may. The “billions in tax avoidance by the Internet giants Google, Facebook and Co” had finally come to an end, called a Post, the Secretary General of the party of European socialists (PES), in Madrid. “Also, the European social-democracy, for fair wages, more investment instead of a one-sided austerity policy, a Pact for sustainable development and a Europe of peace and disarmament.”

The European social Democrats discussed their election Manifesto, to be adopted on Saturday at a Congress in the Spanish capital. PES top candidate is Frans Timmermans from the Netherlands.

+++ 15.49 PM: media report: New police-use on the camping in Lügde +++

After the Disappearance of evidence in the case of more than a thousand times the child abuse on a campsite in North Rhine-Westphalia and any other traceable activity Detmold currently has no evidence of a theft. The same time, officials carried out but on the square at noon for a RAID. The “image”newspaper reported. Officials would have to leave the car of the main suspect towing and Barracks with grids.

The missing disk was seized by investigators in the case of a year-long child serial abuse at the campsite, “Eichwald” in Lügde-Elbrinxen for the 56-year-old main suspect. The case of child abuse in Lügde in the district of Lippe has become a police scandal. Reul had admitted on Thursday that 155 of the data carrier, which are considered to be evidence, and be gone for weeks. A special investigator with the four employees of the land criminal police office to clarify the whereabouts of the disk.

+++ at 15: 24: singer Gus Backus died at the age of 81 years +++

singer Gus Backus is dead. He died on Thursday after a long illness at the age of 81 years, said at home in Germering near Munich, as his children of the dpa. A large funeral is planned. Backus will in the closest family circle, beige, said his daughter. “That was his desire.”

Born in New York under the name of Donald Edgar Backus was he in Germany in the 1960s and 1970s with Hits such as “Brown bear and white dove”, “As the voice of the old chief of the Indians” and “The man in the moon” is famous, and also because of his American accent.

as an actor Backus stood for more than 30 films in front of the camera. His most famous, he had a recurring role in the Austrian film Comedy, “Our great aunts” (1961) with his “Sauerkraut Polka”.

To his 80. Birthday in September 2017, he had wished for in an interview with the German press Agency, to be 90 years old. Backgrounds to his illness, the family is not called. Backus was several times married and leaves several children.

+++ 15.18 PM: French forces kill Al-Qaeda leader in Mali +++

The French armed forces according to the government, a leading Al-Qaeda fighters in Mali killed. The Algerians Jahja Abu Al baths is to the North of Timbuktu, along with other “terrorists” of the French air and ground forces killed, said defence Minister Florence Parly on Friday in Paris.

Al baths is made, among other things, for the kidnapping of Western citizens in the North and the West of Africa, is responsible. The Ministry of defense calls him “the head and the financier” of multiple attacks.

He headed, therefore, the “Emirate of the Sahara” in the terrorist network Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQMI). In addition, he is the Deputy Chairman of Tuareg leader Ijad Ag Ghali.

France, the former colonial power in the Sahel region, and has stationed in the Region in the Wake of the “Operation Barkhane” about 4000 soldiers. It also supports a joint military unit of the Sahel States of Burkina Faso, Mali, Mauritania, Niger and Chad in the fight against armed jihadists. For this purpose, the UN mission Minusma comes with approximately 12,000 soldiers. The 2013-launched the use of the Bundeswehr is also involved.

+++ 15.03 PM: singer Gus Backus dies aged 81 +++

singer Gus Backus (“the old chief of the Indians spoke”) is dead. He died on Thursday after a long illness at the age of 81 years at home, in Germering near Munich, as his children said on Friday the German press Agency.

+++ 14.05 PM: court decision: a Wolf in lower Saxony can be killed +++

The is deemed to be dangerous Rodewalder Wolf in lower Saxony can be shot down. The upper administrative court in Lüneburg had a Beschwerde of the circle of friends of wild wolves back to live against the killing of the animal. The court confirmed a decision of the lower court, the judgment is voidable. The shoot-down authorization for the Leitrüden of the Rodewalder pack is initially valid until next Thursday (28. February). “Reasonable Alternatives to killing are not apparent,” it said in a communication to the court. The death of the animal was to avert a significant damage is required. The Wolf will be more than attributed to 40 cracks of farm animals, including ponies and cattle.

questions & answers

animals are not to be hunted

Two wolves goings-on in Germany up to mischief – as before, go to the authorities about it?

Even before cattle and horses, he did not stop there, the Leitrüde of the Rodewalder pack in lower Saxony. Now he’s about to die, like a Wolf in Schleswig-Holstein. This is legally not an easy thing, wolves are strictly protected – actually.

DPA +++ 13.30: Two strong earthquakes Ecuador shake – No major damage +++

Two severe earthquakes have rocked Ecuador. A quake of magnitude 7.6 was recorded by the Seismological Institute of Ecuador 320 kilometers West of Guayaquil, at a depth of 107 kilometers. Only 13 minutes later, a second earthquake occurred 18 kilometers to the South of Guayaquil with a thickness of 5.9 in 34 km depth. According to the head of state, Lenin Moreno via Twitter were first recorded no major damage. In the aftermath of the first quake, two people were slightly injured, as disaster service announced.

+++ 13.03 PM: Minister of justice wants to IS returning to “consistently” monitor +++

Federal Minister of justice Katarina Barley (SPD) wants to avoid that fighters of the jihadists militia Islamic state (IS) can move after their return unmolested in Germany. “Not a few are wanted for arrest,” said Barley, the “mirror”. “The other must be consistently monitored, as soon as you enter Germany.”

The Federal government is currently considering how to Syria and Iraq traveled to jihadists in Germany, before the court can be made. US President, Donald Trump had called on the EU countries, in Syria prisoner IS fighters back and to make you the process. However, crimes committed in the combat zones are difficult to demonstrate.

+++ 12.56 PM: 30 load leave the car with civilians last IS stronghold in Eastern Syria +++

30 load women, children and men have brought the car from the last Bastion of the jihadists militia Islamic state (IS) in Eastern Syria. An AFP Reporter saw a long convoy of trucks to the village of Baghus car left on the Iraqi border. The column was accompanied by fighters of the Syrian Democratic forces (SDF), the siege of the town in the Euphrates valley for weeks.

In the load of masked men to see women in black Nikabs and children were in the car. Finally, the SDF had fighters on Wednesday around 3,000 people in the truck got out of the village, including fighters, but also women and children. The SDF-speaker Mustefa Bali had announced that they wanted to try, on Friday, the remaining civilians to get out. The SDF is estimated that several thousand civilians in Baghus were.

+++ 12.27 PM: BGH considers illegal defeat device as a defect, a +++

The Federal court of justice (BGH) has strengthened the Position of the VW customers in the lawsuit in diesel scandal. In a released on Friday note the decision of the BGH stated that according to his “preliminary legal opinion” in the case of an impermissible switch-off means in a car of a “material defect can be assumed, is likely to be”. A for next week’s scheduled trial date was meanwhile cancelled, because the plaintiff took back after an out-of-court settlement for its Revision.

The Federal court as the highest German civil court, positioned himself, nevertheless, for the first time in the dispute to the diesel scandal. The Federal judge precipitated due to the withdrawal of the Revision, although it is not a judgement published but, nevertheless, your current assessment in the present case. Already in January had burst due to an out of court settlement negotiation. The note of the Supreme court is likely to have a significant impact on the ongoing proceedings in Germany.

In the specific case of a VW had sued a customer against a dealer. He asked because of the built-in Software, which is in the opinion of the force travel Federal office, an unauthorized disconnection device, a new car. In the lower courts his claim was unsuccessful.

The Supreme court was now clear for the first time, that he classifies the disconnection device is currently considered a “defect”. The Federal judge reasoned that “the risk of an operating ban” was made by the competent authority.

The Federal judge also pointed out that, in the opinion of the court in the particular case “could be faulty”. The higher regional court of Bamberg, had classified the replacement of a new car as “impossible”, because the buyer purchased a VW Tiguan of the first Generation are no longer produced.

+++ 12.01 PM: BGH strengthens in the diesel scandal, the Position of the VW customers +++

is classified In the exhaust gas scandal affected diesel cars illegal to be a defeat device as a defect. This has made it clear to the Federal court of justice (BGH) in Karlsruhe for the first Time the highest court in a decision, although a for the 27. February scheduled hearing due to a settlement with the plaintiff car buyer fails to.

+++ 11.55 PM: four and a half years in prison for the crown jewels-thief in Sweden +++

In the process, to the sensational theft of centuries-old crown jewel in Sweden a defendant has been sentenced to four years and six months in prison. The district court of Eskilstuna announced on Friday.

The 22-year-old Swede will be prosecuted for Grand larceny and attempted theft of other crown jewels of the Cathedral in Strängnäs, near Stockholm. The prosecution had demanded in the case of six years ‘ imprisonment, the defense held up to three years is appropriate.

The crown jewels had been stolen at the end of July 2018 from the Cathedral, about 70 miles West of Stockholm. It is the funeral crown, and the Orb of in 1611, died Charles IX. of Sweden, as well as the crown of his 1625 deceased wife, Queen Christine of Holstein-Gottorp. Do you have an estimate of the equivalent of more than six million euros, for the Church, but not in money defined value.

+++ 11.36 PM: 150,000 children do not go out of fear of attacks to school +++

jihadists in the formation of a Generation of compromise in Burkina Faso: More than 150,000 kids don’t go according to the education Ministry, out of fear of jihadist attacks to the school. More than 1100 schools had to close after threats and attacks from Islamists, in whole or temporarily, as the Minister of education, Stanislas Ouaro, on Thursday evening, said on state television.

According to the Minister, could not come because of the threat to some 5,000 teachers since the beginning of the school year in October for work.

+++ 11. 28 PM: 200 US soldiers to remain after the withdrawal of troops in Syria +++

The United States also want to leave after the planned withdrawal of troops from Syria, around 200 soldiers in the civil war, the country stationed. A small group of “about 200” soldiers should remain for a certain amount of time to “peacekeeping” in Syria, said the spokesperson of the White house, Sarah Sanders. The withdrawal announcement by US President Donald Trump had been criticized by international allies, but also in his own party.

Trump had announced in December surprisingly a full withdrawal of the approximately 2000 in Syria, stationed U.S. soldiers. He justified the move at the time that the fight against the jihadists militia Islamic state (IS) “won”. The US troops are up to the 30. April will be deducted.

+++ 10.13 PM: the state achieved in 2018, a record surplus of 58 billion euros +++

The state has achieved in the past year, thanks to high tax revenues and a record surplus of 58 billion euros. The Federal Statistical office in Wiesbaden reported and corrected earlier information. Accordingly, the state took 1,543 trillion Euro and spent 1,485 trillion euros.

The revenue grew in comparison to 2017, with 4.7 percent “significantly,” as the statisticians said. Thanks that was a large part of the income and property tax payments, they grew by 5.7 percent. The good labour market situation also led to a strong increase of 4.3 per cent in social contributions. The revenue increased more than expenses, which increased by 3.2 percent.

The highest Surplus of the Federal scored according to the statistics, with 17.9 billion euros. The social insurance closed the year with a Plus of 14.9 billion euros. The municipalities there is a Surplus of 14.0 billion Euro, the countries remained at 11.1 billion euros.

The German Federal Statistical office was published in mid-January, the Figures for economic performance and, at the time, the record surplus of 59.2 billion euros. But the 58 billion euros according to statistics, in absolute terms the highest Surplus, the state has achieved since reunification. The surplus ratio amounted to 1.7 percent.

+++ 9.59 PM: NRW-head of the police Union: “In the case of Lügde nothing under the table return” +++

After the Disappearance of evidence in the case of more than a thousand times the child abuse on a North Rhine-Westphalia, campsite, the German police Union has called for a full investigation. “In any criminal proceedings, evidence may disappear – this is not at all”, said the NRW head of the Union, Erich Rettinghaus, in the “Rheinische Post”. “But first, the presumption of innocence applies.”

Now needs to be thoroughly determined, stressed Rettinghaus. “Nothing should be swept under the table, you must transparently handle the case.”

On Thursday night it was reported that the district police lip 155 of the data carrier is lost. The CDs and DVDs were seized by investigators in the case of a year-long child abuse in the campsite of Lügde in the 56-year-old main suspect.

+++ 8.55 PM: Kenyan court postpones verdict to homosexuality +++

The Supreme court in Kenya has postponed a highly anticipated ruling on the criminalization of homosexuality, and thus disappointment in the Affected triggered. “The stacks of Files are higher than I myself,” said one of the three competent judges, Chacha Mwita, for justification. In addition, one of his colleagues in the holidays and they had many other cases on the table. Mwita put the 24. Of may as the day of the verdict. Originally the decision was supposed to be announced on Friday.

gay organizations had appealed to the Supreme court three years ago and asked to remove two from the colonial period to the end of article of the criminal code, homosexuality is punishable. The article provides for prison sentences of up to 14 years for “against the natural order” in breach of the sexual contacts. The second of five years in prison for “indecent practices between males”.

+++ 8.15 PM: a German state with a record surplus +++

The German state in 2018, has taken the fifth year in a row, more money than is spent. The Federal government, Länder, municipalities and social insurance achieved a record surplus of 58 billion euros, as the Federal Statistical office in Wiesbaden announced on Friday. Preliminary calculations had shown even a Plus of 59.2 billion euros.

+++ 7.45 PM: force Heinz to write off billion on brand values +++

The food company Kraft, Heinz has slipped to 2018, due to a US $ 16 billion, high depreciation on the value of many of the brands deep in the red. Below-the-line stand in 2018, a decline of 10.3 billion dollars (9.1 billion euros) after a profit of almost $ 11 billion in the previous year, as the company announced on Thursday (local time) in Pittsburgh and Chicago.

in Addition, it was announced that the U.S. securities and exchange Commission is investigating the Accounting practices. The share of the 2015 merged company rushed after trading hours by 20 percent. The paper should also decline in regular trading so strong, would decrease the market value of the company’s nearly 12 billion dollars.

+++ 6.10 PM: American actor Smollett, bail +++

The alleged false statements to the police arrested US actor Jussie Smollett, left, came against payment of a Deposit of $ 100,000. The Star of the TV series “Empire” was released in Chicago from custody. Him to three years in prison, because he is supposed to have mistaken for a homophobic and racist attack against itself. The openly gay African-Americans had reported in late January that he was in the night attacked in Chicago on the open road by two Masked and racist and homophobic have been offended.

hate crimes

From victim to accused: Jussie Smollett, Chicago police Department

This alleged crime had caused quite a stir: On the open road was “Empire”Star Jussie Smollett, attacked and insulted in a racist way. Now it turns out: It was all probably quite different.

+++ 5.57 PM: the death driver from Melbourne, was sentenced to life in prison +++

More than two years after a death drive through the city of Melbourne a 29-year-old Australians to life in prison has been sentenced. A jury-the Jury had spoken to the man in November because of six counts of murder, and guilty. On Friday the sentence was announced. Accordingly, the death of driver must be for a minimum of 46 years in prison, until 2065, he can apply for parole.

The fact judge Mark Weinberg described as one of the “worst examples of mass murder” in Australia. The defender had argued that the man had suffered at the time under a drug-induced psychosis, reported the Australian news channel ABC News. The vineyard got rejected. He knew what he was doing, the judge told ABC News that the death of the driver.

+++ 4.45 PM: slipped disc: Little Tiger Seri has not yet recovered +++

According to a type of herniated disc has not recovered the approximately seven-month-old tiger girl Seri in Berlin’s animal Park. Her condition had not developed yet “to our satisfaction”, said a spokesperson of the institution on request. It is planned to further study in the CT to check the Seris skeleton, and in particular the vertebrae. Also, the values of calcium, phosphate and Vitamin D in the blood, want to take experts again. A date was not fixed initially.

+++ 3.10 PM: a rocket with the first Israeli moon probe “Beresheet” start +++

The US space station Cape Canaveral in Florida has started a rocket with the first Israeli moon probe. The Falcon-9 rocket, the space company SpaceX, lifted off on Thursday evening (local time). You should bring the Israeli probe “Beresheet” in orbit around the earth. The probe will then be on their seven-week trip to the moon and should be there at 11. April land.

“Beresheet” (Genesis) is a private project and is driven by the organization SpaceIL. “Beresheet” is not only the first Israeli probe, but the first private space vehicle ever to land on the moon. The Mission will cost around 100 million dollars.

+++ 2.33 PM: U.S. Department of justice, complains two sons of “El Chapo” because of drug smuggling +++

The U.S. Department of justice has accused two sons of convicted Mexican drug boss Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán for drug trafficking. The indictment was released one and a half weeks after the guilty verdict against “El Chapo” in New York. Therein, Joaquín Guzmán López, alias “El Güero” (Blonde) and Ovidio Guzmán López, alias “El Ratón is accused of” (the mouse), between 2008 and 2018, cocaine, Cannabis and Crystal Meth to the United States smuggled.

The indictment had already been in April 2018 prepared. But it has been kept under lock and key “to protect the safety of witnesses” and not to hinder the investigation, such as the U.S. government said. The two defendants are considered to be members of the of her father founded by the Sinaloa cartel and currently reside in Mexico.