Powerful Typhoon Lingling reached near Korean peninsula, alert issued

Powerful Typhoon Lingling reached near Korean peninsula
Powerful Typhoon Lingling reached near Korean peninsula

The powerful Typhoon Lingling has reached near the Korean Peninsula. In view of the strong winds and heavy rains, the South Korean government has issued an alert. According to the Korean Meteorological Administration (KMA), Lingling, the 13th hurricane of the Pacific weather, was about 120 kilometers west of the South Korean coastal city of Boryug and about 140 kilometers south of Seoul by 11 am.

According to the report of the news agency Effe, the speed of the strong ‘powerful’ storm is around 140 km per hour and it is moving northwards at a speed of 40 km per hour.

It is believed that this storm can create a ‘record’ due to the speed of more than 200 kilometers per hour, which can blow cars and boats in the air in some islands of the Yellow Sea.

According to KMA forecasters, the storm could knock off the west coast of South Korea late Saturday into the southern Hwanghe of the North Korean province.

North Korean media reported that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un chaired an emergency meeting with the military on Friday to deal with the effects of the storm.

It is believed that Hurricane Lingling is the most dangerous storm to hit the peninsula since Hurricane Bolaven. It may be noted that Bowen had killed 15 people in South Korea in 2012.

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