Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) to hunt from the office or the state to keep political responsibility is high: For the SPÖ and the FPÖ crisis in Austria, in the government’s far-reaching decisions. With a common vote, you may fall Short on Monday in a special session of the Parliament. Whether you will go this step, have decided not to both parties. The social Democrats, as formulated, instead, some of the conditions which should be fulfilled by the Registrar until Monday for your trust.

2. President and Deputy of the SPÖ-Chairman Doris Bures called for Short, back to the social partnership return, and also to ensure that Austria obtained in terms of the freedom of the press again a better Image. To do this, he should ensure about the independence of the public service broadcaster, ORF. Was last been discussed again and again, to Finance the public broadcasters in the future from taxes instead of fees, which is especially the FPÖ is a concern.

Lack of transparency: Doris Bures criticized Sebastian Kurz

in addition, Bures called for more transparency in the case of large donations to political parties. You criticized the fact that Short have been no discussions with the parties represented in the Parliament. “So it is not a Parliament, which means that you will need to get the confidence,” said Bures in the news program “ZiB2” of the ORF. “So you do not obtain the mistrust, one has to take care of the trust. The trust does not fall in your lap.”

the offer of a social-Democrat, can be interpreted as a response to the Appeals of President, Alexander Van der Bellen. Van der Bellen had stressed twice that the parties and politicians should keep together in Austria. “Now please think not about what you can get for your party in the short term, but remember, what you can do for Austria,” said the Federal President. “Not “questions, you will Help me in the election”, but ask “does it Help Austria?””

The Alpine Republic since the publication of a scandalous Videos of the year 2017 by “Spiegel” and “Süddeutsche Zeitung” in a severe government crisis. The Video shows the former FPÖ leader Heinz-Christian Strache, as he said before the elections of 2017 on the island of Ibiza a supposed Russian oligarch-niece of state contracts for campaign help in view. Also, illegal party, it may be donations addressed to the FPÖ.

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government crisis in Austria

Schäuble extortion Straches possible, and speculated about secret service involvement

Briefly want to introduce experts for transitional government

Strache has resigned as Vice-Chancellor and FPÖ-party leader, were calling for new elections out. The Chancellor would Brief asked for the dismissal of the Minister of the interior Herbert Kickl (FPÖ), since this in July of 2017 – that is, as the scandal-Video – FPÖ-was Secretary-General and now against themselves to determine. Subsequently, the FPÖ Minister of solidarity resigned.

Chancellor Briefly want to introduce the experts for his transition government, which will assume the Post of the previous Cabinet members of the FPÖ. It is assumed that the Federal President will swear in the new Ministers of the interim government immediately. The party Minister Karin Kneissl, who was nominated by the FPÖ for the government office, remains loose outside the Cabinet.

Van der Bellen was tried on Tuesday evening to make the citizens of courage. “I beg of you, you are not disgusted by politics,” he said in a speech. “Ladies and gentlemen, only courage and a little Confidence, we can take care of that.”

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