After a nearly week-long power failure is restored the supply of energy in Venezuela, according to the government.

There were only a few problems in the villages of Baruta and Hatillo, near the capital of Caracas due to the fire in a transformer substation, said the information Minister, Jorge Rodríguez. The supply of running water was ensured to be 80 percent.

Since Thursday of last week, a massive power failure had put large parts of the South American country to a standstill. The government’s opponents see the cause of the blackout in miss management and lack of maintenance of the plants in the crisis-ridden Petro-state. The head of state, Nicolás Maduro made, however, one of the USA’s and the Opposition’s planned cyber attack for the collapse of the energy supply.

“have you tried to destroy with a brutal crime in the Venezuelan Fatherland,” said information Minister Rodríguez. “With the failure of the power supply you wanted to run a real genocide.” The General Prosecutor’s office initiated an investigation of Sabotage against the opposition leader and self-appointed interim President, Juan Guaidó.

After several days of forced break, the people should follow up on Thursday, again, of their work, Rodriguez said. Schools and universities should, however, open for safety reasons on Friday.

The power outage had hit the already crisis-stricken country. The tight food rotten, people had to draw water from rivers, in hospitals, people died. Public transport collapsed, filling stations, long queues formed.

In the second largest city in the country, the businessmen complained to the looting on the loss of millions. The approximately 500 affected stores in Maracaibo have suffered, according to initial findings of approximately $ 50 million loss, said the President of the chamber of Commerce in the Federal state of Zulia, Fergus Walshe, the daily newspaper “El Nacional” on Wednesday. He suppose that the number will rise. “Maracaibo is a Ghost town. The only one that has not yet opened, are bakeries and Mini supermarkets,” said Walshe.

The shopping Mall “Sambil” in Maracaibo, was charged on Monday during the power failure. Reports of looting came from the whole South American country is in a deep political and economic crisis. In the once-rich country and it is missing now to the most necessary things. The supermarket shelves are empty, there are no drugs.

to reduce Because of the difficult living conditions and the deteriorating security situation, the Federal government announced that the Embassy staff in Caracas. “The situation in Venezuela is coming to a head, in particular the humanitarian situation in the capital,” said a spokesman for the foreign office on Wednesday. “Directly affected the supply of food, drinking water and medical care. We also hear of the looting and deaths due to worsening medical care.”

Due to interference in the internal Affairs of the German Ambassador, Daniel Kriener of the country had been referred. After his return to Berlin, the Diplomat met on Wednesday with foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) on how to proceed. In addition, the regional representative for Latin America and the Caribbean in the German foreign office with the Guaidó nominated Ambassador Otto Gebauer met. Topics of conversation the current Situation in Venezuela, the difficult humanitarian situation and possible steps to free and fair elections, as it was called from the foreign office.