Eisenach: power consumption garden tenants in the Cannabis cultivation

reveals A high electricity bill, the Cannabis-cultivation of two garden tenant, in Thuringia busted. The owners of the garden, the unusually high level of electricity consumption was noticed in the plot; they informed yesterday, the police, as a spokesman for the police said today. The officers discovered in the gazebo in the special lamps for growing plants. In addition, they noticed the distinctive smell of marijuana.The two 18-Year-old denied first of all, to have the drug grown. Later, the police found 13 Cannabis plants in the garden plot. In the case of a house search, the police found more drugs. The two young men growing now expects a complaint for illegal Drugs.

news from Germany, from Saturday, 22. June 2019:

Teterow: five-year-old dies after falling into garden pond

A five-year-old Boy fell into a garden pond in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and in spite of a reanimation died. The stepfather found the child yesterday evening in the water on the property of the family in the crests of rich and pulled it out, the police announced today. The Boy was no longer responsive. An emergency doctor had revived him. The Boy was then placed with a rescue helicopter to the University hospital of Rostock, where he died at noon. The child had been left unattended when it came to the accident, it said.

source: REUTERS

Bedburg-Hau: car smashes into living room window, shards injure Pregnant women Fullscreen

A motorist is in Bedburg-Hau with his car through a garden, a terrace and into the Living room window of a house smashed

©Freiwillige Feuerwehr Bedburg-Hau DPA

A motorist with his car in Bedburg-Hau near Kleve in North Rhine-Westphalia, a garden, a terrace and into the Living room window of a house smashed. The pregnant resident was in the room and was injured parts of the flying shards of glass and Masonry, such as the fire and rescue services. The driver also suffered injuries. Both were supplied by the ambulance service and in hospitals transported. Two children of the family were at the time of accident in the floor. They remained unharmed.

Before it landed on the terrace of the house, had crossed the car in a busy main road. Then it broke the garden fence with such force that the concrete foundations were torn out, plowed through the garden to the building and came only at the living room window to Stand on. The fire, according to local residents should have watched the 28-year-old accident, the driver wanted the vehicle, then reset. But it was wedged in the bracket of sun protection. Why the man drove with his car from the road, is still unclear.

sources: Freiwillige Feuerwehr Bedburg-Hau, DPA

Riedlingen: Drunk cyclist on a rampage in the rescue

carriage of Dangerous deployment for the crew of an ambulance in the state of Baden-Württemberg: A young cyclist has drunk and under drugs in the vehicle rioted. The 24-Year-old was yesterday plunged night in Riedlingen and have suffered a heavily bleeding head wound, police said today. The man was so aggressive that the advanced officers put the cuffs on him, and the journey to the clinic had to accompany. In addition to a display of the rioters now expect to see an invoice for it has caused police.

source: DPA

Erfurt: man celebrates his birthday too loud and ends up in jail,

thanks to a noisy Party, the police became in Erfurt, Germany on a warrant, searched the man’s attention. The 53-Year-old celebrated in the night loudly, his birthday, said a police spokesman. Neighbors complained. When the police arrived, she noted that the birthday child a warrant. The officers arrested the man and took him to a cell.

source: DPA

news from Germany from Friday, 21. June 2019:

Edenkoben: mother leaves child in car to gamble are able to

With an irresponsible mother has had the police on Thursday in the Rhineland-Palatinate Edenkoben to. The officials said they were alerted by passers-by at 21.45 PM after a crying child was discovered in a parked car while the parents far and wide to see nothing.

It was a Patrol car on the way to the Parking lot. There, it was the 35-year-old mother of the child quickly identify: at a slot machine at the nearby casino. In the subsequent Review, the woman first of all, the wrong person for the alien had specified, and it also led to four Bank cards which were issued to a false name. but that was not all: the 35-Year-old could also present a driving licence, because they had no. In the car, the officers found a small amount of narcotics. That the Accused did not want to call your real name, also had a reason. Accordingly, two arrest warrants were against it.

The woman was taken to tightly, had to give a blood sample and came then in a prison. The child was transferred to the custody of the father, and the youth welfare office informed of the incident.

source: police Edenkoben

Oldenburg: 83-Year-old forgets to 10,000 euros on the toilet

A man has forgotten in the bathroom of a highway rest stop in lower Saxony, a purse of 10,000 euros. The 83-Year-old was on the way in the direction of the coast to buy a small boat, the police announced on Friday. At the rest stop near Oldenburg, Germany, he went to the bathroom and left his wallet. Some luck: A couple from the district of Wittmund, found the wallet and brought it to the police. Two days after the loss the owner was able to take his money. The honest Finders of the 83-promised Years of a finder’s fee.

source: DPA

Berlin: police officer provides thieves with the help of borrowed electric scooter

A policeman has followed in Berlin, two thieves, and borrowed, for this purpose, the rental of electric scooter of a passerby, the police tweeted on Friday. The thieves had tried to escape with stolen clothes. The policeman on the rented E-scooter but I made one of them and arrested.

+++ Update: In a first Version of this message it was said that the police officer had borrowed for the chase one of the recently approved E-Scooter. The police, in the meantime, via Twitter properly. We have corrected the corresponding Passage later on, the editors. +++

sources: REUTERS, police in Berlin

Neuwied: stone marten with a yogurt Cup on head rioted on terrace

A rampaging stone marten has triggered in Rhineland-Palatinate, a police use. A couple of churches in the district of old churches alerted to police information by the Friday of the officials, because on the terrace, a “wild animal with a socket on the head of” a vast chaos host. At the site, the officers discovered a stone marten, whose head stuck in a yogurt Cup, as the police in Neuwied said.

As the animal evidently saw nothing more of his environment, nothing to notice, it was the officials to grab the yogurt Cup and to release the marten with strong centrifugal movement from his plight. “This is terrible, he has indulged in, then probably only once a harness on the next best car,” it said with a wink in the police report.

source: AFP

Korbach: horse on the paddock, miss

In the Hessian town of Korbach is in need of a Mare victim of animal has become flaying. As informed by the police, had watched the owner of the horse on Sunday morning on the pasture after the animals, and lesions in the genital area have found. They informed the police and called a veterinarian. The officials made sure a Tube of lube, in addition, a not further described, liquid in the genital area of the Mare. “Whether or not the animal abusers has been introduced with the help of the lube, an object, or is it a zoophile fact, a need for further investigation”, – stated in the message. The animal had suffered no serious injuries, it is the Mare going well under the circumstances. Now investigators are looking for witnesses.

source: police headquarters Northern Hesse,

Victories: 15-Year-old after fatal knife wounds fixed

taken In the case of a dispute is said to have stabbed a 15-Year-old in Siegen (North Rhine-Westphalia) to a man several times with a knife in the torso. The 47-Year-old died after the fact on Thursday evening from the effects of his injuries, informed the police and the prosecution Wins on Friday. The 15-Year-old fled after the fact, at first, but in the evening, to be provisionally detained. The public Prosecutor evaluates the tort action as a killing, a homicide has been established. Due to the young age of the suspects, the police had no further information to the alleged perpetrator.

source: dpa

Hamburg: raids on hookah Bars

In Hamburg, checked by customs and police on Thursday evening in the case of a large-scale action to hookah Bars. It is primarily a question of whether in the Bars with untaxed tobacco will be traded, said a spokeswoman for the main customs office in Hamburg. “We are just under 400 men in action.” The customs will be assisted by the police, the financial authority, trade licensing office and the fire Department. How many hookah Bars have been controlled, said the spokeswoman yet. The campaign ran in the late evening. “There has been a first offence in relation to the tax law,” she said further. Details should be announced on Friday.

keel: the main station after a bomb threat locked

After a bomb threat is locked on Thursday evening, the Central train station of Kiel for several hours and searched been. Against 19.50 PM was on the phone received an anonymous threat to the police in Kiel, said a spokesman for the Federal police the AFP news Agency. The caller was a man. During the search of the station has been found, according to the Federal police, however, “nothing”.

The station was cordoned off for several hours widely. The train came, according to the to a Halt. A large contingent of police was on the spot and searched the main station, as said the spokesman. The use was to end at 22: 20 and the block lifted. Also the train service has been resumed. Details of the threat not want to call the police from the investigation tactical reasons.

source: AFP

Lübeck: police shoots at chase to escape the car

In the case of a pursuit of a motorist, police officers in Schleswig-Holstein several times to his car and shot. You gave a total of six shots on the tires and the windshield, such as the police and the Prosecutor’s office said on Thursday in Ratzeburg, and Lübeck. No one was hurt. The 22-year-old driver of the car was arrested. He had previously fled from a control. The incident occurred therefore, early Wednesday morning, after the man went to a longer escape through multiple places on a farm in witzhave and two patrol cars had been. Officials from rose accordingly, to provide the driver with his car against a bucket hazards.

In this Situation, the 22 should be driving a-Year-old then aimed at an officer. Two police officers shot five Times on a rear tire of his car to stop the escape. Another shot hit the windshield.

the Background of the escape could be pass drug. In the car, suspicious marks were discovered. Had wanted to control started the chase, a patrol car the man. This took off at high speed.

source: AFP

news from Germany from Thursday, 20. June 2019:

Landshut: mortgage fraudster’s police power

In the Bavarian town of Landshut, police went on Wednesday a man in power who wanted to cheat with bottles in style. The information of the officials, the 42-Year-old was noticed by the customer because he car with a shopping full of bottles stopped with fake labels in front of a pawn shop, vending machines, and this is already abused.


In the van of the man the policemen found about 25,000 bottles with fake collateral-logo

©police headquarters lower Bavaria

Then alerted police officers were not bad, according to the man in his van further around 25,000 bottles of counterfeit collateral-logos, had. To the officials of the Accused was to have the bottles about two weeks ago in Poland for around 3,800 euros acquired. At said supermarket the man had, according to police, carabinieriegg thrown before its discovery, about 90 bottles in the vending machines. 470 Euro, the scammers led in the bar, were secured. In addition, the man had to put security behind, before he came on free feet. Against him will now be determined because of the suspected computer fraud, it says.

source: police in lower Bavaria

Husum: Unknown stop regional Express with concrete slabs

With a great horror of them came on Monday, the passengers and the driver of a regional Express. The train sped on the way to Sylt and in the municipality of Herbstein with 120 kilometres per hour over several concrete slabs, which had been placed by Unknown on the tracks. Until the Arrival of the alarmed police, the perpetrators placed about 30 cm by 30 cm large plates to the rails. According to the police, this would have brought the train may even Derail. The train driver stopped the train but in front of the obstacle. The Federal police is now looking for witnesses who may have observed on the railway bridge in Herbstein suspicious persons.


The driver of the regional Express to Sylt, brought the train to Stand by in time in front of this obstacle. Previously, he was barreled over other concrete slabs.

©Federal police Flensburg

source: the Federal police Flensburg

Dortmund: squirrel from Manhole cover

In Dortmund, freed a squirrel has been liberated from a Manhole cover. The animal was stuck with the head, because it obviously wanted to escape from the sewer system through the sewer, as the Dortmund fire Department reported on Thursday. Because liberation attempts failed before the place was taken, the squirrel velvet Manhole covers in a veterinary practice.

There it was possible to solve the squirrel to a anesthesia from the lid. It bore only superficial injuries on the neck of it. For further treatment, the squirrel remained, for the time being at the vet.

source: AFP

Lübbenau: 82-Year-old on the regional train

In the Brandenburg-Lübbenau recorded a 82 has been captured-year-old woman from a train and killed. The Elderly woman wanted to run to the police details on Thursday about an unguarded rail road crossing, as a train came.

The police assumed that the woman accepted, they would create the Cross before the Arrival of the train. The Elderly woman died, therefore, before the place for your serious injuries.

source: AFP

Meckenheim: father proposes to boyfriend of his daughter, a

In Meckenheim, near Bonn, a 45-year-old man has embarked on the boyfriend of his underage daughter, and seriously injured. According to the police, the crime occurred last night against 3 o’clock. The 45-Year-old was arrested on suspicion of attempted Homicide on a provisional basis.

According to the current investigation, the Accused had sought before the fact, after his 17-year-old daughter, who had not come home. Ultimately, he had discovered you in a Parking lot in the car of your 19-year-old friend. In the further course of the 45 is supposed to have taken-Year-old, first two side Windows of the car with a lug nut key, before he attacked with the tool of the young man. A witness heard cries for help and alerted the police, who picked up the suspects a little later on site on a provisional basis.

The 19-Year-old had to be supplied due to his severe injuries notärztlich and came later in a hospital. The 17-Year-old had to go to treatment in a clinic.

A murder in the Commission of the Bonn police in the investigation.

source: police Bonn

Giengen: a 20-member group attacks policemen

escalation during a police operation due to disturbance of the peace: Suddenly, a 20-member group in the baden went off-Giengen an der Brenz on police officers. As the officials in Ulm, Germany, reported on Thursday, there was the incident on the eve in a Parking lot. Due to a noisy binge with a group of young people, a Patrol car drove up there.

The group had “shown immediately extremely aggressive,” and the officials harassed, the police stated. In addition, several Parties climbed, therefore the patrol car. As the officers gain requested, they were attacked and insulted.

An officer was slightly injured. The police fought back with pepper spray and arrested two people on a provisional basis. You have to answer now for assaulting law enforcement officials and insult.

source: AFP

Gelsenkirchen: 13-year-old shoplifter hands taken a beating from his own brother,

When the police in Gelsenkirchen, a small shop thief’s home, has been beaten out of the 13-Year-old in front of the eyes of the officials of his brother. The child had been caught red-handed on Wednesday to the theft, the police announced on Thursday. When they brought the boy home, suddenly struck the 18-year-old brother to the boy directly in the face. As the officials were the young man, he attacked you. The police officers subdued and handcuffed him on the ground.

source: DPA

Dietzhölztal: float suddenly goes under and dies

In the Hessian Dietzhölztal has occurred on Wednesday afternoon, a fatal swimming accident in a storage pond. Therefore, a 42-year-old swimmer had called against 16.15 suddenly to help, when he was about 70 meters from the shore in the water. The man then went under and was rescued 20 minutes later by the forces of the fire brigade from the water, police said. Although the man was taken to a hospital, he died there a little later. References to third-party negligence are not available to the officials, according to.

source: police in Central Hesse

Moers: multi-year Block after the attacks on the referee

After attacks against two referee at an Amateur soccer game imposed by a sports court and more years of game – and space bans. A maintainer of the TuS Aster may exercise, for seven years, no function in a club. In addition, he was allowed to enter after a decision of the sports Tribunal of the football circle Moers, one and a half years of no football field, said a spokesman for the football Association lower Rhine. In addition, a player received five and a half years of game – and a one-year ban.

The maintainer should have brought an assistant referee to the case, and then it occurred. With the seven years of Operation, the court had remained for a year under the maximum possible sentence of eight years, said the Association spokesman.

The player is supposed to hit the referee and have entered. Before another player of the Duisburg club is supposed to have spat on an opposing player with a chewing gum. He received five months in-game lock. Both players will also take part in an anti-violence-Training.

The Association spokesman said that the present players of the TuS Aster were during the hearing in person at the referees with a handshake’m sorry. Also the maintainer should have the wizard apologized.

source: REUTERS

Wiesbaden: judgment in the case of the murder of Susanna delayed

The process of the death of the Mainz student Susanna will take longer than planned. The expert could not present their expert psychiatric report on Wednesday before the regional court of Wiesbaden complete. You should get your speech now on Wednesday next week (26. June) continue. Originally it was planned with the advice, the evidence complete. The pleadings were expected for the end of June, the judgment should be at 3. July to fall. New dates have not yet been fixed.

Ali B. is said to have raped the 14-year-old Susanna from Mainz in may of 2018, in Wiesbaden, Germany, and murdered. At the trial he admitted he had killed the girl. The accusation of rape, he rejected.

source: DPA

news of Wednesday, 19. June

Kirchheim/Teck: Walker reviews crocodiles – lakes locked

Three small crocodiles will have spotted a Walker on Tuesday evening, the citizens of lakes in Kirchheim unter Teck. They informed the police and informed them about their unusual discovery. Several police officers took to the lakes and the surrounding area in the evening and continued the search of the reptiles on Wednesday. Traces of the crocodiles had not been found, said in a press release by the city of Kirchheim. Therefore, you will turn to experts, to find out whether it is in the sighted animals, in fact, out of crocodiles continued. For the time being, until next Monday, the area should remain to the three citizens of lakes closed. One of them is a popular swimming spot with extra landscaped Islands.


A passerby wants to have sighted on Tuesday evening in the citizens of lakes in Kirchberg, Teck crocodiles. The grounds will remain locked.

©SDMG / Krytzner Picture-Alliance

source: press release city of Kirchheim

Stuttgart: woman three rapes

invented The police in Stuttgart suspected a 28-year-old woman to have since November of 2018, a total of three rapes, and subsequently displayed invented. The woman had been arrested last Friday in the re-entry of Bulgaria at the airport of Memmingen, because you have a warrant in place, wrote the police in a press release Tuesday.

Among other things the 28 was accused of-Year-old at the end of November last year, a 38-Year-old, under a pretext in his room, lured there, then threatened and raped, reported the “Stuttgarter Nachrichten”. The two other Ads for the same offence, the Bulgarian gave up, therefore, in January and April 2019.

After her arrest, the woman was brought before a detention judge continued the existing arrest warrant in law enforcement.

sources: police Stuttgart / “Stuttgarter Nachrichten”

Hamburg: nine-year-old to collapse at a school sports festival

In a rescue operation ended on Wednesday in Hamburg is a sport competition for several primary schools. At outside temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius, three students spent the lunch time in such a way that they are exhausted during a ball game collapsed. As the fire brigade of Hamburg told, were brought the three girls, as a precaution in hospitals. Earlier, a mother had supplied, by profession a Doctor, the child in a medical room in the first place. On the sports complex at the city Park track and field competitions of the 3 found. and 4. Classes in various elementary schools.

source: DPA

Saarbrücken: out cast Train traveler departs on the coupling head with

A drunk passenger is on the coupling head at the end of a train ride, after that he had to get out due to bad behavior. Travelers discovered the rider on the outside of the moving train, as the Federal police announced on Wednesday in the Saarland town of Bexbach. As the train driver stopped the train at Dirmingen on the open road, have pelted the train with stones, the back window of the train destroyed, and fled. He could be later made.

Because he was aggressive, could be made on the spot no breath alcohol test, such as the Federal police informed on. On the service in nine churches, the man of five officers needed to be held, to be able to blood for an alcohol test to remove. To sober up, he had to stay the night on Wednesday in the office. Against the 32-Year-old is now determined because of dangerous interference in rail transport, resistance against law enforcement officers and damage to property.

source: DPA

Sindelfingen, Germany: kids in hot car

locked up In baden-württemberg, Sindelfingen, the fire brigade had to free two children from a car. As the police reported, had included the VW is a 30-Year-old with the keys in the ignition locked and the children were in the car in the blazing sun. The rescue team broke a side window and freed the already completely sweaty children. They were examined by employees of the ambulance service and were then able to stay with their mother.

source: police Ludwigsburg

Surwold: man after an accident at work in danger of their lives

In lower Saxony, Surwold, an employee of a fertilizer company has been seriously injured in an accident. As the police reported, was the 36-Year-old on Tuesday against 14 watch from so far unknown cause in an approximately two-Meter-high hopper. His right leg was trapped in a running auger. The man had to be freed by firefighters. He moved by the misfortunes of the most serious leg injuries. The emergency doctor could not exclude an associated risk to life. The 36-Year-old was flown with a rescue helicopter to the hospital of Groningen. The police and the labour Inspectorate have taken up the investigation.

source: police inspection Emsland/County of Bentheim

Darmstadt, Germany: police use in swimming pool

In Darmstadt, the police had to move out in the evening to a use in a swimming pool. As the officials reported on Wednesday morning, called to testify against 18.20 at the Poleizei, because several of the swimmers were involved in a dispute. Two groups of around pöbelten and provoked each other. The Patrol had to separate the parties, and the Situation is simple. Eleven people were given a place reference.

source: police vehicle

Bremen: 21 injured in a fire in the Bremen nursing home

In the case of a major fire in a nursing home for 17 elderly residents, and four emergency responders were injured. The firefighters brought in on Tuesday evening, first of all, 96 people from the building in safety, reported a spokesman. Only then could they have against the fire in the roof approach. The top of the entire 200-metre-long building was in flames. Many of the residents would not have been able to run or had been bedridden, so she had to be carried over several floors down. A total of 150 residents of the home and the adjacent houses were brought to safety. Against 20 PM on Tuesday evening – four hours after the Triggering of the fire alarm – were completed extinguishing the fire, such as the Bremen home Foundation, new York. Why the fire broke out, are now investigating the criminal investigation.

The fire Department’s initial estimates of property damage in the tens of millions. The roof of the house was destroyed in the fire, like a fire brigade spokesman for the German press Agency said early Wednesday morning. The upper floors of the four-storey house had been damaged also heavy. At least a part of the inhabitants can in the coming days in the establishment, was very unlikely.


on the great fire to the roof of the house was completely destroyed

©Carmen Jaspersen, DPA,

source: DPA

news of Tuesday, 18. June

Diepholz: ten year old on a class trip deadly

dies In a tragic accident on Tuesday in Diepholz (lower Saxony), a ten year old pupils from Wolfsburg killed. As the police said, was comrade to the Boy on Monday with his school to come to a class travel. This morning he was advised then when you Play a on rails, standing trolley, which ran him over and fatally injured. In spite of immediate resuscitation measures died in the ten years to the ill-education center Hahn, Horst close to the Forest.

Probably the kids had put the heavy vehicle in movement, and rested on it, said a police spokesman to the “regional newspaper”. The school class, the teachers and staff of the centre had been in the care of pastors and paramedics. The class trip was canceled, therefore, in the meantime, the children were back in Wolfsburg with their families.

sources: police Diepholz / “newspaper”

Lüdenscheid: man should give a urine sample, and shamed out of the bushes returns

From one of the most unusual and probably the most curious traffic controls of your life reported on Tuesday, officials from the district police authority Märkischer Kreis (North Rhine-Westphalia). In Lüdenscheid, the driver of a van fell on them. The police officers suspected in the man’s drug use and asked him a pretest. The Suspect agreed, and disappeared with a Cup in the bushes. He remained there according to the police, “unusually long,” and delivered at the time of his return, “a little ashamed” of the Cup. Instead of urine, the officers found therein, however sperm. They declared the trial null and void, and demanded as an Alternative for a saliva test. The was negative, so that the man could go without consequences. For more information not made the police officers.

source: police Märkischer Kreis

Brunswick: Drunken twins to confuse the police

twins, the confusingly similar, to give the police in Braunschweig, is currently a mystery. As the officials report, was reported on Friday from a witness to an apparently intoxicated Person who was with a Motorcycle, a quick snack from left. The police were able to identify the holder and went to the address. The Problem: There, the officers came upon two men, and the description of the person fit. It was in fact twins who were pretty similar. And both of them were going to plaster a dish from the Snack bar. Also, the values of two breath alcohol tests were similar: The brothers had, therefore, nearly three per thousand intus. In the survey, they indicated, according to the police, that none of them would be dangers. It’s a difficult position to be in. The police, however, is certain: “The further investigations will show, against whom the suspicion of drunk driving hardens”.

source: police Braunschweig

Offenbach: Five months after the fatal shots at woman suspect turns

Approximately five weeks after the violent death of a 44-year-old woman in the Hessian city of Offenbach has been the alleged perpetrator to the police. The 42-Year-old, after the fact, even abroad, was wanted by the police, appeared on Monday evening at a vigil in Offenbach’s town centre and was immediately taken into custody, as the police and the Prosecutor’s office said on Tuesday. He should be paraded on Tuesday by the judge.

The suspects, the woman should be on 9. May on the open road shot. The Frankfurt-resident victims was sitting at the time in a car on the roadside. The woman was so severely injured that she died a little car later in a rescue.

According to investigators, the perpetrator drove obviously targeted to the place and shot the woman. He then fled to Belgium, where his track was lost. The car of the suspect, the police found Protect after a great search, around a kilometre from the scene of the crime. Background the act is designed to Protect according to the findings of the investigators, a violent dispute between the and the victim have been.

source: AFP

Buchloe: man cashes punch at marriage

A really romantic Moment is escalated at the weekend in the Swabian town of Buchloe. Therefore a man on Saturday evening of his planned prayed to ask the question of all questions. But nothing came of it, because the 29-Year-old opened the door for him immediately. Suspicious and in the Belief that his girlfriend had men visit gave the 57-Year-old access to the apartment. Thus, the two were screaming after that first, after that, the woman struck her disappointed Partner, with the fist in the face. The man was injured slightly. Two criminal now faces legal consequences for assault and Trespassing. The “Augsburger Allgemeine” had first reported about the case.

source: “Augsburger Allgemeine”

Frankfurt: woman bites police officers at the airport

A 46-Year-old has injured at Frankfurt airport, several Federal police officers with kicks and bites. The woman acted before striking, and on a toilet included, shared with the Federal police on Tuesday – five days after the incident. When the officers asked the woman there to open the door, you’ve exposed yourself. She was referred from the transit area of terminal 1.

a Little later, the airport staff called again a Patrol, because the 46-Year-old also in the public sector on a toilet moved out. The officials brought you to the station, where the woman calmed down first. When they smell leave the guard again, refused the Irish, however. The police tried to bring them out of the guard, and you’ve stepped to the officials. In the struggle she had bitten a police officer by the pant in the thigh and tried to pull the gun and the nightstick from the Holster of a police officer. The officers overpowered the woman, and fixed cuffs with a hand. Two police officers were slightly injured. The woman was brought in because of their mental state in a Frankfurt hospital.

Against the 46-Year-old is determined due to resistance to law enforcement officers and bodily harm. The incident occurred on Thursday.

source: dpa

eat: police shoot man

food has shot and killed a police officer a man who clearly wanted to commit suicide. Early in the Morning, the man called the police in Essen, and the suicide was announced, said a police spokesman on Tuesday. Subsequently, officers met the man on a street armed with a knife. The man had been “highly emotional,” said the police. Officials tried to calm the man and asked him to put the knife on the floor. He had failed to comply with this request and, instead, always become more aggressive.

After a verbal confrontation, the Situation escalated and an officer shot with his service weapon at the man. This was fatally hit in the torso. He died on the spot. In the case of the man it was a 32-Year-old from Essen. “Due to neutrality reasons,” took over the police of Bochum jointly with the Prosecutor’s office to eat up the investigation, as it was called.

you have suicidal thoughts?

in every life situation, and round-the-clock telephone helpline for anonymous and free of charge, a listening ear and advice, telephone: (0800) 1110111 and (0800) 1110222. A consultation via E-Mail. A list of Federal-aid stations can be found on the page of the German society for suicide prevention.

source: AFP

Kleve: Three injured in crash landing with balloon

In the case of the emergency landing of a hot air balloon in North Rhine-Westphalia, three people have been injured. Due to a lack of thermals, the journey of the balloon lasted much longer than expected, which is why the air vehicle on Monday night the Gas ran out, as the police Kleve reported. The 69-year-old balloonist, landed in a wooded area.

The basket tipped over on the steep terrain. Three of the five guests, a 54-year-old woman and two men aged 46 and 80 years, were injured slightly. They were treated on an outpatient basis in the hospital. The balloon driver and two other guests remained unharmed. The balloon was launched from an airfield in Goch-Asperden, with the aim of Emmerich.

Guxhagen in Hessen

police child’s body in the river – presumably it is four months since five-year-old

missing In February, the five-year Kaweyar disappeared without a trace by a Playground. A days-long, large-scale rescue operation was unsuccessful. Now the body of a child was discovered in the Fulda.

news from Monday, the 17. June

Berlin: the Criminal Trio is hiding a stolen safe in a trash can

A criminal Trio in Berlin, a stolen safe in a dumpster to carry away. Officers caught the three Suspects on Sunday morning, as they moved the bin through the streets, as the Berlin police announced on Monday. The safe came from a break-in at a daycare center. The 16-year-olds and their two alleged accomplices, 24-year-old multiple offender and a 21-year-old is already relevant police known to man, were brought before a judge. The 16-Year-old received a placement decision, the execution of the arrest warrant against the 21-Year-old was initially suspended. The third suspect has been taken into custody. Against the Trio is determined due to severe band theft.

Magdeburg: black driver with 37 knives in the backpack, in Saxony-Anhalt

caught by The Federal police in Saxony-Anhalt has caught a black driver with 37 knives in the backpack. Train carried the heavily drunken 24-Year-olds on Saturday in Aschersleben from a regional Express as the state police in Magdeburg announced on Monday. A breath alcohol test on the man revealed to 4.0 ppm. In the backpack of the 24-Year-olds, eight of the forbidden one-handed blade, a dagger and a hunting knife were also found 37 knives, including. The knives were seized. Why he carried so many knives, could not tell the man.

Brunswick: three year old alone wandering

In Brunswick, a 17 called-Year-old police after he was discovered on Sunday evening a small child alone at a bus stop. As the officials reported on Monday, the three-year-old 20.15 only with a diaper, dressed and with flip-flops on the feet from the nearby parents ‘ house and was walked on a lot. The young people alerted the police and together they found the way back to the house, which stood right at the next street.

source: police Braunschweig

Mustin: the worker under a garbage truck and dies

Deadly accident in the municipality Mustin in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. There was on Saturday morning, a worker of a waste disposal company under a vehicle, as he wanted to dispose of garbage. As the police reported on Monday, he suffered this fatal injury. The driver of the garbage truck suffered a shock. How, exactly, it could come to the accident, determined now by the police.

source: police Rostock

Hagen: police Newborn baby alive in the garbage

In the garden of a house in North Rhine-Westphalia, Kierspe has the police, carabinieriegg found a live Newborn in the trash. The 31-year-old alleged mother had previously been with a bleeding in hospital Hellersen treated, how the public Prosecutor’s office, Hagen, and the police told Iserlohn, Germany, on Monday. In the investigation at noon on Friday, it turned out that she had brought a child into the world. The police discovered the child then behind the house in Kierspe. The child girl was reported to be doing well. Against the mother’s custody was arranged. Murder in the Commission of the police and the public Prosecutor’s office, Hagen determined.

source: AFP

Kirchheim unter Teck: glider crashes after Start – Pilot dies

In the baden-württemberg Kirchheim unter Teck is killed in an accident on Sunday afternoon, a man with his glider. As the police reported on Monday, was pulled out of the plane against the 14.45 from a towing aircraft on the airfield Hahnweide to the height. Immediately after the release of the Sailplane, this crashed in a wooded area in Beuren. The 62-year-old Pilot was found. He came killed in the crash. The cause of the accident is yet unclear.

source: police Reutlingen

Oelde: minor auto accident – 17-build-Year-old

A 17-dies-Year-old is in the North Rhine-Westphalian town of Oelde in a car against a tree, rebounded, and is a fellow died in the accident. The three young people at the age of 17 years were lost in the night to Sunday for reasons not yet understood cause the truck off of the road, as the village police were informed. The car crashed into a tree. A passenger was trapped in the back seat. He died still at the accident scene. The other two youth were seriously injured. According to initial investigations, one of the boys had taken his mother’s car to make a splash tour. He had, therefore, a driver’s license for accompanied Driving.

source: DPA

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