With his appeal for more Cohesion between the Nations triggered by Pope Francis at world youth day in Panama enthusiasm in the young believers.

He called on the people on Thursday evening (local time) to build bridges instead of walls – and condemned “this Builder of walls, try sowing fear, people-to-columns”.

According to the organizer figures attended the Ceremony held on the coastal strip of Panama city, approximately 250,000 young people – many of them as a simple visitor. Officially as a pilgrim, only around 86 000 people have registered for the world youth day organizers that this number had recently been several times revised downwards. From Germany 2300 pilgrims are spot on.

“With your Gestures and your behavior, Look with your, with your choice and especially with the sensitivity that you have, and disarmed her all those Speeches are intent on splitting cause and do not want to exclude with all the strength of those and distribute the “we”,” said the Pontiff.

The Argentinian, speaks out repeatedly against the foreclosure, and had also intervened in the American President, Donald Trump forced the debate on the construction of a wall on the border to Mexico. During his Mexico trip in 2016, Pope Francis had said: “A Person who thinks, not walls instead of building bridges, is not Christian.”

On Friday a quieter program expects the Pontiff: Pope Francis wants to meet at 16.30 CET with young offenders and prisoners is also the sacrament of Holy confession. Later wants to go to Francis with young believers on a way of the cross.

the world youth days held every two to three years. In changing locations, Catholic young people from all over the world get together to celebrate their Faith. The current world youth day in Panama city lasts until Sunday and is after the events in Buenos Aires (1987) and Rio de Janeiro (2013) the third in Latin America.