The most important messages at a Glance:

Pope enacts law against child abuse in the Vatican (18,19 PM)blow to drug smugglers in Spain and Colombia (17.45)students demonstrate in Berlin for climate – Greta Thunberg (14.27 PM)man drives more than an hour in the roundabout (13: 28)

the news of The day:

+++ 19.45 PM: Foreign Minister Maas meets at UN visit in New York Angelina Jolie +++

has come on a visit to the United Nations in New York, Federal foreign Minister Heiko Maas to a brief Meeting with Hollywood Star Angelina Jolie. The two talked and shook hands, as the German UN representation documented by Twitter. Maas have vowed in the interview, Jolie co-founded the campaign against sexual violence in war zones. Jolie was in their capacity as a volunteer goodwill Ambassador for the UN refugee Agency, UNHCR aid come to New York.

+++ 19.04 PM: Israel preparing for possible escalation on the Gaza border before +++

The Israeli army is preparing for the expected mass protests on the Gaza border in an escalation of the situation. The organizers of the protests called for Saturday for the “One Million March”. 30. March marks the anniversary of the beginning of the demonstrations at the border fence, where it came often to violent clashes with Israeli soldiers. The United Nations and the German government requested on Friday both sides to show restraint.

crisis in Gaza

the German Ambassador to the UN debunked Routine in the security Council – with unusual call

In the Gaza strip, the signs are once again on escalation. While the violence between Israel and the Palestinians, are in the UN security Council to Talk merely of slips of paper read to the German Ambassador suddenly loses patience.

+++ 18.19 PM: Pope enacts law against child abuse in the Vatican +++

In the fight against violence and sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, Pope Francis has a comprehensive law for the Vatican to adopt. It anyone who learns of a case of abuse is obliged to report this immediately. Otherwise, money threaten or imprisonment. The new rules provide that employees who abuse children, to lose their Posts. For the actions of a limitation period of 20 years, the first with the 18. The age of the victim begins. In addition, the act prevention training for staff and auxiliary services for victims and their families.

+++ 17.45: blow to drug smugglers in Colombia and Spain +++

investigators managed a blow against drug traffickers in Colombia and Spain. Overall, most were taken at between Madrid and Bogota, in a coordinated Operation, 31 Suspects, including in Spain. The Spanish national police informed. You would be accused of besides drug smuggling, murder, robbery, and fraud. The forces have already begun about a year ago, to make the Suspects on the run and you are now in a joint action taken.

+++ 17.08 PM: Life sentence for 40-Year-old in process to Axtmord +++

Because he is supposed to have murdered an 82-Year-old with an axe, has been sentenced to a 40-Year-old from Hünxe, North Rhine-Westphalia to life imprisonment. The Duisburg regional court found him guilty, to have the woman in September 2018 with a hatchet from behind, hit on the head, as the court announced. The 82-Year-old was according to the investigation immediately dead. Before the act there had been, according to the court, between the two dispute about money. Meanwhile, the man had decided to kill the woman, and then to steal from. The victim did not expect an attack – therefore it was a murder of treachery, ruled the court.

+++ 15.59 PM: Greta Thunberg calls in Berlin for seriously dealing with Concerns of young people +++ be liable