“A child who barely speaks English and understands, has to search on a primary school means nothing.” A sentence that has triggered a veritable (summer hole)discussion about the German educational system and the Integration of immigrants.

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back position for children without knowledge of German? To say that politicians and teachers

By Annette Berger

Said Union group Vice Carsten Linnemann has him in an Interview with the “Rheinische Post” (registration required). Children to school age, and should not be able to sufficiently English, “need to grab a pre-school duty”, the CDU-politician. If necessary, the Training had to be moved up. Of a “basic school* ban”, as some media have, the Statements are to be understood, wants to Linnemann know nothing. “Children who barely speak English, may not be at a disadvantage in the first class,” he said after the Interview with the news Agency DPA and to the effect: “that’s Why you need to prior to the Enrollment, the language can be made to fit. So we need to have mandatory language tests at the age of four, and then pre-school compulsory for all who speak bad English.”

Interview of Carsten Linnemann

The star spoke with education researcher Mona Massumi on the proposal linnemann starts to and the acquisition of (immigrant)children. She says that education policy makers should finally start to consider Migration as a ubiquitous, and the educational system from the kindergarten to prepare.

To the Person Mona Massumi

Dr. Mona Massumi , Born XXXXX, is the XXXXX.

in 2015, she was one of the co-authors of the study “Newly-arrived children and young people in the German school system” of the University of Cologne.

In the study “Newly-arrived children and young people in the German school system” she described, together with other authors in 2015, challenges and solution approaches for the Integration and language acquisition of these students. Also Massumis Dissertation deals with the field of. A result: How successfully children learn the German language, does not depend on whether you are dedicated for language support classes or regular classes to visit. It is much more about “quality of teaching and the degree of individual support in the classroom.”

Mrs Massumi, let’s start with the findings of linnemann starts to. He says the level of state schools down also because more and more children would start school with low knowledge of German. To prevent this, you should go, for example, longer Preschool …

is The fact that there are children who have few English skills when they start school, right. However, the finding is totally insufficient, because he makes a Problem of our education system to a Problem of children. The fact is that Our school system can only handle very poorly with the heterogeneity, because it is designed to selection. If we knowledge to school children with poor language later, as it calls Mr Linnemann, we are advancing the selection even further and start in Kindergarten or pre-school age instead of at the end of the elementary school. Such selection processes, I think, with all its consequences for the Motivation and the future of the children highly problematic. With proposals such as the Mr Linnemann we torpedo all the things we want to be in Germany actually proud of: A primary school with a maximum inclusion for all children to have fun and enjoy Learning.

Berlin3: debate about English knowledge

A scandal? Yes, especially the media! Why Linnemann and his claim has legal

By Tilman Gerwien

what is your solution proposal, so that all children can, at the latest, to the Enrolment of sufficient English?

We must begin much earlier, the los is in the day-care centres. Every child in a kindergarten should be provided-space, we can achieve very, very much. For that you need the day-care centres will also be understood as a Central component of our education system and in accordance with your tasks preparing. It starts with an appreciation of the educator’s professional – for example, through better pay, and goes up to a higher qualification of the employees, for example, in questions of language acquisition, especially second-language acquisition, and the consideration of multilingualism.

book on helicopter-parents

If parents are monitoring the running group of the elementary school

Why all this is happening? Immigration it is not only since yesterday?

The now triggered discussion shows a well-known phenomenon. We experience it in certain phases again and again. 2015/2016 was a disaster. At the time, all the alarm signals suddenly came to life: We had too few places in schools for the children, too little staff, and no concepts, how we deal with immigration in the education system. In some locations, schools adjusted better to the new Situation, in other worse. Again, other schools have already had experience and were able to draw on existing concepts. Since around the end of 2016, the handling was professionalised further and further, something happened – now it returns back slowly to everyday life and the Constructed device slowly back into oblivion. Until we stand again in front of such a challenge, and the Migration to Germany is rising again. Then again, claims such as the coming of the Lord Linnemann, this will also be the same in the future, if nothing changes fundamentally in the education system.

Why not learn the education of a politician from the past?

you need to finally start to consider Migration as a ubiquitous. As the permanent condition of a plural society and not as a temporary Phase, the end and the encounter with activism. The education system must adjust from the nursery to the heterogeneity permanently – also with a view to the acquisition …

… can be, in their view, in the class community?

It is not even primarily a form of organisation, but of How We must create learning environments in which children feel comfortable, where they have fun Learning the German language. It must continually be occasions of Learning for individual pupils and on the heterogeneity into consideration. The social fabric in schools needs to be strengthened. We may nicht neglect. The schools and the teachers need to be put in the situation, for example through equipment and training. Then also the acquisition of language in the community – to succeed not only for the children of immigrants, but also for all the other children.

*editors ‘ note: the star wrote in an article on the basis of a message of the news Agency DPA by a “primary school ban,” explained the title later.

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