A move by the CDU-politician Carsten Linnemann makes for discussions. In an interview with the “Rheinische Post” urged the Deputy Union group Vice consequences for aspiring school children who do not have good knowledge of the German language.

The statement of Carsten Linnemann in the wording:

“It is not enough only, language surveys in a four-year, but it must also be consequences. In order to bring it to the point: A child who barely speaks English and understands, has to search on a primary school yet. Here is a pre-primary duty must take, if necessary, his Training will need to be reset also. This costs money, but the lack of Integration and insufficient education are in the end much more expensive.”

It would have bells to ring all of the alarm, if in the case of language tests, such as in Duisburg, Germany, more than 16 percent of the future no German could have first graders, so the CDU politician of the “Rheinische Post”.

linnemann starts to Utterances call forth criticism, but also encouragement (the star reported). What teachers hold primary schools, for example, of the proposal of the late enrollment in the absence of language skills?

In the stern, four teachers share their thoughts on the subject. The names have been changed by the editors.

to say That teachers and teachers from Germany to the proposal of the CDU-politician

Claudia L., 33, teacher in a preparatory class for children with poor language skills from six to ten years, the Baden-Württemberg : “Basically, I am of the opinion that every child should be enrolled in school. The only way Integration can work. From my own experience I can say that children learn incredibly fast, the German language in the school. It is a pity that many of the children speak at home only their mother tongue. The System of preparatory classes (VKL) I think it’s good. Children with insufficient German language skills in the VKL, learn primarily English, and be integrated into the mainstream class as soon as you are ready. As a result, the teachers of the regular classes to be relieved.”

According to Linnemann-push

Twitter Users tell the story of how they came without the knowledge of the German language in the school and what you have been

Martin M., 29, teacher in a 2. Class, North Rhine-Westphalia: “I agree with the proposal of the CDU-politician Linnemann. The performance level of the children for the start of School is different. A primary school teachers must follow. He stands in front of the large and difficult task, to promote each child from the class and call for. Now, if children are enrolled in school, who speak little English and understand, it is a primary school teacher is not reasonable to expect of him that he is not educated this child, because he has the capacity to encourage this child to the extent that the child would need it. Both the child as well as the teacher, you are doing no Favor. To avoid this, it is necessary for children who have language problems, a pre-school compulsory.”

Susanne Z., 37, teacher, of a 2. Class, Hessen: “The proportion of non-English speaking students is relatively low. My experiences have shown that children learn in interaction with their peers, often very quickly a new language. The sooner, the better. That is why I consider promotional measures in Kindergarten and primary school by trained professionals who support Learning, for meaningful. Less useful I find, however, a case of exclusive care in small groups for children with lack of language skills. You have in these groups, chances of children with better skills in social interaction, in the common game, and the interaction of language learning with each other. The least number of children with an immigrant background, I know, have a club in their leisure time, contact with others – for example, by visiting a sports. The more important it is that you are allowed to learn in a group with German-speaking children.”

problems in clerkship

“Two days before the teaching sample, I let me instruct“ teachers tell of depression

Of Amelie Graen

Mary M., 63, teacher in a 1. Class, North Rhine-Westphalia: “to master The language of the goal for a successful Integration is, in my opinion. According to experience the Chance to learn as quickly as possible a new language, the younger the child is and the sooner that takes place in learning with their peers increases. In primary schools in the morning and with the additional support offered to the open primary school in the afternoon, the chances are many times to learn this language. In addition, the elementary school provides additional support measures that are specifically designed for these children. An example of the so-called “DaZ” – teaching is, the abbreviation stands for “English as a second language”. There are supported in small groups with trained specialist teachers, these children are intense. In these small groups, the children receive topics and content that have to do with your daily life. So about the topic of school, or shopping in role-play and with the basic vocabulary with the students carried out. As a teacher in North Rhine-may, Westphalia, I for these children, the performance requirements individually. For example, the grading in some subjects, to expose, to a child, can also provide successful services to it. In a report, the testimony is then recorded, what has been learned the child is around in the area of English successfully. In my former 4. Class I was able to recommend three “DaZ”-students, two to a grammar school and a comprehensive school.”

to say That the German teachers ‘Association and the Association of education to the proposal

The German teachers’ Association, the CDU-politician Linnemann is partly right: , the President of The German teachers Association, Heinz-Peter Meidinger, said the German press Agency, Linnemann I, of course, right that the actual linguistic promotion would have to be in front of the elementary school. Children should undergo Meidingers view long before the Enrolment mandatory language tests. “I am a absolute supporter of the Federal government, the nationwide language tests in Three – and four-year-old.” There are approaches for this in some countries, but unfortunately, passing then to little, because trained personnel were missing, and primary school teachers lack of product anyway.

criticism comes from the Association of education (VBE): The call for children, who could not a German, not school, was a Declaration of bankruptcy of the policy, said the VBE-Chairman Udo Beckmann, the German press Agency. In addition, it is discriminatory. “Because it boils down to is, that especially children with a migrant background, or flight experience would be put back.” The VBE called for with a view on language support of the policy, more support for daycare centers. Almost all the children went, in the meantime, before they go to school there. But despite the high commitment of the educators group sizes, lack of staff, led key, and a lack of language experts, that some of the children speak reasonably good English.

sources: “Rheinische Post”, with Material of the DPA news Agency

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