A group of German lung doctors to Dieter Köhler writes a letter that explains the 2010 Europe-wide limit values for fine dust and nitrogen oxides on the streets just absurd – and in doing so triggers a media hype. This is not over, of course, Anne Wants to. The debate as to what is more important: the health of each Individual, or the freedom, even with an older automobile go anywhere; it is re-started. New knowledge there is not, increased sensitivities, especially of those who are affected by the now increasingly imposed driving bans and protest.

Who has discussed?

Steffen Bilger (CDU), Parliamentary state Secretary in the Federal Ministry of transport
Anna Lena Baerbock (Bündnis 90/die Grünen), party Chairman
Dieter Köhle r, a specialist in pulmonary medicine, formerly President of the society for pulmonology and respiratory medicine
Judith Skudelny (FDP), Environmental policy spokeswoman of the parliamentary group
Heinz-Erich Wichmann , an epidemiologist and former Director of the Institute of epidemiology at Helmholtz Zentrum München,

As for the discussion?

collide When two professors, each other, basically, completely incompetent, sitting with three politicians of different parties together, in every sense worlds. And these worlds are to each other is also hardly compatible with. The professors, like some extended, lecturing politicians, and politicians are remarkably quiet about it, because it is completely logged out, and Vice versa: Argue the party people, every technical differentiation quickly in the Background. Firstly, because the politicians will want to opt in, and should not be able to assess the Details but, unfortunately, on the other, because they want to bring their own, usually bounce addresses-like theses, at best, in order to improve the audience is reminded repeatedly – then, if re-elected.

fact check

lung doctors

the fine dust limits are only a scientific Humbug? The fact check


The project of both worlds in the brief of a talk show to be profitable to bring the dialogue together, failed completely, so much Anne Wants to strive. And so the Secretary of state praised the fact that the air in this country, always and everywhere better, so the Green called for a Hardware retrofit of cars at the expense of the industry, so the FDP-woman spoke again and again of “expropriation”, when driving the speech prohibited on the roads of the country. As Mr Köhler, the FDP-politician claimed that the limit is equal to suspend. And while Mr. Wichmann has developed these guidelines with colleagues Köhler for “exotics” and his theories “totally fucked up” was called on, in turn, with a vague reference to “research funds” “independent researchers”. At the same time, he can be in his approach but also from a former engine developer at Daimler, support.

Diesel driving restrictions

lung specialist: “The pollution in cities is completely safe”

limits and driving bans, exaggerated? Yes, says Professor Dr. med. Dieter Köhler. The lung specialist and proven expert in this area, doubts, studies to show the hazards caused by nitrogen oxide and fine dust in the cities. The load is perfectly safe. In Spite Of Diesel.

The special Moment

The parliamentary state Secretary from the Ministry of transport the art piece, to dissociate himself from his blustering boss of the CSU, without this it’s merely. Where Minister Andreas Scheuer “wants to end the masochistic debate”, “how we made in Germany, with increasing marginal damage and can pollute”, in questioning his employees Steffen Bilger carefully the proportionality of individual bans.

ErkenntnisseDie a experts speak of at least 6000 deaths that were the result of nitrogen oxide pollution, and other professionals have in their practices and clinics such deaths seen by his own admission “never”. What remains is the irritating realization that there are no Doctors, where it first goes to the protection of health from contaminants.The signatories to the letter represented in the professional world, a minority opinion. Have signed the letter, only slightly more than 100 out of nearly 4000, the attached Doctors asked in Germany. Also, the Forum of the International lung societies responded well to the word, to defend the EU Standards and the world health organization (WHO), which it has developed.The policy announces that it is now the measurement for the pollutants to check – and Yes, also with scientific arguments that are most likely out of the question: Who measures somewhere else, get other results, the fit probably better to your own Position. The question of whether you measure behind a traffic light, where the pollutant load is of course higher than before the traffic light, is also a political one.Conclusion

The debate on the bans is because it’s about the car, in this country, a very emotional, which is difficult to objectify, even if most of the people participate in it, have, allegedly, always in mind.

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