The key messages in the Overview:”political barometer,” the majority holds AKK as Chancellor to be unsuitable (11.34 am)Interpol provides intelligence call to 20 Suspects in the Khashoggi case (10.02 a.m.)the number of asylum seekers from Turkey, search continues at a high level (6.03 PM)Soyuz rocket with astronauts from the United States and Russia to the ISS docked (4.57 PM), Israel’s military attacked targets in the Gaza strip (0.53 PM)

the news of The day:

+++ 11.41 PM: police in new Zealand evacuated after attacks residential area in the city of Dunedin +++

the investigation into the attacks on two mosques in Christchurch, new Zealand, the police have evacuated a residential area in the 350 kilometers away in the nearby city of Dunedin. Residents in the vicinity of a house had been brought as a precaution, in security, said the police. The house was in connection with the investigation “of interest”, it said. Further details were not mentioned.


Terror in new Zealand: This is about the offender is known

After the attack on two mosques in the new Zealand city of Christchurch, many questions remain open. One of the most important: Who is the alleged perpetrator that killed 49 people?

+++ 11.34 PM: holds a majority AKK as Chancellor to be unsuitable +++

A majority of Germans considers CDU Boss Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer as a possible Chancellor to be unsuitable. 51 percent of the respondents were in the on Friday publish the ZDF”Politbarometer” in this sense. Only 34 percent held AKK, therefore, as the successor of Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The survey by the Mannheim-based election research group, only 41 percent of the respondents Kramp to trust-karrenbauer, to lead the CDU successfully in the future. 44 percent do not do this. Under the CDU-supporters trust, although at least 60 percent to AKK, however, 31 percent. Of your abilities as a possible Chancellor, 53 percent of the CDU-supporters, 38 percent are not convinced.

+++ 11.15 p.m.: car accident in lower Saxony, divided into two – the driver slightly injured +++

luck has had a 22-Year-old motorist, whose car was torn near Stade in lower Saxony, in the case of an accident, in two parts. The man was only slightly injured, the police announced. On the Morning of the 22-Year-old in a left lost curve control of his car. The car began to Skid and crashed into a tree. By the force of the impact, the car was ripped in two and completely destroyed. The total damage to the police are estimated to be 5000 Euro.

+++ 11.13 am: Barley: only more time for Brexit-procedure “no solution” +++

Federal Minister of justice Katarina Barley (SPD), has voiced cautious about the recent Brexit-decision of the British Parliament. A shift of the Brexits was possible, you had to know what they wanted to with this time start, said the SPD’s top candidate for the European elections in rbb-info radio. “Only to allow more time, brings no solution.”

+++ 10.02 PM: Interpol puts Bolo to 20 Suspects in Khashoggi-case +++

The international police organization Interpol has published at the request of Turkey, a Bolo to 20 Suspects in the case of the assassination of the Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khashoggi. As the Turkish Ministry of justice announced, gave Interpol on 1. March, a so-called Red Notice for 20 Suspects, allegedly involved in the murder in Istanbul Consulate of Saudi Arabia. Turkey had requested, therefore, at the end of last year.

report of the New York Times

Saudi Arabian crown Prince allegedly threatened to pursue Khashoggi “with a bullet”

a New U.S. intelligence skills in the murder case, Khashoggi hardening, a media report says that the suspicion against the saudi Arabian crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. This is said to have pronounced in a telephone conversation unique threats.

DPA +++ 9.45 PM: Kramp cart Builder’s popularity plummeted +++

The popularity values of the new CDU-Chairman, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer broke the ZDF”political barometer”. From the scale of the ten most popular politicians, it fell out, therefore, revealed on Friday published the survey of the research group of elections. On the scale of the popularity of plus 5 to minus 5, they came to only 0.7 after they had located two weeks ago at 1.4. The representative survey was collected according to Kramp cart Builder, a lot of kritisiertem almost night joke in which she had made Extra toilets for inter-sexual and toilet habits of men funny.

+++ 6.03 PM: the number of asylum seekers from Turkey still at a high level +++

The number of asylum seekers from Turkey, search is still at a high level: In January, the German authorities registered 851 applicants from Turkey, in February, there were 702, such as the Federal government announced the Ministry of interior to a request from the Left-Deputy Sevim Dagdelen. In November, 735, and in December 623 new entrants had been counted. In the past few months, the German authorities detected approximately every second applicant for asylum from Turkey. After the protection rate amounted in November to 50.7 per cent and in December to 53.3 per cent, it was in January and February, 49.7 percent, or 50.5 percent.

+++ 5.11 PM: trucks tilts and loses 24 tons of cheese +++

A load is turned over car in lower Saxony and has lost 24 tons of cheese. The truck was toppled in Edewecht on a dam when Overtaking a tractor in the soggy ground sunken in on the side, the police announced. The 36-year-old driver was injured only slightly. Before the Truck could be done and towed, had a salvage company to pick that up 24 tons of cheese, which had been loaded on the truck. The dam had to stay up well into the night.

+++ 4.57 PM: the Soyuz rocket with astronauts from the United States and Russia to the ISS docked +++

Five months after the emergency landing of a Russian Soyuz rocket, this Time with a re-manned Soyuz Mission all went smoothly: After its launch from the Russian space station in Kazakhstan’s Baikonur, the rocket with two US astronauts and a Russian cosmonaut docked at the International space station ISS, the US space Agency told Nasa.

+++ 0.53 PM: Israel’s military attacked targets in the Gaza strip +++

Following the reports of missile attacks on the greater Tel Aviv area, Israeli fighter jets attacked several targets in the Gaza strip. The Israeli armed forces confirmed on Twitter attacks on several “terrorist” targets, made the first, but no further details. According to the news channel Al-Arabija at least four explosions in the coastal area on the Mediterranean were listening to the sea to, one of which is especially severe in Gaza city. Was shot, therefore, is also a headquarters of the radical Palestinian organization Hamas in Khan Yunis.

ivi / AFP / DPA

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