it Was now “the destruction of The CDU”? Not only the title of the video was the Christian Democrats stress: Within a few days millions watched the General settlement of the Youtubers “Rezo”, you dominated comment columns in the grid and headlines (read more here on the background). While the CDU, reacted in the eyes of many observers, is not appropriate and slowly on the controversial criticism.

“in the Short term, the Video, and the resulting discourse, which does not damage a party,” says political consultant Martin Fuchs. “In the long term, rather.” Why, he told the star.

“The reactions of the CDU seemed a little like a chicken, the head was cut off”

Mr. Fox, about seven million clicks on Youtube, nationwide headlines, and the CDU is forced to make a reaction the “destroy”Video from “Rezo” has hit a nerve. Why?

Martin Fuchs: I see several points. Firstly, Influencer, so even people that have success on Youtube, have achieved in recent years, extremely large trust on their platforms. Secondly, The CDU has overslept, those Influencers, and their target audience in the own, political communication. Thirdly, The CDU has with reactions and decisions in the past – such as the enforcement of the article 13 (controversial EU copyright reform, ed. d. Red.) or your rather clumsy handling of the “Fridays for Future”movement – playful, in part, the confidence in young people in the own Institution and a miss, this to recover.

This leads in sum to a someone hits like “Rezo” a nerve with his Fans and young people: A young man, the power of music and Comedy, is suddenly politically – acts on its Community, but extremely authentic. He hits the tone, and speaks to a feeling that apparently many of his Fans have. That is why the CDU has also made the connection much wrong, as you tried to make “Rezo” and his argument poorly. It was inauthentic and advanced the Video in the center of the social discourse.

As a policy and strategy consultant familiar with facial Expressions, Gestures, appearance and argument in the political context – as an expert for digital communication, such as an appearance in the network can act. How would you rate the appearance of the “Rezo”?

To the Person, Martin Fox

is a policy Advisor and Blogger. He advised governments, political parties and politicians in digital communications and is a columnist and guest writer for numerous media. In addition, he runs the Analytics platform “Pluragraph” and the Blog “the Hamburg election observers”.

For a rating you do not need to be an expert. “Rezo” has built up with its authentic kind of a loyalty base, hundreds of thousands of subscribers to know him is the only way. So the name “Rezo” established – similar to the Ulrich Wickert, who said at the end of the “tagesschau” always set to a mark. His success is, therefore, due particularly to its credibility. So much contributed to the CDU’s also extremely implausible: “Rezo” convinces with an authentic type of representation, while, for example, the CDU General Secretary Paul Ziemiak tries to give him the competence to coordinate and to make him bad.

“Rezo” speaks quickly, his Gestures almost frantic, he argues, almost 55 minutes in the case of background music – so you know the politicians. Still catch the Video and the content available is seemingly more than the typical speech by a politician. Or perhaps because of it?

Exactly: “Rezo”, the effect is believable. You can see that someone speaks on behalf of his Community. He knows what moves his Community, and what emotions he will arouse, so they listen to him. The can and do also politicians. They also talk to many people. But for those to which you have subscribed, so to speak, and this is in the case of the CDU, as I said, not necessarily the target audience of a “Rezo”.

Alone in the political discourse, not

The discussion about the Video has dominated since the days of the social networks, the major Print and Online media reports about it. Would have been able to prevent the CDU from? Or even need to?

It is very difficult, if something goes viral, in this Setting, purely to crash. It is certain that the CDU has neglected the basic work. The party has sought in the past to be critical Influencers. This, in turn, leads to “Rezo” probably no single would be familiar with the carrier of the CDU. The gap between the two actors is accordingly low. This is the first fundamental mistake that was made. The other: You first tried to make “Rezo” for its treatment poorly and to discredit his argument. Alone, not in political discourse. Especially since he has set up just specifically with content. Of course you can discuss about the presentation of this content, the Generalisations and simplifications, but he represents a Position, and has relative opinion. It has not been taken by the CDU, seriously.

First of all, the CDU has announced a Video replica by the Bundestag Deputy Philip Amthor. The Video was produced, but not published. Instead, the CDU made a call invitation to Youtuber “Rezo” and published a elfseitiges “fact sheet” to the collected points of criticism in the Video. How would you rate the reaction of the CDU?

This is the unsouveränste action that you can imagine. The reactions seemed a little like a chicken, the head was cut off and then make a run around, still wild, in a panic, but with still-twitching nerve endings. Scores and thought differently. You can actually feel the nervousness in the Konrad-Adenauer-house. The reaction of the CDU was unprofessional. The party has quickly and from an emotional face to fasstheit responds, and only later, with a cooler head, a clear stance communicates. In the end, but it was the best decision to post a Video response – which would have let the whole discourse explode. I’ve seen the millions of sardonic comments in front of me, which were received for the Video in the CDU.

You would have to say ‘Rezo’: You have exciting ideas, let us

How could the CDU will have to respond from the beginning to talk?

The first reaction should have been, actually, him immediately to the Konrad-Adenauer-house invite. You would have to say “Rezo” You have exciting ideas, your Sichtwice is interesting, let’s not talk –even though we are everywhere in your mind. That would have been scores. So a few days before the European elections, it is difficult, of course, an appointment with a Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (CDU party boss, editor’s note. d. Red.) or to find a Manfred Weber (CSU, top candidate of the Union for the EU election). But I had already tried that, “Rezo” a date – even if after the election – to offer. This had to be the least.

The CDU saw itself since the publication of the Videos facing the charge, is not appropriate and to have to slowly respond. Do you share that assessment?

Not necessarily. Especially in times of social networks, I am pleased, if someone is thinking, what he’s doing. Of course, the cycles in the communication through Twitter, Facebook & co. have become faster than in classic platforms. But you should be able to think two, three days to rest and finally a and find thought-out response. There are too many quick shots.

to explain, I believe, however, that many parties and politicians have neglected this country, things. As a democracy; it works like a party. With the exception of the school this is not an issue. Many people do not know that decisions on how to respond as a party in such a Situation – not of a single Person. Complex questions cannot be answered with “A” and “B”. To hear the opinion and reaction of a party, a huge apparatus. It will take time.

A well-rested reaction has not taken place in the eyes of many but. In addition, the way of communication has led to the conclusion that the CDU will lose the wire with the young voters.

Against this Background, it may surprise many that the CDU at the last European election, very, very many of the young has only attracted voters. It will be observed, therefore, interesting to how that might change according to the “Rezo”Video and the upcoming election. I do believe that there will be a shift away from the CDU. However, the Video can also be mobilizing for the CDU-voters. Because In this delicate Situation I must support the party with my voice. As of right now, is that the CDU and its youth organization (Junge Union, Anm. d. Red.) well is situated. She is networked in the youth well. A group of younger people don’t like to share the positions of the party, but there are enough that do.

Why can’t escalate a 26-year-old Youtuber and simplify, if it is allowed to have a 50-year-old politician?

In the Video is coming to the Youtuber “Rezo”, he shortened and applied across the Board. The “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” a commented, “Rezo” series with his contribution in a “new Form of Propaganda”. This is the scale that must be applied to the Video?

no. People now speak of populism and Propaganda, do not understand what is happening in the network. You are with the platform not familiar with. In almost every classical political speech, facts are tapered in the democratic discourse works. Not to speak now of Propaganda, because this escalation is happening in the Bundestag, is very questionable. Why can’t escalate a 26-year-old Youtuber and simplify, if it is allowed to have a 50-year-old politician?

Even the CDU writes in her fact sheet to the provocative Escalations and Shortages: “This is nothing New in the political debate, especially during the election campaign.” Nevertheless, the elfseitiges fact sheet was published, the CDU General Secretary Paul Ziemiak met several times before the press and tried to do the Video about populism-to brand. Has made the CDU the issue bigger than it is maybe?

Definitely. Classic Streisand effect: A small issue with a wrong reaction in such a way inflated and relevant, as it is likely for the population as a whole.

How your conclusion is in accordance with the “Rezo”Video? What is the image of the CDU is now; the Video and the subsequent debate and in the reporting – the party harmed seriously?

It’s hard to look in the glass ball. In the short term, the Video and the resulting discourse of the party is not damage. In the long term, rather. The CDU is likely to have been playful with their reaction in the coming Generation of politically Interested and some confidence. But I also see a very great opportunity – not only for the CDU, now in this discourse to set up and use the political Momentum to come back stronger on young people, reaching out, and these stronger and more proactive in policy-making and discourses to integrate.

The questions were asked by Florian Schillat