has looked Like a woman in the Neolithic period? This is a question that the Museum Quintana answered in Künzing (Bavaria) the reconstruction of the face of a 7000 years ago deceased wife.

The skull and bones had been found in 2015 in the case of archaeological excavations in the nearby Niederpöring, as Director of the Museum Roman Weindl says. From Friday, visitors can get a picture of the woman who was at her death, about 50 years old. In addition to the bust of the original bone finds are shown.

With modern technology – as you’ll also used in criminology have given a team of researchers from the “dead of Niederpöring” a face, said Weindl. This was made at the Klinikum Passau, a computed tomography of the skull and on the basis of the data of a 3D print of it made. Then model the Team modeled the skin, muscles and tissue.

Gene and isotope tests have shown that the ancestors of the woman from Anatolia via the Balkans introduced were wandering, she was grew up but at Niederpöring. Also eye color and complexion have been determined. No evidence, however, for the hairstyle. However, the remains of Combs found in graves from this time. The hair – it’s been real discounted hair transplant – had been connected with a ridge. “We have drawn a local hairdresser to add.”

the special feature of The Neolithic Fund is the partially preserved head jewelry the woman was wearing in the tomb. It consists of a Shell occupied by a leather band. 207 of the once 400 housing the rare Danube kahnschnecke were not seen on the head still, the leather was available. The jewelry tends to suggest that the wife had had a fine social position. A total of 2015 have been discovered in Niederpöring seven graves on a burial ground from the period between 5500 and 5000 BC.


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