The death of a police student in Würzburg, goes back, according to Bavaria’s interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU), probably due to a wrong discharged service weapon. The exact cause of the deadly incident on Thursday evening, although not clarified yet, but presumably, the police have to forget students when Unloading a bullet in the barrel of the gun and the magazine removed, he said on Friday during the welcome of new police officers in Munich. “That was probably the cause.”

the young policeman Herrmann appealed: “Take everything you have learned in your training to Discharge their weapon, very, very seriously.”

Würzburg: Both of the trainees to the 20-year-old

The young police candidates succumbed shortly after admission to the hospital of his injuries, such as the police and the Prosecutor’s office said early Friday morning. “According to our first findings, the two trainees were, immediately before they wanted to compete on the evening of your wax service, together in a room, the accommodation stopped,” said police superintendent Michael’s room. “It must be to come of the accidental discharge by the Younger of the Two.”

The Accident was, according to the police, around 20 years old, just like his Trainee colleague – a precise age has not wanted to call the authorities first. In the property in which the accident happened, there are a few hundred police officers.

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