Allegedly operating a private animal nursing home, in truth, they left their animals in agony perish: The 26-year-old Caycee B. from the U.S. state of Minnesota killed 64 cats and abused other animals. The woman lived with 144 cats, five dogs, a Guinea pig, and a pig in their apartment, which they referred to as an animal nursing home, such as, among other things, “ABC News” reported.

her pig was her undoing – it was gotten out. The neighbors complained about the free-running animal of the authorities searched the apartment.

64 cat corpses in refrigerators, refrigerated drawers, the Garage and in the tombs

The alleged animal the care home turned out to be a pet cemetery. A total of 64 cat bodies, the authorities found in cooling freezer drawers, the Garage and even looks Felten graves cabinets, behind the house. The surviving animals were in poor condition.

The district court of Dakota threw Caycee B., 13 animals abused, 64 cats killed and more than 40 animals neglected. The woman pleaded guilty. She was sentenced to two years probation, 90 days house arrest and 200 hours of community service. In addition, you may maintain, never again to animals and must go to psychiatric treatment.

sources: ABC News, “Independent”