The Federal privacy Commissioner Ulrich Kelber considers that it is illegal, that the Federal police image shots of their bets on the servers of the US-based company Amazon stores.

Kelber asked the Federal Agency to switch immediately to a German Cloud providers and store sensitive images of the so-called body Cams. However, the Federal Ministry of the interior does not share his concerns.

The use of video cameras attach to police officers in their Uniform, to deter potential attackers. In addition, the recordings can help later to identify perpetrators.

“We have already communicated to 2018, the Federal police and the Federal Ministry of the interior, that we keep the storage of the Bodycam data in the Amazon Cloud to be illegal,” said Kelber, the “New osnabrück newspaper” (Monday). According to his estimates, the access of US authorities to the data can not be excluded.

The Federal police had defended their decision last week, as a transitional solution. This is necessary until the Federal government would own, and for this purpose, suitable Clouds are available, said the spokesman of the Federal police Presidium, Gero von Vegesack. The speaker made it clear in the context that the solution had been tested with Amazon in the run-up over several months, together with the Federal office for information security (BSI) – in the end with a positive result.

A spokeswoman for the Federal interior Ministry said on Monday in Berlin, the storage of the data at Amazon, according to German data protection Standards. The data would be stored “on servers located in Germany according to German law”. Nevertheless, currently being tested, “whether there are other ways”, such as a storage at the Federal cloud. In combination with the Motorola radios for the Federal police, only one storage on the Amazon Cloud is currently possible.

Baden-württemberg’s Minister of the interior Thomas Strobl (CDU) stressed, in order to ensure data security and privacy, have decided the state government in Stuttgart, to wait with the delivery of the body Cams to its police officers for so long, until the recordings “will be transmitted via our secure police network”. Strobl said: “This solution was very easy, we had to make adjustments to the grid.” The use of body Cams would be useful. He could help to “reduce aggressive behaviour compared to the use of forces”.

The FDP inner politician Benjamin Strasser requested, the project Bodycam and the Federal police have had to be stopped. That Federal interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) ignore the concerns of the privacy officer Kelber, was typical of “the functioning of the “Fit-it”-the Minister”.