At the Start of the electric scooter in German cities there will be from the point of view of the police Federation for the time being, no additional separate checks.

These were reduced due to many other important tasks of the police already, said the Chairman of the trade Union of police (GdP), Oliver Malchow, the German press Agency. It should behave more fail and accidents come, you have to put a focus on it. In the case of violations of the rules for E-Scooter, special fines in the future.

the small Fellow can roll down to the end, probably at the earliest in July. The regulation allows, in principle, to occur in the coming days, probably this Saturday (15.6.). The manufacturer must apply for their models but also General operating permits, buyer and landlord liability insurance need. The E-scooter to meet certain technical requirements and also and a “bright-sounding bell” have light. To continue on the bike path where there is none, but also on the road. Walkways are off-limits, drivers must be at least 14 years old.

The proposed regulation provides for violations of the rules, fines of up to € 70. This amount will be due if one is with an E-Scooter without General operating permit on the road. Driving without a valid insurance sticker is supposed to cost 40 euros, a breach of the lighting regulations 20 Euro. Who is on the “not allowed traffic areas” on-the-go or prohibited driving side-by-side, you must pay 15 Euro disabled 20 Euro, with a risk of 25 Euro, with damage to property € 30.

According to the Federal government the Review of the E-scooter is to be held “in the framework of traffic controls”. The countries no additional costs, arising thus it is said in a response to a request from the Green. There were “advanced control”, namely on the manufacturer’s plate on the vehicle on which the permit number of the General operating permit must be specified.

trade Union boss, Malchow said, the police officers would exercise the controls “certainly with a sense of proportion”. “We are here, Yes, quite often in the administrative offences law, there is discretion.” Thus, in the case of other traffic violations also, it always depends on the Situation.

Basically, Malchow has more transport controls for properly, however, there was neither staff. “We talk every year several Thousand fatalities and many Thousands of severely injured and wounded persons, and that has to do often with misconduct.” More checks would provide more safety. “But we do not unfortunately have the capacity.”

such As pedestrians and cyclists the drivers of E may be-scooters exposed to risks, said Malchow: “to be Overlooked, not to collide with others, the danger is, of course.” Risky, especially in the close room, where several road users have to share the place. The cyclists Club ADFC calls, also with a view to the new E-scooter on the bike paths to expand.

Many politicians praise the turn of the approval of the new racer as a building block of an ecological Traffic and modern mobility. GdP-chief Malchow sees the cautious: “these are the game devices,” he said. If someone leave his car, was “the big question”. He believes that the devices “become more of a Hype”.