The Hessian police force, is advised by a new incident, again in the Negative headlines. In front of a police in a German company called Schlüchtern of remembrance were on guard on the day of the victims of national socialism on 27. January, the Germany and the Hesse flag upside down hoisted.

Now the state protection in the police headquarters of Southeast Hessen, whether it was the intention and perhaps the extreme right-wing motives behind it.

Also, the Frankfurt public Prosecutor’s office is examining the allegations, the suspicion of insulting the state and its symbols, as well as to sedition. In the analysis it is standing still at the beginning, said a spokeswoman for the investigating Agency on Wednesday.

authorities buildings are to be days of special commemoration, the flags hoisted. This is also the day of remembrance of the millions of victims of the Nazi regime. On this day of the liberation of Auschwitz in 1945, to set the flags as a sign of mourning and sympathy at half-mast.

The case the wrong way around flagpole flags may affect the view of the trade Union of police (GdP) in Hesse, the Reputation of the officials. “The harm in the current Situation, of course, of the police,” said GdP-chief Andreas Green with views of right-wing extremist suspected cases of the German press Agency.

Against the Hessian police on more serious charges in the room. The judiciary is investigating a chat group with alleged extreme right-wing content in the Frankfurt police. A Turkish-born lawyer received threats, in which background knowledge about the lawyer from the police information system in the game. Two other police officers were suspended after the discovery of materials with extreme right-wing content. Against a meanwhile to lower Saxony offset of the police officers is determined, because he is said to have passed information from police databases to a member of the neo-Nazi group “Aryans” (Aryans).