The Rhineland-Palatinate police has found on a residential plot of land in a circle of Kaiserslautern, a further explosive device which probably originates from a dead. Between the house owner and the deceased suspect a “conflict-loaded business existed connection”, announced the police headquarters westpfalz. It was the case, therefore, the third explosive that was found within a few days in the area. Due to the great danger of the subject-matter had been blown up on the spot. In the house, no one had been, said a spokesman for the police. The owner of the house to think that currently in the United States.

On Friday, a doctor in Enkenbach died-Alsenborn, probably as a result of a “deliberate Explosion”, the police announced. On Sunday it came in the otter mountain to a further Explosion, two people were injured. In both cases, Bernhard Graumann from Mehlingen is a suspect. The police had issued a warning.

A note following which the police found after the third explosive device. It was a booby trap in the Form of a professionally rigged die, was blown up by specialists.

police warns the population

doctor blew up: here Was a dead landscape gardener on revenge?

dead suspect is complex, deceased

the gray man studied was according to police on the night of Friday in his house in Mehlingen. The death circumstances were also the subject of a police investigation. References to third-party negligence. “For the Toxicological reports of complex investigations are needed,” said the police spokesman. The result was probably in the next week. Media reports about an alleged suicide by poison, it is not possible to confirm at present.

The spokesman confirmed, however, that the son of the Suspect from Mehlingen near Kaiserslautern work as a police officer. “Of course he’s not involved in the investigation,” he pointed out.

booby-traps for the targeted vengeance?

The police noted, “that the Deceased has made before his death, targeted preparations, so as not to hurt people with whom he had a quarrel, difficult, or even to kill”. She called, therefore, “in particular, people with a grey man in a problematic private or business relationship”, to put under the phone number 0631 369-2660 with the police.

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