In the case of inserts of the Hamburg police with the bulky title Task Force to combat the public perceived drug-related crime narcotics control in a large-scale use of suspicious persons. In the case of a 22-hour service from Monday – on Tuesday night, were in the city of St. Georg, St. Pauli and stern parts of the hill 150 people checked to four criminal charges of Dealing and six on suspicion of the acquisition of drug given. Wednesday to Thursday, the next parts of the city were at the range, in which 231 persons, to have control, and 14 criminal complaints were made, this Time also the district of Osdorf including was.

the police was a young man and spoke to him. In controlling amazing findings have come to the fore: two so-called grip bags, twelve balls with marijuana, eight reaction vessels of cocaine, mobile phones and 2,376 euros in cash, such as the “Hamburger Morgenpost” reported. The 18-Year-old was arrested.

search of the children’s room

Then the police officers with a search warrant on the way to the apartment in which the Teenager lives with his mother and his two younger siblings. In his room, they found the equipment of a professionals: a fine scale, packaging material and more than four kilos of hashish and a Kilo of marijuana plus a shot gun.

The 18-Year-old was in custody. Whether his mother or his siblings from his Dealer knew of activity, is unknown. The Osdorfer Born, where the family lives, is a prefabricated housing estate in Hamburg, on the Western border of the city. In 2005, Osdorfer Born, was the origin of the violence prevention project “BGK – education against crime”. After the construction of the village began in 1967, was awarded the district the nickname of Small-Chicago.

source: “Hamburger Morgenpost”

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