Since the 17th century. February was absent from the five-year Kaweya each track. The girl had visited that day with his mother in a Playground in the 5000-inhabitant municipality of Guxhagen in Northern Hesse Schwalm-Eder-Kreis. Her mother lost the child for a Moment from the eyes, since there was no trace of Kaweyar. A large-scale day-long search operation was unsuccessful. Already at that time, it was suspected that Kaweyar could be in the Fulda, which runs immediately behind the said Playground.

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Roughly four months after the Disappearance of the child, a re-targeted search operation was held on Monday, as reported by the police. With a sad result: The five-year-old is likely to be dead. A few kilometres North of the town of Guxhagen was recovered in the area of fuldabrĂĽck-berghausen a body from the river. The investigators assume that it is Kaweyar.

new search action is discovered corpse in the Fulda


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hurt Where the new approach come from? According to the officials, it was established in the investigation in connection with the missing person’s case that had accumulated on the cob pedestrian and Bicycle bridge in the said area of flotsam attached. In consultation with the office of the public Prosecutor in Kassel a search action would have been planned for the beginning of the week on the site. The THW and the municipality supported the use of force.

“In the search operation yesterday, the day could be found in the debris, the corpse of a child,” said the police eventually. After a preliminary identification of the corpse by the investigators of the criminal investigation it was the missing five-year-old Kaweyar from Guxhagen. A medical-legal investigation is to bring on Wednesday security.

source: police headquarters Northern Hesse,