Breathe a sigh of relief in Lübeck: The police has ended in the evening, the hostage situation in the local prison. “The offender could be overwhelmed by the special forces and was injured slightly,” said a spokesman.

The woman was about five hours in the violence of the armed prisoner, remained unharmed, as well as the established police forces.

The police came in the afternoon to a large-scale operation in the prison of the schleswig-Holstein big moves to the city after the prison inmate had taken a woman hostage. According to the “Lübecker Nachrichten” (LN) was a psychologist.

police in contact with hostage-taker in Lübeck JVA

After several hours, officers were with the offender and entered into negotiations. Whether the man – according to the LN, a 36-year-old Romanian sex offender – requirements has not wanted to tell the police first. Similarly, the forces provided information on the type of weapons the hostage-taker.


attack on Bus passengers: Several injured, Tätverdächtiger arrested

The prison in Lübeck had already been the scene of hostage-taking: Christmas eve 2014, four men were brought to a prison officer in their violence, to force their escape from the prison. The attempt failed. In 1997, an inmate of a social worker had held a knife to the neck and has had for about five hours until the bloodless in its violence.

note: This article was modified in the course of the ongoing development of the hostage-taking of multiple and updated.

ARD-Film “Seven hours”

A psychologist is a fighter for victims of abuse – but her own Trauma that drives you to death

The Prison psychologist Susanne after dinner was raped nine years ago by a prisoner. Later, she committed suicide. About their struggle with Trauma, of which you had said to the star a few days earlier that she had won it. Now your case has been made into a movie.

By Dominik Stawski

sources: “Lübecker Nachrichten”, the police of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany’s DPA news Agency


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