After the large rally in Russia last Saturday, the police has detained according to five people because of the charge of “mass riots”. The defendant, of up to 15 years in prison, according to authorities. The investigator accused on Thursday arrested protesters, moreover, “violence against security forces”.

According to the Russian investigative Committee had more than common ten Suspects on the Internet calls for participation in the unauthorized Demonstration.

protests in Moscow

it showed the Russian state television, as thousands took to the streets

By Ellen Ivits

Among the detained activist Alexei Minjaylo, an adviser to the Anti-corruption lawyer, Lyubov Sobol was. The rejection of a candidacy of Sobol and other members of the opposition in the municipal elections in September was the catalyst for the recent protests in Moscow.

The protests in Moscow

The Opposition denied the accusations of the authorities and stressed that the rally was peaceful and police have used violence against the protesters, not Vice versa.

The Director-General of the independent television channel TV Rain, Natalia Sindeewa, said Thursday that tax authorities have begun an investigation into the transmitter. TV Rain had removed its paywall to allow the population to have access to Live coverage of the protests on Saturday.

According to the police, had participated in the Saturday around 3500 people at the Demonstration for free local elections. In fact, there were probably 10,000. According to the non-governmental organisation OWD-Info in this context, nearly 1400 people were arrested.

After calling for protests

Kremlin critic poisoned? The Navalny says to his mysterious complaints

The Russian justice announced that it had arranged approximately 60 provisional imprisonment and sentenced to more than 160 people fines. The prominent Kremlin critic, Alexei Navalny is serving a 30-day prison sentence, because he had called for unsanctioned protests. The 43-Year-old was poisoned according to its own data, possibly in prison.

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