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police are investigating the death of an Indian magician (10.25 PM), More than 70 million people on the run (7.04 PM)To health problems: Merkel visited Goslar (5.43 p.m.), Marilyn Monroe Statue on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, sawed off and stolen (3.45 p.m.)report: police dismisses Ex-Uefa President Platini from detention (3.15 PM)Trump starts in Florida officially, the election campaign for 2020 (2.30 PM)

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+++ 11.17 PM: Iran: There will be no war with the U.S. +++

A war between Iran and the United States will not be available after assessment of the Iranian security Council (SNSC). “There is absolutely no reason for a war, because of American accusations against other countries in a worldwide well-known tactics of the United States to exert political pressure,” said the SNSC Secretary Ali Schamchani to the state news Agency Irna. What powered the Americans currently, is a “economic war” against the Iranian people, said Schamchani more. The United States hoped, thus forcing Iran to surrender to. This will not happen, added Schamchani.

+++ 10.50 PM: Iran: Three men for the rape to be executed +++

for the rape of a woman, three men have been executed in southern Iran’s Hormozgan province hung. They were hanged in the Central prison of the provincial capital, Bandar Abbas, such as the judiciary chief Ali Salehi, the Isna news Agency said. The men were kidnapped, according to Salehi, a few months ago a woman was brutally raped and finally murdered. In Iran, the death penalty is imposed, among other things, murder, rape, armed robbery and more serious drug trafficking. In the case of rape and child abuse, executions take place very quickly. Iran is for years, because of the number of executions in the focus of international criticism.

+++ 10.45 PM: Cabinet decides to act for better pay in care +++

The Federal Cabinet adopted a law for higher wages in the Old – and nursing on the way. The aim is that, wherever possible, in the whole of the care sector in the future, wage rates be paid. Alternatively, the applicable minimum shall be increased wages in the care and in the East and West unified.

Specifically, the Minister of labour, Hubertus Heil (SPD) is seeking with his law, a collective agreement, the employer and the employee representatives have yet to negotiate, to explain, and then for the industry as a whole as binding. If this is not possible to improve the Minister to increase the care-minimum wage payment in the industry. It should also give only minimum wages for unskilled labour, but also special wage limits for trained professionals and the differences between the East and the West.

+++ 10.25 am: police are investigating after the death of an Indian conjurer +++

After the death of a magician in India, the police investigation for negligence and assisted suicide initiated. According to police, the investigation against the company of the deceased artist Chanchal Lahiri, Magic India Belt. The circumstances which had led on Sunday to the death of the under the name Jadugar Mandrake (magician Mandrake), known Lahiri, meanwhile more unclear.

Lahiri was killed after he chains with steel and a rope tied in the Ganges to fall. On Monday his body was tied up, still firmly in the Ganges next to the river Hooghly found. Lahiri had to perform according to the police, no permission, his Trick in the water. Lahiri did not mention that he would jump into the river. “We ask ourselves, why he was in such a hurry, the Trick show. It is a mystery to us,” said a police spokesman. Accordingly, the artist started his show an hour earlier than planned, and in the absence of the water protection police.

Legendary Houdini-Trick

Missing escape artist dead from the Ganges recovered

The Indian magician Mandrake wanted to liberate themselves in the river Ganges from its shackles – that ended in front of the eyes of numerous spectators and his family, tragic. Now his body has been found.

DPA +++ 10.10 PM: the Bundestag Committee on internal Affairs advises next Wednesday on the case of Lübcke +++

The interior Committee in the Bundestag advises on next Wednesday in a special session on the murder case of Walter Lübcke. The members would come together from 8.30 am to 10.30 am, as the German press Agency learned from the Committee.

Green, Left, FDP in the Bundestag had passed on the meeting. Also the CDU and the SPD demanded that the and asked for the participation of the attorney General. He had taken over the investigation because of the alleged extreme right-wing motive of the suspects. In addition, representatives of the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution, the Federal criminal police office as well as the Hessian investigating authorities should be available to answer questions. Also the AfD-Internal Affairs, Martin Hess called for a special session.

+++ 9.43 PM: the Federal government announces contracts with the operators of the failed Car toll +++

to stop the planned toll for Cars by the European court of justice (ECJ) has the first concrete consequences. The Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) prompted, to terminate two contracts already concluded with the operators for the intended survey and the control of the use fee, as the German press Agency learned from government circles.

The penalty charges for the Austrian toll system provider Kapsch and the ticket seller, CTS Eventim was issued to the Ministry in the past year. Among other things, the Opposition had been criticized for that before a final legal certainty, the facts were created. After the Failure of the tolls could come to the Federal government is now the financial claims of the company.

+++ 9.14 PM: Drunk mom wants to pick up a drug intoxicated son with the car in the police +++

With the car want to pick up a drunk mother in Thuringia their drug intoxicated son at the police station. The police announced in Gotha, fled the 17-Year-old on the eve in Neudietendorf on the Moped in front of a traffic control. When he could be stopped, was not the officers only illegal components on the Moped. A drug test also confirmed that the young people Cannabis had been consumed. After a blood collection in the hospital the young person was brought to the location to the service, where his mother was supposed to pick up. As the 47-arrived-Year-old with her car, the officials took strong alcohol smell. A breath test showed a value of 1.14 ppm. Mother and son now expect Ads due to alcohol and drugs at the wheel.

+++ 8.23 PM: Mexican national guardsmen stop the uprising of migrants in detention centres +++

representatives of the Mexican national guard action against an uprising of African, Haitian and Asian immigrants in a refugee camp in the southern state of Chiapas. According to local police, the migrants protested against the Overcrowding of the camp, poor sanitation conditions, as well as against the miserable food and called for a faster processing of their applications. Some were able to temporarily escape from the building.

+++ 7.04 PM: for the First time, more than 70 million people worldwide on the run +++

The number of refugees is a UN-report States that in the past year to a new record high, has risen. 31. December 2018, have given it to the world 70.8 million refugees, Displaced persons and asylum seekers, said the UN high Commissioner for refugees, Filippo Grandi. The are 2.3 million more than the previous year and twice as many as 20 years ago. It is also the highest number of refugees, has counted the UN refugee Agency (UNHCR) since its founding in the year 1950. From the annual report on Refugees, “Global Trends”, which was presented in Berlin, showing that there are 41.3 million refugees to internally displaced persons. 25.9 million people have fled, therefore, from war and persecution from their country, an increase of 500,000 compared to the previous year. The smallest group with 3.5 million asylum seekers waiting for a decision on their asylum application.

+++ 6.25 PM: the Association is critical of the representation of homosexuals on TV +++

The lesbian and gay Association of Germany criticizes the representation of hetero-sexual in the German television. “The reality of life of lesbian, Gay and Trans is not as good as none at all,” said Association spokesman Markus Ulrich, the German press Agency. In addition to the question of the General visibility to the questions of when and how topics and people would be shown. Often appropriate formats would be sent late in the evening, criticized Ulrich. Even in the case of Soaps, the representation does not correspond often to the life, for example, homosexuals. “There is a Gay, perhaps even a Partner, but in the middle of the big city, otherwise, no gay friends.” The series told Out, for example, nothing from the gay or lesbian. It is important, moreover, very different types of map, said Ulrich.

+++ 5.43 PM: After health problems: Merkel Goslar +++

visits To your health problems during the reception of the new Ukrainian President on Tuesday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) visited this Wednesday Goslar. The focus of a discussion with students in the historical Kaiserpfalz. Merkel, at the invitation of the mayor of Oliver Junk (CDU). On the program, and Merkel’s in the old Imperial city on the Northern edge of the Harz is also a visit to the Unesco world heritage belonging to the Museum mine Rammelsberg and the historic Imperial Palace and a walk through the old town. Accompanied Merkel from her Ex-foreign Affairs Minister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD), in Goslar, Germany, home, and an honorary citizen of the city.

+++ 5.19 PM: Nearly 49,000 a less social housing in Germany +++

In Germany, the number of social apartments has decreased the last several tens of thousands. So there was the end of the year 2017, nearly 49 000 fewer social homes than a year earlier. Going by the recent Figures, the Federal government notified the Ministry of the interior to the Bundestag. They are the German press Agency. In the case of social housing in Germany, the Rents are regulated by the state. Only people for whom the authorities see a particular need, are allowed to live there. However, apartments will fall after a certain time from the “binding” and can be normally on the market rents. If not in the same level of new social housing to be built, decreases their number.

+++ 4.25 PM: Many countries, over half of the antibiotics in the wrong a +++

antibiotic resistance is increasing worldwide according to the world health organization (WHO) alarming proportions. “Antibiotic resistance threatens to make 100 years of medical progress,” warned WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on Tuesday in Geneva. It was one of the most urgent challenges in the health sector, a solution. The WHO has therefore divided the existing antibiotics, now in three new categories. In the first category, you designate funds to be used for serious infections. In the second, those that are maintaining the each and every health system, but not always at the most common infections, should use. In the third category, she leads the means, which it considers only as a last resort. The target was that the average of the second and third category are used to prevent the development of resistance.

+++ 3.45 PM: Marilyn-Monroe-Statue on the Hollywood Walk of Fame tied to a bed has been sawed off and stolen +++

A Statue of film legend Marilyn Monroe on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and stolen. According to the authorities, one eye saw a witness of how a man climbed on the sculpture Ladies of Hollywood Gazebo, with the significant women in the cinema history are appreciated. He sawed off the Monroe Statue is enthroned on the top of the Eiffel tower-shaped sculpture, and disappeared with his prey. The police can ensure, according to its own information the fingerprints. By Tuesday but no one was arrested. The Statue depicts Monroe in her famous Pose with fluttering white dress from the movie “The darn 7. Of the year”.


tourists on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood to wonder about the missing Statue of Marilyn Monroe.

©ROBYN BECK, AFP +++ 3.15 PM: report: police dismisses Ex-Uefa President Platini from custody

The French police has released the for all football activities, suspended former UEFA President, Michel Platini, according to a report from the custody. Platini had been set after several hours of questioning to the circumstances of the awarding of the 2022 world Cup to Qatar again on free foot, reported the French news Agency AFP on Wednesday. You quoted Platini’s lawyer William Bourdon with the words, ultimately, much had been done, “much ADO about nothing”.

French media, according to the since 2016 ongoing investigation into the controversial world Cup award to Qatar, among other things, to allegations of corruption. In the case of Platini, the investigators are interested in according to the usually well-informed Online platform “media part” for the Meeting in the Élyséepalast on 23. November 2010, with then-President Nicolas Sarkozy and the current Emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad. Shortly thereafter, were on the 2. In December 2010, the world Cup tournaments were awarded in 2018 to Russia and 2022 to Qatar.

+++ 3.02 PM: works by Paul Klee and Anni Albers at Zwirner in New York +++

works of artists such as Paul Klee, Anni Albers, Yayoi Kusama will be seeing in the coming months, in the rooms of the German gallerist David Zwirner in New York. In addition, there will be exhibitions with works by Roy DeCarava, Jason Rhoades, and Noah Davis, said Zwirners son Lucas, editor of the in-house publishing, on Tuesday (local time) at a press conference in New York. The Cologne-born gallerist Zwirner has several galleries in New York, London and Hong Kong and is considered one of the most successful art dealers in the world. His father, Rudolph Zwirner was an art dealer in Cologne, and one of the best-known German gallerists of the post-war period.

+++ 2.55 PM: Johnson insists on Leaving on the 31. October, does not want to guarantee a date, but +++

The British Ex-foreign Minister and favourite to the Post of Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has a Brexit to 31. October insisted. In a TV debate with the other candidates to the succession of party and government boss, Theresa May, Johnson said on Tuesday evening in the BBC, otherwise, a “catastrophic loss of trust in the politics of the threat”. “I think the British have painted the nose,” said the Brexit-hardliners. On the question of who is to exit the EU-in the UK with the EU deadline of 31 agreed. October “” could guarantee, raised but neither Johnson nor his four rivals for the Hand. The former mayor of London is the clear favorite on the May follow-up. On Tuesday, he landed in the second round for the election of the new Chairman of the conservative Tory party, with 126 of 313 votes to clear in the front.

May follow-up

Boris Johnson leaves no doubt as to the Brexit, wobbling but the date rum

After the vote on the new Prime Minister and the Tory leader, the remaining five candidates take part in a heated debate about Brexit and the future of the UK. Favourite Boris Johnson sets only on the Brexit, but not on the date.

+++ 2.30 PM: Trump starts in Florida officially, the election campaign for 2020 +++

US President Donald Trump has officially heralded its election campaign for the presidential election of 2020. Trump came on Tuesday night in Orlando in the U.S. state of Florida in front of around 20,000 cheering supporters. In his speech, he began with an attack on the media, which he described as so common as a “Fake News”. The 73-Year-old is seeking a second term in the White house. Florida is one of the Federal States, with a key role for the outcome of the presidential election in November 2020. The primaries to determine the candidates begin in February. On the re-nomination Trumps the Republicans, there is no doubt, even if he has the Ex-Governor Bill Weld internal competition. In the case of the US Democrats, there are 23 presidential candidates. If you Ex is in the struggle for the candidacy, according to the polls currently, Vice President Joe Biden on the front.

rally in Orlando

Donald Trump’s election opened the fight: “Democrats want to destroy you!”

The election campaign Donald Trump switched in Orlando in the campaign mode. The Democrats should win the presidential election in November 2020, would you destroy the Land, boomed the US President. His Motto: “Keep America Great”.

DPA +++ 1.55 PM: government: at Least 38 killed in attacks on Malian villages +++

In the case of new attacks on villages in the African crisis state of Mali have been killed according to the government, at least 38 people. In the case of the attacks on the villages Gangafani and Yoro, near the border to Burkina Faso, many people had been injured, informed the government of Mali on Tuesday evening. In the two villages by members of the ethnic group of the Dogon life. In the past few years, Mali’s ethnic conflict between the Fulani, engaged in breeding of cattle, and the Dogon, the farming is intensified in the Region in the center. This is associated with the appearance of the jihadist grouping of the preacher Amadou Kufa in connection with, the recruited mainly among the Fulani fighters.

+++ 1.43 PM: the US authorities make cocaine worth a billion dollars for sure +++

About 15 tons of cocaine worth more than a billion US dollars, investigators from the US Federal authorities is ensured on a ship in the port of Philadelphia. State’s attorney William McSwain announced on Tuesday on Twitter that it was one of the biggest drug finds in the history of the United States. “This amount of cocaine could kill millions – MILLIONS – of people.” The newspaper “Philadelphia Inquirer” reported that the drug had been found in containers on Board of a ship that had come from Chile, Panama and the Bahamas, and on the way to Europe. The Prosecutor’s office said on Twitter, in the street, the cocaine would have had a value of more than a billion dollars (890 million euros).

+++ 1.15 PM: Giffey: SPD needs to put more focus on safety +++

Federal Minister for family Affairs Franziska Giffey (SPD), has called on her party to put a stronger focus on the issue of security. They believe that “the key issue is for all the security,” she said of the “süddeutsche Zeitung”. This applies to all facets, so “in social issues, in questions of climate protection, the digitization, but also in matters of crime or when it comes to the future prospects for the children and their work”. The SPD must give a “clear answer” to the Clan-crime, organised crime and people, “the advantage of the state”. The SPD had set in many Places, the focus on social Integration. “That is true,” said Giffey. “But at the outstretched Hand, the stop Signal will be heard.”

+++ 0.45 PM: Japan after earthquake, Tsunami spared +++

following the strong earthquake in the North-West of Japan feared Tsunami failed to materialize. The meteorological authority expected due to the earthquake 6.7 magnitude, with waves of one Meter in height on the coast of the prefectures of Ishikawa, Niigata, and Yamagata, withdrew their warning on Wednesday morning (local time) again. With aftershocks and landslides is expected to continue, it said. New authorities reported at least 16 people were injured. In Niigata and Yamagata utility Tohoku Electric Power fell, according to the energy in Thousands of homes of electricity from hold temporarily.

The centre of the quake on Tuesday was, according to the meteorological authority of the coast of Yamagatas at a depth of 14 kilometers in the sea. The strength of the earthquake was originally given a 6.8 and later minimally revised downwards.

+++ 0.06 at: Rheinische Post: NRW protection of the Constitution fears right terrorist structures +++

The NRW Arise-the protection of the Constitution has evidence that the right-wing extremist scene is currently discussing “the end times, and civil war scenarios”. The düsseldorf “Rheinische Post” reported, citing a current assessment of the situation of the constitutional protection for the Ministry of the interior. “There is a danger that can develop this breeding ground right terrorist structures, or individual perpetrators”, – stated in it. A part of the right-wing extremist scene, radical more and more.

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