police have arrested a man in the Hessian town of Rüdesheim, is suspected to have food of a family poisoned. Already for months he is said to have family in the visor had cars damaged and even tried to kill the Pets. The motive is still unclear. The man is the police not Unknown and has been sentenced to more years in prison.

informed the public Prosecutor’s office in Wiesbaden and the Wiesbaden criminal police on Wednesday, was convicted of 48-Year-old already in the year 2001 by the district court of Memmingen for attempted murder of a custodial sentence of more than 13 years.

As the radio station ” FFH ” reported the man, an Ex-justice employees from the former GDR at the time, with the daughter of a family in closer contact had to act. Because the parents were against it, poisoned it, your Christmas dinner with arsenic. The parents were then damaged the health of the difficult, the report says.

Mysterious event

eat in the office, she was bad – she was poisoned by a colleague for months?

man is also supposed to have Pets poisoned

In the present case, the Hessian family that lives according to the habitats in a small rüdesheimer district on the edge of the forest should not have, again and again toxic substances mixed into his food, if this was home. Since the door will often have frankly, the man had apparently free access.

in November 2018, it has given, according to the Prosecutor’s office again incidents. So cars and even the family house were damaged. Even the dogs of the family had to be treated for signs of Intoxication by a veterinarian. Investigations led the police finally track down the 48-Year-old, who is known to the Injured party.

After the suspicion is substantiated that the poison attack was not only the Pets but also the family, could be obtained on Tuesday an Investigation warrant, on suspicion of the attempted murder against the man, and enforced. In the case of a house search, the officers made sure to toxic substances.

The subject was able to make a senior Prosecutor Andreas Winckelmann. The 48-Year-old had not addressed the allegations yet. Similarly, it remains unclear of the relationship between the family and the alleged perpetrator.

sources: press portal police/FFH