Shetland and Faroe Islands, the Lofoten Islands, Greenland and the coast of Chile: Arved Fuchs has it all traveled. Changes in the folding boat, with his sailing ship “Dagmar Aaen”. Again and again, the 65-Year-old ventured into the icy seas of the polar regions. On one of his trips it has accompanied the photographer Harald Schmitt.

Arved Fuchs has long been one of the most famous polar explorers. Extreme tours to the North and South poles, he made headlines. In 1989, he became the first person within a year to walk to both poles: At temperatures of minus 56 degrees Celsius, he fought in a Team, nine years after a failed attempt, on the ice and reached after 1000 miles on the 14. May the North pole. 230 days later, he stood together with the extreme mountaineer Reinhold Messner at the South pole.

“Where’s adventure?” – this question was put to him, in the meantime, frequently, reported Fox. “We all see ourselves as daredevils,” he says. “So the risk is put into perspective for us.” But he wanted to trivialize, nothing – “the risk always travel with”. Fox: “when you’re driving with such a vessel in the high Latitudes – is always an adventure.” However, it should be a “calculated adventure, not negligent”.

sos / DPA