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Pokeman Journeys Part 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot and All You Need To Know

Pokemon Journeys Part 2 will be coming out soon and the fans have become nostalgic and excited at the same time. Pokeman initially made a debut in the entertainment industry in 1996 and since then the makers have made various TV shows and animated series of the Pokeman journeys.

The Japanese animation series has gained a lot of attention and popularity and the audiences have loved the series for 20 years. There are so many rumors and speculations circulating around the internet about the Pokeman Journeys Part 2 and the fans cannot wait for it to finally come out. In this post, we will be discussing the release date, cast plot and all other details about Pokeman Journeys Part 2.

What are the plot details of Pokemon Journeys Part 2?

As of now, we don’t have any new details about the plot of Pokeman Journeys Part 2. It is too early to predict anything about the plot as it is too early to do that. The animated series previous season ended a few weeks back and it ended on a confusing note so we can expect the show to continue from where it left.

The questions that were left unanswered in the first Chapter are expected to be answered and explored in Part 2. There are some leaks and rumors about the plot but they don’t seem to be too reliable so we have chosen not to discuss them on our platform. We will keep you updated with all the details and plot if we get to know about the plot from the official sources.

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How many episodes did the Pokemon Journeys Part 1 have?

  • Season 1 Episode 1: Pikachū tanjō!
  • Season 1 Episode 2: Satoshi to Gō, Rugia de gō!
  • Season 1 Episode 3: Fushigisō tte fushigida ne? aired
  • Season 1 Episode 4: Ikuze Gararu Chihō! Hibanī tono deai!!
  • Season 1 Episode 5: Kabigon kyodai ka!? daimakkusu no nazo!!
  • Season 1 Episode 6: Pokemon tairyō getto daze! Myū e no michi!!
  • Season 1 Episode 7: Gekitō no Hōen chihō! Chōsen batoru furontia!!
  • Season 1 Episode 8: Makeruna Potchama! Shinō chihō no ryūhyō rēsu!!
  • Season 1 Episode 9 Ano hi no chikai! Jōto chihō no Hōō densetsu!!
  • Season 1 Episode 10: Kairyū no rakuen, Hakuryū no shiren!
  • Season 1 Episode 11: Koharu to Wanpachi to, tokidoki, Gengā
  • Season 1 Episode 12: Daimakkusu batoru! Saikyō ōja Dande!!
  • Season 1 Episode 13: Satoshi tai dande! Saikyō e no michi! !
  • Season 1 Episode 14: Hatsu isshu chihō! Iseki de reidobatoru!
  • Season 1 Episode 15: Yuki no hi, Karakara no hone wa doko?
  • Season 1 Episode 16: Norowareta Satoshi
  • Season 1 Episode 17: Hibanī, honō no kikku! Asunimukatte!
  • Season 1 Episode 18: Satoshi sansen! Pokémon wārudo chanpionshippusu!
  • Season 1 Episode 19: Watashi wa metamon!
  • Season 1 Episode 20: Yume e mukatte gō! Satoshi to Gō!!
  • Season 1 Episode 21: Todoke-ha shirube! Satoshi to fushigina tamago!
  • Season 1 Episode 22: Sayonara, Rabbifuto!
  • Season 1 Episode 23: Dai panikku! Sakuragipāku! !
  • Season 1 Episode 24: Yasume! Roketto-dan! !
  • Season 1 Episode 25: Inochi bakuhatsu batorufesu! VS megarukario! !

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When Will 'Pokémon Journeys' Part 2 be Coming to Netflix? - What's ...

Who is in the Cast of Pokemon Journeys Part 2?

The following is the cast details of Pokemon Journeys Part 2:

  • Rika Matsumoto,
  • Lee Seon-ho,
  • Sarah Natochenny,
  • Daiki Yamashita,
  • Song Harim,
  • Zeno Robinson,
  • Kana Hanazawa,
  • Yoon Eunseo,
  • Cherami Leigh.

What is the release date of Pokemon Journeys Part 2?

There is no official release date of Pokeman Journeys Part 2 as yet. The rumors suggest that Pokeman Journeys Part 2 will release in October or November this year. The show might be released on Netflix just Part 1. We can expect to hear about the official release date soon.

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