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result: Selenski Erdogan claimed in the case of presidential election in Ukraine clearly on the front (8.20 PM)Kim-assassin sentenced to three years and four months in prison (6.39 PM)the Toughest warning strike of the year in the Berlin public transport (3.33 p.m.), 16 large cities – counting unfinished (1.20 PM)

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+++ 11.05 PM: at Least 24 Dead in forest fire in China +++

In the case of a forest fire in China at least 24 people have been killed. As a state-run newspaper reported that the dead appear to be members of a fire brigade team was sent at the weekend to fight the fire in a remote mountain region in the southwest of the country. The authorities had since Sunday afternoon, no more contact to the Team.

+++ 09.46 PM: election Commission: opposition candidate at the local election in Istanbul in leadership +++

After the local elections in Turkey, the opposition candidate is in the lead in Istanbul. The CHP candidate Ekrem imamoğlu have a margin of nearly 28,000 votes, – said the head of the High election Commission, Sadi Güven. Imamoğlu comes to the preliminary results, according to 4.159.650 votes and the candidate of the AKP President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the former Prime Minister, Binali Yildirim, on 4.131.761 votes.

+++ 09.42 PM: Four Dead due to suspected food poisoning in a French old people’s home +++

In an old people’s home in the South of France, four people have died after severe stomach problems. The authorities of food poisoning. More than a dozen other seniors at the home in b & BS in Toulouse also had to be treated.

The police said that after the dinner, many residents have felt unwell and passed out. A representative of the Prosecutor’s office told the TV channel BFM, there is a case of suspected food poisoning. Now the kitchen and the remains of the dinner are to be investigated. The condition of 15 residents is still serious.

+++ 09.41 PM: at Least 27 Dead in storm in Nepal – hundreds injured +++

When a severe Thunderstorm came in Nepal at least 27 people have been killed. More than 600 were injured had to be treated, such as Nepal’s Prime Minister Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli said on Twitter. The storm was swept away late Sunday evening (local time) on villages in the southern plains of the Himalayan state and had ripped hundreds of thatched roofs. People were hit by falling walls, trees and electricity pylons, as a doctor said in a hospital in the district of Parsa.

+++ 08.41 PM: local election-crime Turkey: counting in a contested Istanbul takes +++

After a dramatic election, the race for the mayor’s night in of the economic metropolis of Istanbul is always exciting. The news Agency DHA, reported Monday morning, citing the electoral authority YSK, meanwhile, 99,86% of all votes to be counted. Accordingly, the candidate of the center-left opposition party, the CHP, Ekrem imamoğlu, with a wafer-thin majority of 48,80 per cent ahead of the candidate of the Islamic-conservative government party AKP President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Ex-Prime Minister Binali Yildirim has so far been used to 48,48% of the votes. Istanbul was ruled long ACP – the result is a lesson for the usual President Erdogan.

plane crash in the state of Hesse

Russian millionaire among victims – the police had an accident on the way to use

DPA +++ 08.40 PM: plane crash with three dead – are start bodies recovered +++

After the crash of a small plane in the South of Hesse with three dead, the recovery of the bodies. In the night, this was not because of the darkness, said a police spokesman. Also, tracks could not be secured. The plane was brought down on Sunday afternoon at spring weather in a asparagus field at Erzhausen near Darmstadt, Germany, and immediately burned out.

On Board, among other things, the well-known Russian business-woman, Natalija Filjowa. The co-owner of the S7 airline, died at the age of 55 years in the case of the accident, the company said the German press Agency in Moscow. Russian media reported that her father was in the plane. The police have not confirmed the identities of first – language but of two Russian nationals.

the cause of The crash is still unclear. The Federal office for flight accident investigations will now take over the investigation, said the police spokesman.

the First results of the Ukraine election

actor Selenski in the case of presidential election front – incumbent Poroshenko

DPA +++ 8.20 PM: partial result: Selenski is in the case of presidential election in Ukraine, clear front +++

After the presidential election in Ukraine, the comedian Volodimir Selenski is the first results that clearly in the lead punished. As the election Commission announced after counting of more than half of the votes, the 41-year-old political newcomer in the first round of the election with 30.2 percent of the votes, followed by incumbent, Petro Poroshenko, at 16.7 percent. Thus, the two on the 21. April in a runoff battle each other. The result confirms the initial projections made on the basis of post-election surveys, which had seen Selenski also with a good 30 percent. The former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, according to election Commission of 13.7 percent.

+++ 7.58 PM: Bond Girl Tania Mallet is dead +++

The British actress Tania Mallet, who played in the James Bond Film “Goldfinger”, the lover of the secret agent is dead. “Our thoughts are with your family and friends in this sad time,” it said on Sunday on the official Twitter account of the film series. Mallet, the cousin of Oscar-winner Helen Mirren, was 77 years old.

The Briton was in the 60s, a popular Model and sought a role in the Bond film “from Russia with love”. Years later, she starred in “Goldfinger” (1964) then down the side of Sean Connery, Tilly Masterson, who falls in love with 007, and then murdered. It Mallets remained only film role.

+++ 7.46 PM: at Least 27 Dead and hundreds injured in storm in Nepal +++

In a storm, in Nepal at least 27 people are killed. According to the interior Ministry, more than 600 people were injured, as the storm raged on Sunday night in the South of the Himalayan state. In the district of Bara and adjoining areas, houses were destroyed, trees uprooted and Power lines knocked down.

+++ 6.39 PM: Kim-assassin sentenced to three years and four months in prison +++

In the process to have the deadly poison-attack against the half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un is the only remaining defendant was sentenced to three years and four months in prison. The 30-year-old Vietnamese woman was found by a court in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur, the intentional infliction of bodily harm is guilty. Previously, the prosecution had established the charges of murder dropped. So the woman set free after serving two years of detention, probably in the next month. The Vietnamese had killed the half-brother of North Korea’s dictator, Kim Jong-Nam, in February 2017, together with a now released Indonesian in the airport of Kuala Lumpur.

Always Broken

German government machine – the story of the roadside Aviator

+++ 6 PM: Merkel’s breakdown machine “Konrad Adenauer” flies again +++

After a four-month overhaul flies in the end of November, with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the way to the G20 summit in Buenos Aires stranded government plane “Konrad Adenauer”. Foreign Minister Heiko Maas started early Monday morning with the Airbus A340 to New York. There, the SPD politician takes over the security Council for Germany, the presidency of the UN. A defective component – a Central switching unit in the on-Board electronics (“Transformer Rectifier Unit”) had on 29. November two radio systems crippled, the to replace in case of emergency, each other. In addition, the Pilot was able to drain through the Defect no kerosene in the air, in order to reduce the landing weight.

+++ 5.36 PM: Japan’s government Era of the future Emperor of the name “Reiwa” +++

The Era of Japan’s future Emperor Naruhito, 59, will carry the name “Reiwa”. Government spokesman Yoshihide Suga announced. The anticipated promulgation of the new Äradevise was broadcast live on national television. A month later, on 1. May, will compete Naruhito, the successor of his father, Emperor Akihito,. The 85-year-old Akihito, whose reign bears the name Heisei (“peace”), thanks to the 30. April for health reasons. “Reiwa” consists of two characters. Your composition is only as a name for the new Kaiserära used. “Reiwa” means that Japan may be a country where people live on a “nice” way, explained Abe, Japan’s right-wing conservative Prime Minister Shinzo. The focus is on traditional values, said the head of government.

+++ 5.08 PM: Alleged Kim-assassin threatens no death penalty +++

In the process to have the deadly poison-attack against the half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un does not have the death penalty threatens the last remaining defendant. The Prosecutor’s office dropped the murder charge against 30-year-old Vietnamese woman in front of a court in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur fall. In return, the wife was to have the North Koreans, Kim Jong-Nam physical violence done to. So you can now be sentenced only to a maximum of ten years in prison.

+++ 4.46 PM: report: in 2018, just six-Dublin-transfers from Germany to Greece +++

Germany has in the past year, only six asylum-seekers according to the Dublin rules back to Greece surrender. The “world” citing a reply from the Federal government to an inquiry of the left faction in the Bundestag.

Therefore, the Federal office for Migration and refugees (Bamf) in the last year, 7079 request for transfer to Greece, because it gave the Mediterranean country for an asylum seeker to be responsible. Athens agreed but only 183 Times, and over an individual’s assurance of the people ended up worthy of accommodation, and of a fair asylum procedure, as is demanded by Germany from Greece. In 97 percent of cases of Greece rejected the return.

+++ 4.20 PM: at Least 20 Dead in burning Bus in Peru +++

In the case of a fire in a Bus in the Peruvian capital, Lima, have come in the late Sunday evening at least 20 people were killed. The Agency Andina reported. The Bus was from unknown cause in the district of San Martin de Porres in a fire. At least seven people were seriously injured and taken to hospital. The Fweuerwehr moved with a great force.

+++ 3.33 PM: the Toughest warning strike of the year in the Berlin public transport +++

begun in The Federal capital on Monday in front of a traffic chaos. In the case of the Berlin public transport BVG), operated (started early in the Morning of the so far toughest warning strike this year. Subways and trams in the capital drove most of the buses remained in the Depots. “The warning strike has started as planned at 3 PM,” said Verdi negotiator Jeremy Arndt in the early Morning. A strike the whole day should be according to the trade Union. S-Bahn and regional trains, but will be driving as usual.

The LOB-workers fight for more money and better working hours. The tariff negotiations were also remained in the most recent round last Thursday without result.

+++ 3.21 PM: report: US Rapper for Hussle in Los Angeles +++

The Grammy-nominated US Rapper for Hussle media has been shot according to a report. The NBC News reported on Sunday, the 33-Year-old had been killed in Los Angeles by shots. A police spokesman, the AFP news Agency confirmed only that there had been a gunfight with one dead and two injured. The offender was on the run. Only hours before the Hussle had written in the short message service Twitter: “It is a blessing to have powerful enemies.” The Rapper was a long time little known. Hip-Hop Mogul Jay-Z bought him 100 of his Mixtapes for $ 100. Hussles first Album “Victory Lap” was nominated in February for a Grammy as best Rap Album.

+++ 1.32 PM: Venezuela’s government will cut due to power outages days of work +++

Given the ongoing power outages, the Venezuelan government has arranged a shortening of the work day. In companies and authorities of the working day was henceforth to 14.00 PM, said communications Minister Jorge Rodríguez on Sunday on state television. The schools would remain closed. The measures were necessary to provide a stable power supply, said Rodríguez.


local election in Turkey

A lesson for Erdogan – and a message to his Regime

+++ 1.20 PM: Erdogan cities claimed 16 Grand for counting unfinished +++

The Turkish ruling party ACP wants to have conquered in the municipal election, the mayors of 16 large cities. The party chief and state President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in a late night speech in Ankara in front of Thousands of cheering supporters. In the municipal elections of 2014, Erdogan’s Islamic-conservative AKP had won 18 major cities.

It was not immediately clear which of the two had large lost cities of the ACP-candidate for mayor from Erdogan’s point of view, because the electoral authority YSK had stopped shortly after 23: 00 local time in order to publish via the state news Agency Anadolu election results. Because approximately 91 percent of the votes were just. At the time, among other things, is still open, as the two most exciting and important races were assumed to be in the capital Ankara and in the economic metropolis of Istanbul. Both cities were governed for decades, ACP. For Erdogan, your loss would be a bitter defeat.