There are gruesome images, which were made on Wednesday of an American animal protection organization in the network: In a two-minute Video is to see how two poachers go on skis to a bear cave, just a Schwarzbärin with their offspring winter sleep. The poachers are father and son, who are armed on a hunting trip.

In the course of the Videos is to see how the 18-year-old Owen shoots on the mother Bear. Two shots he gives. The two bear cubs, which are still in the cave, screaming terribly. To the 41-year-old Andrew R. also, the two young animals to shoot. Then the men posing with the hunted animals, to make photos of themselves and their prey.

The brutal Video on Facebook available, in violent images which may be disturbing. Please be aware, before clicking on the Link can see the Video here.

where the Video originates

The men didn’t know they were being filmed for their fact. Two days later, they came again to the cave, in order to eliminate the traces. Also they were being filmed.

A wildlife camera in the “Alaska Department of Fish and Game” took the pictures in April 2018. Originally, the bear family should be observed in their winter sleep, which is why the camera opposite the entrance to the cave was hung up. The animal protection organization “The Humane Society of the United States” made a year after the fact, the Video to the public. They published a cut-down Version, resulting in the worst scenes have been removed.

poachers have been

sentenced According to the animal protection organization, was sentenced to father Andrew to a three-month prison sentence and a payment of $ 11,000. Son Owen received a suspended sentence and must do community service. In addition, he must complete a safety course for hunters. Two men have been deprived of the hunting license, they also had to pay a compensation of $ 1,800, which was set for the killing of black bears.

sources: Facebook “The Human Society of the United States / HAZ

Cruel poaching

Orang-Utan-female with 74 shots riddled, but “Hope” is alive

Hellish pain, an Orang-Utan must have to endure females in the jungle of Sumatra. Unknown poachers abused and perforated the animal with 74 bullets, and broke several bones. The Baby of the monkey lady died.

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