20 years Ago a little girl disappeared in the middle of Hamburg and has been seen since then, never again. The then ten-year-old Hilal Ercan is since the 27. January 1999 missing. Hilal had brought in that day home a good report card. The father allowed her to buy candy in the shopping center “Elbgaupassage”. Since then, Hilal disappeared.


she disappeared 20 years ago during the candy buy: What happened to Hilal Ercan?

By Daniel Wüstenberg

And for 20 years the police working incessantly on the case. 20 years after the Disappearance of the little girl Hilal from Hamburg, the police has launched a new appeal for witnesses. “We are asking potential witnesses who have not reported so far for us, therefore, to put in touch with us,” said the Department head of the criminal investigation Department, Inge Pape. “We continue to believe that there are people who have observed something Strange or Unusual, it may be an important piece of the Puzzle to solving the Case.”

Now the girl’s family in a harrowing letter to the Public and shares their pain, not nachlies in all the years.

Open letter to the family of Hilal Ercan

Hamburg, 27.01.2019

20 years Ago, an Unknown has been ripped from us, our granddaughter, daughter and sister.

20 years Ago, an Unknown, ended the life of a smiling girl.

20 years Ago, an Unknown plunged us into a deep hole.

We’ve seen in 20 years, no more light. We can’t grieve. We have no grave. We can’t look into the future, because we look at every day.

And because there is always a little bit of hope is there …

From our Hilal remains to us nothing, not even a place to beautiful to Remember.

The Hamburg police has been with us now for 20 years. The officials have promised us to do everything possible to find Hilal and to find the Unknown.

We are broken in the first few days. We have been able to breathe since the fact never right again. The White Ring has stood by and still does.

However, Hilal … somewhere alone! We can’t be with her, we are not able to get to us. The Unknown alone knows her hiding place.

The thought of his secret every day our hearts break for 20 years!

In the last two years, the police had new ideas. We were much visited, we were informed of plans.

A memorial plaque was attached to the place we visit to Think about. The place where the Unknown Hilal kidnapped.

We looked up for the first Time in many years. We have seen in the last autumn, many police officers in the search for Hilal in the people’s Park.

we have carefully explained the Work. The police stood by us. We would like to thank the police for their work. The police will never give up.

And we say the Unknown or his friends: could you Please tell us where our little girl is. You are a different person now.

20 years … If you have fear, you say it anonymously. We have no more strength. No one can take it. Please share your secret with us. We just want our little girl back! We want to be allowed to bury Hilal, finally, in the circles of our family.

The family of Hilal Ercan


The call and the Hamburg police take on the Disappearance of Hilal Ercan

©Hamburg police

notes to the missing person’s case Hilal Ercan, the Hamburg criminal investigation Department at telephone number (040) 428656789 or any other police Department. It is a reward of 5000 Euro is exposed to. Information about the case compiled by the police here.

The family of Hilal Ercan can be achieved on this Facebook page:

“The search for Hilal , missing since 27.01.1999 in Hamburg-Lurup”