The most important figure of British politics in the past few days was not the Prime Minister, it was not a Minister or a former Prime Minister. The main man’s name was Geoffrey Cox, the attorney General, on whose verdict the deputies until late in the morning had been waiting for. Thumbs up or thumbs down. And his verdict was clear, a thumbs down. The Changes that had Theresa May on the eve in Strasbourg, and went to Cox far enough. The government had made some progress, the United Kingdom, there are no legal means to terminate the Backstop those for months controversial emergency clause for an open border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Cox’ judgment, quoted a columnist for the “Guardian”, was the last nail in the coffin for Mays Deal. On the evening of 391 deputies are against, and only 242 deputies voted for the government voted in. Not as many as in the historically clear setback in January. But the defeat was still crashing enough to damage May be irreparable. She is a Prime Minister on-call.


Parliament rejects revised Deal – now comes the hard Brexit?


You have to let her, that she had choreographed the prelude to the vote still reasonably professional. Flew out on Monday night allegedly in a hurry to Strasbourg and gave to the British people at home the impression that you have to fight hard for something like a breakthrough is achieved. But then they sat at night next to the President of the EU Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, and its matte body language and facial Expressions say more than your words.

The battle was already lost.

from Theresa May the force?

Back in London, the castle in the Morning, a Cabinet meeting in Downing Street with the words: “Today is the day”, today is the day, and was afterwards in the house of the questions of the deputies – drawn, tired, and hoarse she repeated once more, her sleeves from the best possible Deal. Westminster is a place of symbolism, and it fit into the picture that May go out more croaked than he spake, as would her on the last meters of the last forces.

pity, however, must have really nobody. Your error catalog is as extensive as Tolstoy’s “war and peace”.

M. extensor: Last Call

Scientifically proven: Brexit-voters are under-exposed …

By Michael Streck

May has maneuvered the country in an irresponsible manner dangerously close to the edge of a crash from the EU. She has admitted that a couple of dozen hard-liners of the “European Research Group” kidnapped the odd backbencher Jacob Rees-Mogg the Brexit discourse, and let these people as well through the Ring as well as out of the ten members of the Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party (DUP). She has not played on time you had, and thus the Parliament and the EU put off. She was looking for the cross-party dialogue with the Opposition, as the Deal, in truth, was already in ruins. You can also see it this way: The Brexit, by far the most important political decision of the British since the Second world war, was always too big for this woman. The Brexit would probably have been for any other Prime Minister. But any other person would have searched with a probability bordering on certainty in this question the consensus because the common good over party well. Because that was the consensus. May broke. That was foolish. And for this she pays the price.

the EU is surprised about the level of incompetence

On the continent, the EU politicians have wondered a long time about the high level of incompetence, confusion and the loss of the once-rightly-vaunted British pragmatism. On Monday evening in Strasbourg, she was means now: That was it. Up to this point and no further. No new concessions. The patience is exhausted.

great Britain

Brexit to all eternity? What the vote in Parliament on the game


And in London, were themselves well-wishers, why is this Theresa May – before the Referendum language on the side of the Remain-campaign – especially the Brexiteers the word, and the remaining 48 percent of their own people is largely ignored.

All the avenges. May is now what you call in politics a “lame duck”, a lame duck who needs to see the Parliament from now on, the Power will take over. Behind the walls of Westminster, a power raged on for a long time the fight between the government and the members, between the Executive and the legislature. Theresa May ruled after the botched elections in 2017, only with the connivance of the ultra-conservative Northern Irish DUP. She acted like she had a handsome majority. This could not go well. And it went well.

Parliament will have to prevent Brexit without a Deal

It is now up to Parliament to avoid the worst – a disorderly departure from Europe. Already on Wednesday will be voted on, a No-Deal. The Prime Minister had always rejected, in the Belief that they would lose a means of pressure on the EU. So it is now over. And on the next day, the house is expected to vote to a majority to reach in the EU, an extension of article 50 and the Brexit on the 29. To adjourn the March. The Europeans would have to accept the closed. And the question will be – how long? A couple of weeks only? A Few Months? Or equal to one year?

The last Option could bring the British to their house in order, that’s come a long way since the Referendum fairly. New elections are an Option, a second Referendum is not excluded, although there are, according to the state of things is not a majority, and the British population in the EU remains so divided, as in the summer of 2016. Everything is open again: itself a non-partisan strategy for a soft Brexit, the nightmare of the hardliners.

And May? It is as well received as its predecessor David Cameron in the story. As Prime Minister, who did not want to hear. Now feel needs to and anon should go.