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Kurds start attack on last IS-Bastion (19.18 PM)General strike in Algeria in return Bouteflika’s (18.18 PM)ZDF-Studio head has left Turkey, the transmitter prepares for action (15 hours)Two weeks after the avalanche in Bavaria, Missing dead-recovered (14.25 hours), and Canadian police freed a week snowed man (11.15) Airline crash of airplane confirmed near Addis Ababa (10.02 PM)14 Dead in plane crash in Colombia (7.25 PM)

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+++ 19.18 PM: Kurds final attack on last IS start-Bastion in Syria +++

In the East of Syria’s troops have begun under Kurdish leadership, according to their own information to the final assault on the last Bastion of the terrorist militia Islamic state (IS). The fighting had begun, said the spokesman of the Syrian Democratic forces, Mustafa Bali, on the evening of the Deutsche Presse-Agentur. According to him, is not to be expected that in the place Baghus remaining IS fighters. The deadline for the IS expired. On Twitter Bali reported that Jets of the international Anti-IS coalition fly away attacks on arms depots of the terrorists.

+++ 18.48 PM: Two bodies in Lesbos washed ashore – presumably migrants +++

discovered by The police on the Greek island of Lesvos, on the coast, two heavily decayed corpses. As the transmitter ERA-Aegean sea further reported that, according to the authorities, that it is migrants who arrived in the past few weeks when trying to died, from Turkey to Greece ferry. In the case of a body should be, according to information of broadcasting to be a girl since 13. February is still missing after the capsizing of a refugee boat with 51 migrants. The other body was so decomposed that only the court can determine a physician, whether it is a man or a woman, it said.

+++ 18.44 PM: Catalan separatist leader Puigdemont want to put to the European Parliament +++

The Brussels-exiled Catalan Ex-regional President Carles Puigdemont his battle to a of Spain, an independent Catalonia from the European Parliament. The 56-year-old politician and Ex-Journalist for the European elections on may 26. May as the top candidate of the separatist Alliance JuntsxCat (Catalonia) into the race, informed the presiding Minister and spokesperson of the Catalan government, Elsa Artadi, journalists in Barcelona.

+++ 18.18 PM: General strike in Algiers, Bouteflika is back +++

The protests against the Algerian decrepit President Abdelaziz Bouteflika does not tear even after more than two weeks. In several cities of the North African country’s many shops followed, and Workers Calling for a General strike. The President himself returned after about two weeks of medical treatment in Switzerland in his home: A government machine landed in the evening at a military airport southwest of the capital Algiers, as the Algerian TV station Ennahar reported. The strike is against a further candidacy of the heads of state at the presidential election on may 18. April. Bouteflika is for 20 years and is seeking a fifth term. His opponents no longer see him, however, able to govern. Since a heart attack, the 82-Year-old sits in a wheelchair and has great difficulty in Speaking. Two weeks ago, he had traveled to investigations to Geneva. His exact state of health is subject of speculation. In Algiers, there are numerous shops and markets remained closed during the day. Whole streets were empty of people. Large state and private companies were affected by the walkout, how Algerian media and activists reported. In the centre of Algiers students also moved in protest through the streets.

+++ 17.04 PM: “Wooferendum”: British dog owners protest for a second Brexit vote +++

British dog owners have in common with your four-legged friends in London against exiting the EU of their country, demonstrated. The aim of the “Wooferendum” is a second Brexit Referendum, a new referendum for the end of March, the planned withdrawal of Britain from the EU. Under the name of “Brexit is a dog’s dinner” (English: Brexit a mess) several dozen dog owners served their animals on the square in front of the Parliament with a meal. The humorous Protest to penetrate according to the organizers, to the people, the outlet shut off when the dry topic of EU.

+++ 15.25 PM: plane crash near Addis Ababa: German among the Victims, + + +

in The crash of a passenger plane in Ethiopia, German died. The Foreign office confirmed in the evening in Berlin, but no exact Figures. According to the airline, Ethiopian Airlines, five German victims among the 157 death. The accident machine was supposed to fly from Addis Ababa to Nairobi, crashed on Sunday morning, shortly after the Start. The occupants would have had 33 different nationalities, reported the state television. Among the fatalities, 32 Kenyans, 18 Canadians, 9 of the Ethiopians, 8 American, 8 Italian, 8 Chinese, 7 British and 7 French, were, according to the Airline, the CEO of the airline, Tewolde placed Mariam said, on Sunday afternoon in front of journalists. Three Austrians were on Board of the machine. Previously, there had been conflicting information on the nationalities of the victims.

The machine crashed, according to the airline, close to the town of Bishoftu, about 50 kilometres Southeast of the Ethiopian capital. Shortly after the departure of the flight, the experienced Pilot got off a distress call and then the clearance to return to receive, said Gebr Mariam. The radio contact to the machine was interrupted a few minutes after the Start, had declared to the Airline before. The new machine was last updated on February 4. February been waiting for.

+++ 15: ZDF-Studio head has left Turkey channels, is preparing a lawsuit before the +++

the head of The ZDF Studios in Istanbul, Joerg Brase, has left Turkey after his press card on 1. March, without justification, had been extended. The ZDF is preparing a lawsuit against the rejection of the accreditation, announced artistic Director Thomas Bellut in a Sunday opinion published. The expulsion Brases he described as incomprehensible. “The correspondents are to be intimidated,” said Bellut. “We will not allow ourselves to impress. Turkey is an important country for Germany, and we are weiter impartially, objectively and critically from the Turkey and on the Turkey report.”

+++ 14.25 PM: Two weeks after the avalanche in Bavaria, Missing recovered dead +++

Two weeks after an avalanche in the Ostallgäu Missing has been found. A hunter discovered the man’s body on Saturday at the foot of the Lawinenhangs in the Ammergau Alps, the police announced on Sunday in Kempten. He was recovered by a mountain guide. The 43-Year-old ski Tourer was buried by the end of February in an avalanche. Around 70 rescue workers were in use. You were able to mountains, several ski touring unharmed. A man suffered serious injuries, a 42-Year-old could then only be recovered dead. The search for the so far Missing had been interrupted because of the increasing avalanche danger after a number of days.

+++ Ticker +++

News of the day

ferry collide off Japan, apparently, with the whale – more than 80 injured

DPA +++ 13.45: Seven Dead in accident in the West of Hungary, cars burnt out +++

In case of an accident in the West of Hungary, seven people, among them two children on Sunday, killed. Two Cars collided from the initially unknown cause on a country road in Mezöörs near the West Hungarian city of Gyor to the front. The two vehicles burned down completely, so that for the occupants, help came too late, a spokeswoman for the police said in Györ, the news Agency MTI. In the vehicle were three adults and two children, the other with two adults. The identification of the dead is ongoing, said the spokesman.

+++13.10 PM: body of girl on the beach of the Greek island of Lesbos, rinsed +++

On the Greek island of Lesvos, the body of a girl was washed up, possibly drowned while trying to escape over the Mediterranean sea. The inhabitants of the island discovered the heavily decomposed body on Sunday on the beach of Vatera, and notification of the coast, adjusted guard, according to the news Agency Ana reported. The coast guard brought the body in for an autopsy in a hospital. Local media reports suggest that it could be in the dead of a nine year old girl who has been missing since the capsizing of a refugee boat in the last month, to the East of Lesvos. The case is reminiscent of the death of the three-year-old refugee boy Ailan Kurdi from Syria in September 2015. The image of his corpse, which had been rinsed in Turkey, went back to the world.On Thursday, three refugees, including two children, drowned were dropped when their boat near the Greek Aegean island of Samos. According to the International organization for Migration (IOM) this year are already 200 refugees at the Crossing of the Mediterranean sea, most drowned by them on the Route to Italy.

+++ 12 hrs: Bus in the centre of Stockholm +++

In the city center of Stockholm exploded, there has been media reports of an Explosion. As the newspaper “Aftonbladet” reported on Sunday, caught a Bus to the Detonation of fire. The leaf, relying on information from the rescue services. Passengers should have at the time of the Explosion not on Board the bus found. According to the report, the theory will be investigated that the Bus could be driven in an altitude warning, which hung at the mouth of a tunnel. Then, presumably, the gas tank should be on the roof of the bus exploded. Was not confirmed this theory. The bus driver had been injured and in a hospital brought, informed the police in the Swedish capital on Sunday noon. How severe his injuries were, was initially unclear.

+++ 11.45 am: transmitter: More than 150 Dead in plane crash near Addis Ababa +++

in The crash of a passenger plane in Ethiopia, came, according to the state television, all 157 people on Board were killed. In the accident on Sunday morning near the capital city of Addis Ababa, there had been no Survivors, the station reported. On Board the Boeing 737 of the airline Ethiopian Airlines 149 passengers and 8 Crew members according to the Airline. The occupants would have had 33 different nationalities. The rescue operations were still under way, it was in the morning in a message. In a Statment the Airline says the plane had started at 8.38 PM in Addis Ababa. To 8.44 PM, the radio has broken off contact. For members of a passenger information centre is to be established.

+++ 11.15 PM: Canadian police freed a week snowed man +++

In Canada, the police has freed a week in his house snowed man. The police in Ottawa and the local media reported that the house and the driveway is completely snowed in. Three police officers took one and a half hours, the snow clear away, a backhoe was used. Since the beginning of winter in Ottawa more than two feet of snow. Concerned neighbours of the man had been alerted to her return from vacation the police. Around the house the snow of the entire winter had been “found”, “without a trace, or sign of life,” tweeted the police. Upon Entering the house the officers found the elderly man there. He claimed to have of canned food and the available food rationed feeds. The police did not indicate how long the man was snowed in. Local media, it’s supposed to have traded to several weeks. According to media reports, between 60 and 80 years old man lives withdrawn in General, he is leaving rarely the house.

+++ 10.02 PM: Airline confirms crash of plane near Addis Ababa

A machine of the airline Ethiopian Airlines has crashed near the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa. On Board the Boeing 737 of the Airline were on Sunday, according to initial information, probably 149 passengers and 8 Crew members. The number of victims, there were initially no details. The rescue operations were still under way, it was in the morning in a message.

The machine was on a regular flight between Addis Ababa and the Kenyan capital Nairobi, the capital, crashed approximately 50 kilometers to the Southeast. The radio contact to the machine was interrupted a few minutes after the Start on Sunday morning. To crash cause nothing was first known.

Via Twitter, the office of the Ethiopian government, the heads of Abiy Ahmed said the families his condolences.

+++ 8.15 PM: American hospital informs patients about upcoming death by video unlock +++

In the United States the case of a 78-Year-old for outrage, to the intensive care unit of his impending death, via video unlock and not personally by a doctor learned. Ernest Quintana drove in last week in a hospital in Fremont, just a visit from his granddaughter, Annalisia Wilharm, as a robot with a screen in the hospital room. A switching doctor told the sick man that his lung failure and he would not return home. A day later, Quintana died. “We knew this was coming and that he is very sick, but nobody should be delivered this news,” said Wilharm the TV station KTVU. “A human would have to come.” A friend of the family wrote on Facebook, “robot-doctor” could be sufficient in some cases, “but, to tell a man that he will die”.

+++ 7.25 p.m.: 14 Dead in plane crash in Colombia +++

in The crash of a historic aircraft in Colombia came on Saturday all 14 occupants were killed. The twin-engined Propeller plane of the type DC-3 was probably crashed after an engine failure in the vicinity of the city of Villavicencio, told the Colombian press. There has been a “sorry, there are no Survivors,” said the civil aviation authority. Machines of the type DC-3 in its military Version already in the Second world war as a Transporter in use, after the end of the war they were known in Germany as the “raisin bomber”.

+++ 6.15 PM: WHO: success in the Ebola-only with more development aid +++

The fight against Ebola in the Congo threatens to fail, if the life situation of the people is not improved regardless of the epidemic significantly. To do this as quickly as possible, infrastructure would have to be started projects, not only after the end of the Ebola crisis, said the Ebola the head of the world health organization (WHO), Michel Yao, the German press Agency. Distrust and frustration of the people in conflict areas to prevent, therefore, the consistent treatment of those Affected. In the case of the current Ebola epidemic in the East of Congo have been infected in the past seven months more than 900 people with the Virus, such as the Ministry of health in the country, announced via Twitter. More than 570 Infected have died of the disease.

+++ 5.25 PM: Many injured in passenger jet due to turbulence +++

In the case of severe turbulence during the approach to New York have been injured aboard a passenger aircraft, Turkish Airlines, around 30 people. However, the injuries were not life-threatening, said a spokesman for the airport management at the Airport John F. Kennedy in the late Saturday evening (local time). The Affected persons suffered wounds in the incident on Saturday bruises and cut, a flight attendant broke a leg.The injured had all been taken to a hospital. From Istanbul, the upcoming Boeing 777 with 326 passengers and 21 crew members on Board, was on approach over new England in turmoil. Turkish Airlines flight 001 but landed 45 minutes later without incident.


rescue workers on the John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York an injured passenger to an ambulance

©WNBC-TV News 4 New York DPA +++ 4.15 PM: the death of the missing mountain +++

On Nanga Parbat, one of the highest mountains in the world, increase on Nanga Parbat confirmed the bodies of two European climbers have been discovered. Italy’s Ambassador in Pakistan, operated on Saturday on Twitter to the death of the Italian Danile Nardi and the Scotsman’s Tom Ballard. Their corpses had been found in 5900 meters of altitude, wrote Stefano Pontecorvo. The contact of the climbers was on 24. February demolished, as the two tried to 8126 meters high mountain in the Western Himalayas.

Severe crisis

power outage in Venezuela – in the streets of Caracas fear

+++ 3.05 p.m. organization: 15 dialysis patients prevails died during a power outage in Venezuela +++

Due to the massive power outage in Venezuela have died, according to a non-governmental organisation of 15 dialysis patients. Nine deaths have there been in the state of Zulia, and two more in the state of Trujillo, and four in the capital, Caracas, said the chief of the health organization Codevida, Francisco Valencia, on Saturday, the AFP news Agency. Due to the power failure, the kidney patients would not be able to undergo a dialysis. The gigantic power failure paralyses since late Thursday afternoon, almost the entire country.

Mysterious missing person’s case

More than 1000 notes in the case of Rebecca – charge even without a body, Fund possible

DPA +++ 2.55 PM: FDP budget wants to let the income pay 125 Euro for each +++

The FDP Chairman Christian Lindner requests, that the Federal government pays its most recent billion surplus for one-to-one to the citizens – that would be according to his account of 125 Euro per head. He said the “Bild am Sonntag”, the Federal government had made in 2018, a Surplus of 11.2 billion euros. “This is money that was taken away from the people, no power was provided. In business, there is the. The state should also do.” It is conceivable, an immediate debt repayment or a one-off payment to all people. “So everyone could get 125 Euro per head. For a family of four it would be a cheque for 500 Euro from the tax office. The strengthening of mass purchasing power.”

+++ 2.35 PM: the law for higher cash benefits to asylum-seekers planned +++

The Ministry of labour is planning, according to information of the “Bild am Sonntag” an increase of benefits for asylum seekers. Thus, single adults instead of 135 euros pocket to get money in month to 150 Euro. Young people between 14 and 17 years get 79 instead of 76€, children from 6 to 13 years, 97 instead of 83€, children under 6 years of age 84 instead of 79 euros. The government is required by law, the services regularly. The basis of the annual income and consumer sample survey of the Statistical Federal office. The last increase dates back three years, because a bill to increase pastgenes legislature in the Federation Council was a failure.

+++ 1.10 PM: Emnid survey: Union +++

Shortly before the first anniversary of the current Grand coalition government of the Union “Sunday trend” for “Bild am Sonntag” about the 30-percent mark. In the survey conducted by the opinion research Institute Emnid, the CDU and CSU won in the polls two percentage points compared with the previous week and now stands at 31 percent. As the newspaper reported, that lost the SPD, in contrast, a percentage point and now stands at 17 percent. The Greens come with the same 16 percent. The AfD is 14 percent, also identical to the previous week. The Left loses a percentage point and could be expected currently with 9 percent, the FDP holds unchanged at 8 percent. The current Grand coalition of Chancellor Angela Merkel is on 14. March, exactly a year in office.

+++ 0.15 am: Huawei Manager: In two years, folding Smartphones under 1000 Euro +++

Huawei wants to bring the price unfolded Smartphones in two years under the mark of 1000 euros. The first model Mate X, which comes in the summer on the market, is expected to cost a record-breaking 2300 Euro. “With time, we will be able to push it under 1000 Euro. For this we need one to two years,” said the consumer business, responsible Huawei Manager Richard Yu, the “world on Sunday”. Later, these devices could expand in the range of 500 euros, which will, however, take longer, he predicted.

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