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AfD: application for a temporary injunction against classification as a “test case” (12.08 PM), run over train young people – suspect identified (10.17 a.m.)In Germany for 17,000 telephone cells (9.39 PM)are still found coal Commission agreed that exit until the end of 2038 (4.54 PM)two years of Julen dead in the well shaft (2.54 PM), the Dead and wounded after a dam break in Brazil (0.09 PM)

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+++ 15.13 PM: cracked dam in Brazil recently by Tüv Süd, a +++

in Brazil, the broken dam has been to 2018 by experts from the Tüv Süd examined. At the time of inspection in September, the state had established “to the best of our current knowledge of defects”, said a spokesman for the company. Due to the ongoing investigations by the Tüv can be at present no further information. “We will support the investigation in full, and the investigating authorities all the required documents to provide”, – assured the speaker.

The dam at an iron ore mine near the town of Brumadinho in the northeast of Brazil was broken yesterday. A huge mudslide flooded the Mine and the surrounding residential houses. At least nine people died and another 300 are still missing. The cause of the disaster is unclear.

+++ 15.05 PM: Pierre-Brice Fans are being bid up at auction by his estate +++

hundreds of personal items from the estate of the actor, and Winnetou-actor Pierre Brice have been auctioned in Berlin. Including movie props such as winnetou’s wig and headbands, but also collections of private letters, costumes, paintings, film posters and screenplays, a total of nearly 800 positions were. “Pierre Brice and his parents have really collected everything from his career, and for many years in storage,” said the spokesman for the family. Pierre Brice in the 1960s, in the film adaptations of the Karl May novels as Apache chief Winnetou famous. He died in 2015.

Pierre Brice is dead

He died in the arms of his wife


With the auction, “I fulfill the last will of my beloved husband: learn to let go,” said Hella Brice, the widow of the actor. For trophies, of awards such as the Bambi of 1966 were prior to the rental, according to the auction house in advance of the commandments “in four figures”. A gold watch, worn by the actor at the Gala-evenings in the left pocket of his tuxedo pants and moved during the first auction hour for 3000 euros to the owner.

+++ 14.35 at Qatar distributed $ 100 Bills to the needy in the Gaza strip +++

thousands of Palestinians in the Gaza strip, the new guide have received funds from Qatar in the Form of a 100-Dollar bill. The funds were paid in the post offices of the coastal strip, in front of which long queues formed. Of 94,000 families should receive the assistance for a total of more than nine million dollars (eight million euros), said the Ambassador of Qatar to the Gaza strip, according to Palestinian media.

Under an agreement from last November, the Qatar, the Palestinian enclave on Israel’s $ 90 million in six tranches of 15 million dollars. The now-overdue third installment has not been paid, because Israel blocked you, referring to violence from the Gaza strip. Of the money, the salaries are paid tens of thousands of Hamas employees and in the impoverished Gaza residents to be helped, about half of the population.

+++ 14.29 PM: plane collides with helicopter – seven people dead, including four German +++

The cost of collision of a tourist-a small aircraft with a helicopter in the Italian Alps has seven lives. Among the Victims were four German nationals, were on Board the helicopter, as well as the Italian pilot of the helicopter, such as the local police have said. One fatality was a 49-year-old German who worked in the Region as a mountain guide, it was called by the national mountain rescue service. Another man from Germany was injured survived. Among the dead was a Person from Belgium and another resident in France, who had been on Board the aircraft were also.

The accident had already occurred on Friday at the Rutor glacier in Aosta valley. The accident site is located in the triangle between Italy, France and Switzerland in the high Alpine region. The helicopter was out of Courmayeur to the Heli-Skiing in the application, as Italian media reported. The small aircraft was launched in France. Italian media reported that the small plane was a flight instructor and two student pilots on Board. The French machine was entered in the Italian airspace without notifying the local air traffic control, said a police spokesman for the state radio station RAI.

+++ 13.32 PM: hundreds of thousands of new applications for pension from 63 +++

pleased with The pension from 63 continue to have a high popularity. In 2018, around 251,000 new applications, according to the “Handelsblatt,” citing the German pension insurance. The were only slightly less than in the record year of 2017, as almost 254.000 applications were received. Since the entry into force of the new regulation in July 2014, the pension insurance is recorded according to its own data, almost 1.2 million requests.

the elderly in cities

Expensive rent, small pension: Why Germany is heading for a “grey housing”

anyone Who has deposited at least 45 years in the pension Fund, with 63 years and the tee-free retirement. The age limit is raised since the introduction of the scheme per year to two months, so that the boomers can go from 1964 until 65 after 45 years, the tee-free retirement. Periods of unemployment are counted as periods spent raising children or caring for elderly relatives. Not crediting periods will be taken into account because of School or high school visit.

+++ 12.35 PM: “Martin” brings back snow – wet and cold in the lowlands +++

in Accordance with the milder temperatures on the weekend it will be on Monday in Germany, colder again. On the verge of new lows “Martin” flows of polar air from the North to Germany, as the German weather service announced in Offenbach. In flat country it is wet and cold, while in the mountains with fresh snow of the Winter comes back again. “During the day, temperatures in the lowlands between zero and five degrees white night Surprises should be mushy and eventually melt,”” said meteorologist Lars Kirchhübel. At night, it will but all over again frosty. Smoothness remain a nationwide issue.


February too wet and a little warm


On Sunday, it is covered with part of a longer time period of precipitation. Above about 600 metres snow rain and snow falls. In the evening the snow line drops to 400 meters. The maximum values reach four to seven degrees, in the higher mountainous one to three degrees.

+++ 12.24 PM: Seven Dead after a flight accident in Italy +++

The collision of a tourist-a small aircraft and a helicopter in the Italian Alps, where seven people were killed, including a 49-year-old German who worked in the Region as a mountain guide, as a spokesman for the Italian national mountain rescue service (CNSAS) was confirmed. The disaster had already occurred yesterday on the Rutor glacier in Aosta valley. The accident site is located in the triangle between Italy, France and Switzerland in the high Alpine region. The German was one of five victims on Board the helicopter, the other two had been with the small plane on the road. Two people survived according to the Reports, badly injured.

Italian media reported that the helicopter was out of Courmayeur to the Heli-Skiing was in use. The small aircraft was launched in France, and I had a flight instructor and two student pilots on Board. The French Aviator was entered in the Italian airspace without notifying the local air traffic control, said a police spokesman for the state radio station RAI.

+++ 12.08 PM: AfD announces application for a temporary injunction against classification as a “test case” + + +

The AfD, in order to proceed with a court application for a temporary injunction against the classification of the party as a “test case” by the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution (BfV). I decided the AfD Federal Executive, said the speaker, in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and the Deputy leader of the AfD in the Bundestag, Leif-Erik Holm in a national Congress in Lübtheen. An application for a temporary injunction in court. A criminal complaint wool the party, because journalists had received the classified report. His party have no knowledge of the content of the report and will complain, therefore, of access to the file.

The Federal Board had decided yesterday evening in addition, a disciplinary complaint against the new BfV-chief, Thomas Haldenwang, submit, said Holm. The classification of his party as a “test case” have to do with the new head of the domestic intelligence service.

+++ 11.27 PM: a teenager takes a foreign car for the journey to the toilet +++

A short car travel has serious consequences for an 18-Year – olds from lower Franconia: He had taken in Bad Neustadt an der Saale, a foreign car, as he said himself – faster and faster to get home to the toilet. A 34-Year-old had noted yesterday in the Morning, in the driveway parked car was gone, the police announced now. To warm up the car, the 34-Year-old had to leave the engine running. The agreed police officers made themselves immediately on the search of the car.

Only a little later they stopped in front of the house of the woman in the car behind the wheel of an 18-sat-Year-old. The young man said that he had felt while Jogging the urgent need to go to the bathroom. So he took the car, and the 1.5 kilometers to be driven home. Even if the young man brought the car back, he needs to answer now due to unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and driving without a driving licence.

+++ 11.22 am: About 300 people Missing after a dam break in Brazil +++

After the dam break at an iron ore mine and triggered the mudslide in Brazil, around 300 people are missing. The spokesman for the local fire Department, Pedro Aihara, local media said. Thus, there could be hundreds of Dead, so far, nine deaths have been recovered victim. Television images showed dramatic scenes with rescuers that pulled helicopters out of people from the red mud masses, a train was captured by the masses, and crushed. The details of the rescue forces, according to the 100 to 150 workers will be missing in the iron ore mine, and up to 200 people in the surrounding area. Soldiers were sent to the disaster region.

The Mine is operated by the Brasilia’s group Vale. The scene of the incident Brumadinho in the state of Minas Gerais is located approximately 450 kilometers North of Rio de Janeiro. Brazil’s new President Jair Bolsonaro wanted to fly over the area in the course of Saturdays.

+++ 11.05 PM: attack on Serbian journalist: mayor arrested +++

Six weeks after the arson attack on the house of the Serbian journalist Milan Jovanovic, the police has taken several suspects. Among them, the mayor of Belgrade to be the outside district of Grocka, and a police officer, informed the Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic in Belgrade. The offender had on the night of the 12. December 2018 set the house of Jovanovic in Grocka with Molotov Cocktails, fire, and guns fired. The Journalist remained unhurt, but lost all his belongings. Jovanovic had been reported in the Web-Portal “Ziginfo” about the allegedly corrupt machinations of the district mayor.

The organization reporters without borders and the Belgrade mission of the organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE) welcomed the arrests, according to the Portal “Dana’” wrote. In Serbia, thousands of citizens have been protesting for almost two months against the government of Vucic. The protesters accuse her of creating a climate of violence against opposition activists and dissenters.

+++ 10.17 PM: Two teenagers from the S-Bahn to roll over – suspect++

determines + After the death of two teenagers at an S-train station in Nuremberg, the police have taken a suspect. It was a 17-year-old German, said a police spokesman. The young man will currently being interrogated. Evidence of the numerous witnesses on the spot have led to his quick arrest. The young people stand in the suspicion, to have a quarrel in the night people on the Tracks collided, the spokesman said. Three young people had fallen short after midnight, on the Track, two of them were by a run-in S-Bahn overwhelmed and mortally wounded. The three young people could bring themselves in time in security. The murder Commission have taken up this investigation.

At the place where the forces both on the platform and in the train were taken to a number of people. The Bayerische Rundfunk reported that it was there, among other things, a group of minors, who had just come from a Party. Emergency pastoral care of the people.

+++ 9.39 am: In Germany, of 17,000 phone cell +++

stand still The number of telephone booths in Germany has declined dramatically. You fell from 120,000 in 1992 to now to 17,000, a spokesman for Deutsche Telekom said the editorial network Germany (RND). The need for public telephone booths have lost: “Statistically, every German has seen at least a house connection and a phone.” However, there are “still places with a high usage, such as airports or train stations”. Cells with a turnover of less than 50 Euro per month are classified according to spokesman as an “extremely inefficient”. The Telekom speak with the cities and municipalities on the reduction of such sites.

cells that are no longer needed are sold by the Telekom. They cost 600 Euro or more – plus the cost of transportation, as said the spokesman of the RND. However, the earlier consistently yellow telephone booths were already sold out.

+++ 9.37 PM: Skateboard collection in New York for $ 800,000 auctions +++

A collection of all the 248 Skateboards, the cult brand Supreme has been auctioned at an Online auction by Sotheby’s in New York for $ 800,000 (704.000 euros). In 1994 by the British Designer, James Jebbia in New York’s Soho district, the brand name won with their works of art and designed Skateboards rapidly achieved cult status. Many Boards were designed in collaboration with artists such as Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst and Richard Prince, or with designers such as the fashion house Louis Vuitton.

The collector’s Ryan Fuller, of Los Angeles had worn the now the auction collection. “I tried for so long as possible, to buy none, because I knew that if I start once, I must have all,” he said. Fuller put heaven and hell in movement to his collection, collecting a particularly rare Board he discovered in a warehouse in China. Sotheby’s representatives from Noah’s wish, said that the value of Skateboards has increased in the last five years: “people see it as art.” The auction house wants to make more of this kind of auctions.

+++ 8.53 PM: First of 27,000 Diesel drivers were, apparently, exchange premium +++

The premiums in Germany’s car companies offer for the conversion of older diesel vehicles, show a report of the “mirror” according to little effect. Since the autumn of last year, only 27,000 diesel drivers have changed their car for a new vehicle, reported the magazine, citing Figures from the Federal Ministry of transport. It is going to continue at this pace, will miss the action of its target.


VW diesel premium in the whole of Germany, but “really good” is the offer

Volkswagen steers in the Diesel dispute with the Federal government: Apparently, VW plant, the diesel exchange premium in the whole of Germany – and not only in the 14 intensive cities. Cheap however it is not for motorists.

The calculations of the Ministry, would have to be exchanged consequently, until the summer of next year, 1.5 million diesel cars, so that the air in the cities is better and driving bans can be prevented. In the autumn of Daimler, VW and BMW had awarded the premiums, in order to move customers in the driving ban affected cities to exchange their cars. VW extended the premium a few days ago, temporarily, to the whole of Germany. Car buyers can get until the end of April a discount when you trade-in an old Diesel.

+++ 6.55 PM: the Dead and the injured in the snow and slippery roads +++

In the case of snow and icy conditions on the roads in the West of Germany, two people were killed. In Paderborn, a motorist died driving in an accident in the dense snow. As the police said, was yesterday evening in a vehicle in the oncoming traffic and crashed into the car of the 49-year-old man. His passenger survived seriously injured. The ‘polluter pays’ hovered in mortal danger. The driver of a third car that was in the accident, was also seriously injured.

daily question

the sun, rain, snow: Why all the weather Apps to show something else?

By Christoph Fröhlich

In Rhineland-Palatinate, was injured an 18-year-old novice in an accident on a snow-slippery road is deadly. The police announced, slipped his car in the night near Hassloch of the roadway and overturned in a field. The 18-Year-old died in the Trümern. Its 16 and 17-year-old companion were freed by the fire brigade and were unhurt. The German weather service warned the night before of dangerous road smoothness in several regions of Germany.

+++ 6.30 PM: Deadly dispute: two men from S-Bahn +++

In the case of a dispute in Nuremberg, two men are run over-train, and killed have been overrun. The police announced that clashed on the S-Bahn station, Frank stadium at night of several people. Three men fell in the battle on the tracks. One of them could bring themselves in front of the incoming train in safety. The other two men were run over and fatally injured. A homicide took over the investigation. The trigger for the altercation is not yet known. The police are looking for in the context of the investigation to third Parties.

At the place met the forces on numerous people, both on the platform and in the train, were taken care of several Emergency pastors. The Bayerische Rundfunk reported that it was there, among other things, a group of minors, who had just come from a Party.

+++ 5.34 am: 10 cold dead in Germany this Winter +++

ten homeless people have died in Germany this Winter, according to research by the German Federal Association for the assistance to the homeless on the street. Another suspected case, adds managing Director Werena Rosenke said. The homeless froze to death in Hamburg, Cologne, Düsseldorf and Berlin.

Alone in the capital were found in the ice-cold nights of the past week, two men of no fixed abode is dead – a on Sunday on a Park bench, another in the night to Friday on the premises of a former swimming pool. The youngest of the Dead is not yet recorded in the census of the working group.

+++ 4.54 PM: coal Commission agrees Coal phase – out by the end of 2038 +++

Germany is supposed to end according to the will of the government-appointed coal Commission at the latest by the end of 2038, electricity generation from coal. The 28-member Committee agreed on early in the Morning with only one vote against, learned, such as circles and the German press-Agency Participants. In the year 2032, it should be verified whether the exit date in view of the situation and in agreement mit the operators at the earliest 2035 preferred. The coal countries should get 20 years for 40 billion euros from the Federal government. In addition, it is stated in the final report to participant information, a preservation of the competitive Hambacher Forst is desirable.

In the negotiations for a long time, especially a controversial one, until when and in what steps the generation of Electricity from coal in Germany was supposed to. By 2022, of which three gigawatts of brown coal will now be a total of 12.5 gigawatts of power from the grid. Together, the coal-fired power plants currently have a capacity of about 45 gigawatts. Around a third of the electricity today comes from coal-fired power plants.

+++ 2.45 PM: two years of Julen dead in the well +++

for nearly two weeks in a deep well shaft in Spain-lost Julen found dead been found. The two-year-old had been discovered after days of drilling at a depth of 70 meters, according to the Spanish television, citing the regional government in Málaga.


Sad certainty for the parents: a two-year Julen of rescuers found dead

for Almost two weeks the whole of Spain was hoping for a miracle – but that was in a deep well shaft ousted Julen is dead.

+++ 2.04 PM: More than 50,000 migrants arrived in 2018 and from Turkey in EU +++

In the past year, significantly more migrants from Turkey are, according to a report in the EU. How the “Welt am Sonntag”, citing figures from the EU reported to the Commission, the total number of arrivals from Turkey in the year 2018 in the case of 50.789 – 2017 were therefore 41.720. This was an increase of 22 percent. The migrants were mainly Turks, Syrians, Iraqis, and Afghans.

according to The figures, alone 47.939 people from Turkey reached to Greece, 15.798 on the land. Other destination countries were Italy (2383), Bulgaria (349) and Cyprus (118). Turkey had pledged in an agreement with the European Union to secure the country’s borders by March 2016, so that no immigrants can enter illegally to Europe.

+++ 1.24 PM: More than 54 billion euros in damages annually due to product piracy +++

Counterfeit products cause seems to be a German company damages of more than 54 billion euros per year. The Newspapers of the Funke media group reported, citing a study by the Institute of German economy (IW) on behalf of the Initiative New Social market economy (INSM). We surveyed companies from the industry, business-related services, as well as in the construction industry. In addition to the immediate loss of revenue for the companies concerned, the damage manifests itself, according to the report, the fact that in this scope of jobs in German companies, are eliminated, which otherwise would be created. The IW is accordingly expecting around 500,000 jobs.

The protection of rights violations were to be found primarily in foreign countries, it said. China in particular is called, therefore, to follow it with far Eastern Europe as well as other countries in Asia.

+++ 0.36 at: trucks with excavator crashes in highway bridge +++

A truck crashed into his with an excavator loaded trailer in Rostock against a highway bridge. Apparently, the 45-year-old driver had not checked the height of its cargo, said a police spokesman. In the trailer of the truck the axle was broken. A subsequent car was hit on the highway 20 from falling concrete. The people were not injured. The excavator is corrupt according to the speaker sharply, but remained on the truck. The total damage is expected to add more than 100,000 euros. The motorway was closed in the direction of Lübeck.

+++ 0.09 PM: at Least seven Dead after dam bursts in Brazil +++

After a dam break and the subsequent mudslide in the Southeast of Brazil, seven victims have been recovered, according to local authorities. A further 150 people were still missing, the government of the Federal state of Minas Gerais. The fire Department had previously spoken of the 200 Missing. The mud avalanche had buried in the small town of Brumadinho several houses. Some of the houses are stuck to the roof in mud, as seen on TV images. The dam belongs to the largest Brazilian mining company Vale.

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