The “Barnier stairs” in Brussels, a number of celebrity. This is not about rising to the office of Brexit-dealer Michel Barnier. It comes to the of the French in cooler precision graphically, and remanufactured options in the UK for exit from the EU.

In a desperate search for a way out of the Brexit-the Chaos of the “stairs,” now back out of the drawers.

it shows that The closer Britain ties after the withdrawal of the European Union, the easier it would be to find a solution quickly, and unregulated to prevent exit with fatal economic consequences.

the Problem of the EU-border in Ireland would be easier to solve. London would have to tilt for this, but requirements, the Prime Minister, Theresa May, a sacrosanct declared. In the last second? The British Opposition suggests this, and is now allowed to have a say in expected Plan B in London.

EU negotiator Barnier himself this week said in the EU Parliament: “If the United Kingdom decides to change its Red lines and to be more ambitious and have a simple free trade agreement, then the EU would be willing to support this development immediately, and to respond favourably to it.” In other words: The EU would have to negotiate once again – not about the London-flavoured fed exit agreement, but about the future of the relationship. This could break the Blockade.

after seemingly endless trials and tribulations of Brexit negotiations jump back mentally once more, briefly, to the 17. January of 2017. Exactly two years ago May announced in a speech at Lancaster House that the UK wanted the EU only, but also the customs Union and the single market, but still a uniquely close relationship with the EU to retain.

Brussels, it was called the same: How is this going to go? And from now on, the EU defended doggedly to the line, who enjoy the requirements of the customs Union and the internal market, to give up, there is also the benefits. Possible is, unfortunately, more than a free trade agreement, which would be associated with border controls, even if both sides agree to Zero duties. This is also why the EU insisted so stubbornly on the guarantee of an open border in Ireland, the so-called Backstop, and the fuelling is now so much resistance to the Brexit Treaty.

Would the United Kingdom in the customs Union – a step up on the “Barnier stairs” – there is a need for the transport of goods to the EU, no customs checks. That would invalidate the Concerns in Ireland, largely, on where you want to avoid controls at the future EU external border, out of fear of political tensions.

would be Needed still Checks, for example, of food or quality standards either at the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland or between Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom. It would also be tricky. Mainly because Mays, minority government of the North-avoiding Irish-Protestant DUP depends on the existence of privilege is a divergence between Northern Ireland and the Rest of the United Kingdom in all circumstances. But it would be a great step forward.

Chose London for membership in the internal market – the top level of the “Barnier stairs” -, then fell all the way were controls, because of the common product standards would apply.

May not want both – these are your Red lines. Because the customs Union means that the UK could conclude their own trade agreements with third countries. The May but as the main advantage of the Brexits. The hook on the internal market, is for May that the UK would have to accept further immigration of EU citizens. This is true but as an important reason for the Brexit decision in 2016, and the limitation of immigration is anyway Mays.

but Above all, a turn-on, a membership in the customs Union and the internal market, would probably mean the end of Mays’s career as a Prime Minister, because they could only be successful with significant support from the Opposition. The Brexit-the hardliners of your group would rebel, possibly even from the party to escape, is feared.

The opposition Labour party may want to throw the guidelines overboard and “great value on the retention of the benefits of the single market and the customs Union”, as it is called in your Brexit-Manifest.

party leader Jeremy Corbyn has announced plans for a “new, comprehensive customs Union” with the EU. On the subject of the internal market, the Labour is a contradictory Position. Because in your Manifesto it says: “The movement will stop if we leave the European Union.” But this sounds suspiciously like the dreaded cherry-picking the benefits? Yes. Obligations? No, thank you. Some in the party are dreaming still, of the “Norway model”, i.e. membership of the single market with contribution payments to Brussels.

Since the party lines and a majority in the lower house is completely cluttered, is also the support for the various Brexit versions difficult to assess. The Brexit-Committee of the British Parliament has proposed, in a series of test votes next week, a majority-capable variant for the Plan B out of mendeln. Then you would see if the Red lines are slowly being pink.

But it thinks May actually be serious with your offer of dialogue? The political scientist Simon usher wood from the London-based think tank “the UK in a changing Europe” doesn’t believe in it. “She’s only doing this to show that there is no majority for something else in Parliament.” May games still on time.