lower Saxony interior Minister Boris Pistorius has spoken in favour of that speeders have to pay with higher income, higher fines.

The SPD politician said the “süddeutsche Zeitung” (Wednesday), he believe that this “superior value, because it did not hit the wealthy big earner or a millionaire, if he has to pay in the event of serious speed limits of, for example, more than 50 kilometres per hour, 240 to 680 Euro”. For apprentices, hairdressers, doctor’s assistants, or nurse, however, such money to be met, “aside from the driving ban, to digest hard”.

one quick Driving offences in Germany, one of the most common traffic. Pistorius stressed that he is just about to make “serious violations, high speed violations, for example, more than 50 kilometers per hour” from the income of the offender. The Minister of the interior referred to the procedure in criminal trials, where daily rates are also according to the income level.

The legal policy spokesman of the FDP group in the Bundestag, Jürgen Martens, holds Pistorius’s proposal for a “purely populist and unworkable”. He says the authorities have “no way to determine without further bureaucratic effort, the amount of income and thus the amount of possible daily rates”.