lower Saxony interior Minister Boris Pistorius has spoken out against an expansion of deportations to Afghanistan. “This is a proposal that we are currently reject,” said the spokesman of the SPD Minister of the interior, the German press Agency in Hanover.

To the push, except Gefährdern and hardened criminals, other refugees strengthened, there will be at least as long as the consent of the SPD Department heads, to the situation report of the German Federal foreign office, leave a security acceptable to be able to recognize.

this year Alone, there have been eight attacks with many dead in Kabul, said Pistorius. “The understandable desire of the Federal Ministry of the interior, to increase the adoption of pay, we need to maintain our standards and may not send any innocent people in the crisis areas.”

The interior Ministers of the Federation and the länder days from this Wednesday to Friday in Kiel. According to a decision template, repatriation to Afghanistan will continue to be available and not on offenders, criminals and Identity edger limit. In the paper, the conference of interior Ministers committed to “the increase for the return departure to the taxable person by Afghan nationals for the required measures.” The SPD Minister of the interior do not wish to support this point, but according to the template, only “discuss”.

The refugee Agency of the United Nations (UNHCR) called on the weekend because of the danger of the situation in Afghanistan against deportations on a large scale in the war country. The security situation in the country allow returns only in the exceptional case, the Situation has got worse in recent months, a spokesman said in Berlin.

another theme of the conference of interior Ministers will be the Situation in Syria. There from Germany, no one should be deported. According to a draft resolution, the countries Minister agree that the agreement last year, the deportation stop automatically until 31. To extend December 2019, nothing is to be changed – unless the Foreign office’s assessment of the situation in the Arab country before, fundamentally different.

Pistorius was concerned due to Reports that the Federal office for Migration and refugees (Bamf) is planning refugees from Syria in the future, not the so-called subsidiary protection, but the effect of weaker protection from Deportation to be granted. “A change in this practice would lead to significant residence legal consequences for the individuals involved and therefore the interests of the countries in touch.” He therefore asked the Federal interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) to inform the Minister of the interior of the countries at the conference on the subject.

Pistorius said the conference of interior Ministers will observe when it again could be possible, first of all, hardened criminals and potential suspects to Syria to deport. To do this, it is first and foremost on the findings of the Federal foreign office. “Currently, I see no change in the situation,” said Pistorius.