at the southwestern edge of Germany, is around 40,000 inhabitants strong Town of Pirmasens. While in the 19th century. Century as a German Shoe metropolis flourished, it is now to the structurally weak regions of the country. Possibly, this has on the life of Pirmasens, which is now a cleaner behavior is prescribed. From now on, must not be smoked, for example, on the children’s playgrounds of the city, protect the plants and on the other hand, the children should keep in front of it, Remains stuck in the mouth. In addition, you should be spared, passive mitzurauchen.

alcohol = glass of = banned

But this is left as “The Rhenish Palatinate”. The city Council have voted in favor of school playgrounds in the articles of Association, as it was there, always come back to dirt, and vandalism.

if you want to enjoy outside in the summer with a beer or a glass of wine the sunset, you must look for in the future, a place other than Parks, green spaces and playgrounds. Because not only glass containers are prohibited in these places, alcohol may only be in approved “free taverns” are consumed. In the case of infringement, a drunken or otherwise intoxicated persons threaten court references, or even a fine.

dog = leash

As the not enough education measures, it is also the dogs at the collar, in the truest sense of the word. Because in the end, is the pleasure of a Flexi-leash, a dog can also wegsprinten time is up to ten meters from the master or mistress, from now on, not one inch is allowed no more than 1.5 meters. The reason for this is “heel!”-Regulation opens up immediately. As compensation for the administration prior to the float-free running surfaces, selected sections in the Park, for example. Two or even three of these areas will be made for the four-legged friends, the city, the mayor, Markus Zwick (CDU).

source: “The Rhenish Palatinate”