On the A1 at Oyten in lower Saxony, a pig from an animal fled Transporter. The animal did not survive the fall from the truck, it now gets a new home at an animal welfare activist, as informed by the police in Verden.

could How to get rid of the little pig from the loading space of the Transporter remains unclear. During the ride it was about 80 to 90 kilometers per hour from the truck and overturned multiple times before it remained lying beside the highway. A car driver who drove behind the truck, noticed the falling piglets and called the highway patrol. The animal activist turned at the next exit and took part in the search.

animal rights activist retains the piglets

The pig was injured in the crash easily. The driver has not noticed the loss of the animal from his Transporter, such as a call to the Transport competent company revealed. Because the return of the truck to Oyten for the animals in the van would have been too much of a burden, decided by the company that the animal rights activists will be allowed to keep the pig.

fis / AFP