Lip: tank thieves do Not mortise, a police dog brings to the track

the two brazen tank thieves were on Saturday evening in the Westphalian lip. According to police, the two men drove with her car, filled the Tank and canister. Instead of the required Diesel fuel they got, but the pump nozzle for petrol. The thieves noticed refusing to give up her gaffe as the engine of your car to the service. The open invoice from 144 Euro, they could not pay. With the promise to get the money, fled the Duo walk away. Previously, the two white Russian license plate mounted. When they returned after about an hour to get to the car, waited for police dog “Leon” on the two men. Got a 24-year-old Russians who wanted to make one more Time from the dust. He came up with a Bite wound to the hospital. His accomplice was able to go undetected escape. As the police investigated later, were stolen from the vehicle attached to the license plate.

Gyhum: first responder dies after accident on A1

In the case of a serious road accident early Monday morning on highway 1, a first responders lost their lives. As the highway patrol reported in a first message, had been involved with two cars in the accident in lower Saxony, Gyhum. Therefore, a 24 came at about 2 o’clock in the morning,-Year-old with his car on the wet road into a Skid, crashed into the middle guard rail and overturned on the roadway. The 59-year-old driver of a semi-trailer observed the accident and stopped on the hard shoulder to help. Seconds later, a car crashed with a Danish couple, first in the truck, and then in the scene of the accident. The first helper was fatally injured. Before 8 o’clock at the police lifted the full closure.

Wuppertal: Eight residential houses due to the danger of collapse

cleared The police and clerk’s office have brought on Sunday evening in Wuppertal Beyeröhde around 70 residents from their homes. A total of eight residential buildings, cracks were found in the walls. Apparently, collapse is a danger. Residents had heard a suspicious Crack, and then the emergency call is selected. The city of Wuppertal was a crisis staff. According to city spokesperson Martina Eckermann have been formed under the part 100 years old houses cavities. Why is still unclear. The affected tenants were, according to a report from the “image” mostly for friends and Relatives. The vulnerable area in front of the houses spaciously.


Eight homes were forced to evacuate police and public order office on Sunday in Wuppertal, Germany. The buildings are about to collapse.

©Holger Battenfeld REUTERS Frankfurt: a 23-Year-old spits and curses at officials as a Nazi

seems to have been out of the blue on Friday night at a subway station, a police officer from an Unknown attack. As the “Frankfurter Neue Presse” reported, the officials on the way home and I waited at the Konstablerwache on its orbit. Suddenly he was spat on a woman and, among other things, as a “Nazi” insults. Your identity is not going to give them, therefore, first of all, price. As the Attacked the 23-Year-old taken to the police station, they threatened him with death, and in the dispute the service shirt have been torn. Only on the area the young woman could be identified. The officials granted her a place reference and let them run.

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