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Peter Rabbit 2 Release Date Delayed Until August Due To Coronavirus

Sony Pictures have announced that the release of Peter Rabbit 2 has been delayed till August because coronavirus has disrupted the schedule in Europe. We all are aware that coronavirus is an infectious virus that has been spreading in Europe since some time now and the makers are concerned as they don’t want to hamper the collections of the much loved movie.

This is the second movie that has been shifted from April to August because of the outbreak of COVID-19. Earlier MGM and Universal had shifted the release date of their movie which is named No time to die till November. The fans of Peter Rabbit 2 are aware that it is the second part to the hit film Peter Rabbit and it has become a franchise now. It was released in 2018 and after two years the new part was arriving in cinemas for the viewers but it seems they have to wait a little longer.

Much loved actor James Corden has given his voice to bring life to the characters of the movie and we are sure no one could have done a better job than him. The main character bunny looks cuter than before when we hear him speak all thanks to James for this lovely portrayal. It was earlier planned that film will be released in the UK on March 27th while for the rest of the international market on 3rd April. Coronavirus has disrupted plans for every person and many businesses are going low because of this deadly virus.

Concerns about box office revenue

Fans will get to see the movie on 7th August now and the makers are hoping that everything will be clear by then. The first part of the movie made $351.2 million at the box office and that too outside North America. Europe and Asia market have been hit the most and the theater business has been affected the most there. If we talk about Italy it has been hit by the virus a lot and that is why everything has come to a halt. The theaters in France and China have also been shut down since many weeks now. In this situation the decision of makers to move the movie release makes sense.

There are lots of concerns when it comes to the success of the business as the budget is high as well. It is being speculated that more Hollywood movies could be hit by Coronavirus. Overall 70,000 cinemas all over the world have been closed down in the world since the time outbreak of Coronavirus has hit people. Another important film named Trolls world tour has also been pushed to another date. There are fears of piracy as well and when the world’s biggest market like China and few others have been hit by Coronavirus there was a threat that the film won’t be able to do good business. James bond film No time to die has also fears that the box office will be affected due to shut down of many cinemas.

Plot of Peter Rabbit 2

The story of Peter Rabbit 2 revolves around a rabbit named Peter who is mischievous and his reputation is at stake among other rabbits. He goes on an adventure where he goes into such a world where his mischiefs are appreciated. Peter is surprised to be a part of such a world which he feels is more exciting than where he has been living previously. The family of Peter is worried with the sudden disappearance of him and the come to look for him and finally take him home. The plot is interesting and you will love to watch such an animation movie with your family.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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