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courts will have to consider cases of hardship when self-needs (15.01 PM)child with a waste – process set (12.37 p.m.)Four arrests in Neumünster due to financial IS-support (9.48 PM), less and less refugees, members get to Germany (8.36 p.m.)the Dutch Minister resigns due to report on asylum-crime (3.24 PM)

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+++ 15.01 PM: Karlsruhe, Germany: courts will have to consider cases of hardship for own needs +++

In the case of captive terminations, courts are not allowed to judge in a lump sum. This was decided by the Federal court of justice (BGH) in Karlsruhe. The courts would have to look carefully whether a hardship exists, and in certain cases a reviewer to draw on – namely, if the tenant is machr in a deterioration of his health with a medical certificate claim.

The highest German civil court took up two judgments in which courts, from the Supreme court point of view, not thoroughly enough examined. In one case, a family father with his Revision was successful, had signed up for his Berlin apartment own needs (Ref. VIII ZR 180/18). In the second case, the Supreme court ruled in favor of two tenants of a detached house in Kabelsketal in Saxony-Anhalt (Az. VIII ZR 167/17).

+++ 14: 51: toxic algal bloom in Norway: millions of salmon smothered +++

In Norway, the largest salmon producer in the world, the suffocation of millions of animals because of a strong algae infestation of the waters. As the fisheries authority announced in Oslo, dead more than 10,000 tonnes of salmon in the North of the country, because there is a Phytoplankton of the genus Chrysochromulina unusually strong, had spread. The breeders caused financial losses of tens of millions of euros. The fisheries authority has warned that the bloom of toxic algae was not yet over. The development led to a strong increase in salmon prices. Already in 1991 toxic algae resulted in a sharp decline.

+++ 14.38 PM: Mexico auctioned cars by Drug lords, money is not flowing into social programs +++

drug lords is going to support poor communities in Mexico, however, quite voluntarily: According to information of the left-wing President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador is to be auctioned seized possession of Criminals now in favor of social programs. As the first 82 cars under the Hammer, including a Lamborghini Murciélago, three Porsche, and dozens of come on Sunday armored trucks. Their estimated value is the equivalent of 1.32 million euros, but the organizers hope to significantly higher bids.

+++ 14.20 PM: Britain’s second-largest steel producer, is broke +++

The second-largest UK steel producer, British Steel is bankrupt and is to be handled. The British judiciary ordered the forced dissolution of the company, after negotiations to rescue the company failed. Ultimately, about 5,000 Jobs will be lost, in addition, 20,000 more Points are connected through the supply chain with British Steel. British Steel had filed in mid-may, an immense amount of money required. The reason for the financial difficulties of the company, particularly the Brexit-Chaos be.

+++ 13.59 PM: the Country has triggered Outcry in Pakistan after suspected girl’s murder +++

The death of a ten-year-old girl in Pakistan’s dismay and protests. The mutilated body of the girl was found this week on the outskirts of the capital Islamabad in the bushes. Her father accused the police to have in the search for the child is not helped. Hundreds of people, activists and politicians have demonstrated in Islamabad against the alleged inaction of the police. According to the police report, the father claimed that the girl had been abused before it was killed. Thousands of Pakistanis have expressed in social media their anger and shock over the case. According to capital city police spokesman Khalid Awan, three Suspects were arrested. Four police officers were suspended from service and due to neglect of their duties displayed.

+++ 13.50: consumer protection Minister advise about 57 applications +++

With advice on a total of 57 applications to various topics in the three-day conference, the consumer has begun in Mainz, the Minister of defense (VSMK). This is especially the labelling of foodstuffs, as well as strengthening the consumer’s rights against computer-controlled decisions (Algorithms).

The results of want of Ministers and the state to introduce the secretaries at this Friday. This includes the Federal food Minister, Julia Klöckner (CDU) and Gerd Billen (Green), state Secretary in the Federal Ministry of consumer protection, are expected.

+++ 13.35 hrs: the length of travel time on ICE-track in the North due to renovation +++

rail passengers need to travel from Hannover to Göttingen, due to the extensive renovation of the ICE-track 11 June to a longer duration setting. Up to the 14. December, all of the ICE – and IC to be diverted trains because of Work on a side track, on the Regional and freight trains. Thus, there are also Changes for the regional rail transport, the railway announced.

+++ 13.15: Altmaier: the SPD is to pull the financing plan for the basic pension back +++

Federal Minister for economic Affairs, Peter Altmaier (CDU) has rejected the SPD plans to Finance the basic pension. Needed serious financing, and no “air bookings,” said Altmaier in Berlin. Union and SPD had agreed in the coalition agreement that there should be no tax increases, as well as a means test for the basic pension. The proposal of the SPD leave more questions open than it answered. “Therefore, I appeal to the SPD, the proposal and draft a serious proposal.”

+++ 13.11 PM: Turkish constitutional court: the Intellectual Kavala remains in custody +++

since one and a half years in Turkey detained a businessman, and intellectual Osman Kavala needs to stay in prison. The constitutional court in Ankara, the complaint against Kavala’s remand rejected with ten votes in favour and five, as the state news Agency Anadolu reported. The judges saw not, therefore, a violation of the personal liberty and security of Kavala’s.

Kavala had been taken in October 2017 and the beginning of November, arrested. Until the beginning of March 2019, the Prosecutor submitted the indictment against Kavala and against 15 other Accused. You attempted overthrow of the government is accused in connection with the government’s critical Gezi Park protests. Kavala is accused of, among other things, to the protests by using the foreign funded.

+++ 12.56 PM: European nun in Central African Republik brutally killed +++

A 77-year-old nun from Europe, has been killed in the Central African Republic’s brutal. As the Vatican reported on its website, was Inès Rob Nieves Sancho in on Monday night and killed. The nun with French and Spanish roots, had worked in a village as a teacher for girls.

Pope Francis denounced the fact in a speech in St. Peter’s square as “barbaric”. Sancho, I put the girls in the sewing taught, and “your life in the service of the poor,” Pope Francis said, and called on the faithful to pray with him for the nun.

+++ 12.42 PM: Reul: An arrest in the case of large-scale crackdown on organized crime +++

In the case of the large-scale RAID against the Iraqi-Syrian organization, “Al-Salam-313” there has been an arrest. 800 police officers had on Wednesday, the 49 objects in North Rhine-Westphalia, searched, said the country’s interior Minister, Herbert Reul (CDU) in Düsseldorf. In the case of eight objects, special commands of the police had been used. During the search of money, drugs, computers, mobile phones, and data were Reuls words wrong carrier seized. The group “Al-Salam-313” had been discussed in Public so far less, but the police are well known to have been.

+++ 12.37 PM: a child with a garbage truck rolled over – process +++

A garbage truck driver had missed a seven-year-old is going to Turn and run over – now the process against the man has been set. The 38-Year-old was charged with negligent homicide, will have to pay a monthly salary of 2000 Euro to a children’s hospice. Court, Prosecutor, defense, and co-plaintiffs agreed to the termination of the proceedings. “It happened a tragic accident,” said the judge. The defendant has since the accident a year ago, unable to work, and in psychological treatment. According to the indictment, the accident could have been avoided, because the driver would have been able to see the child before the collision for a period of 3.5 seconds in the side-view mirror.

+++ 12: 15 PM: tourist bus accident in Italy – injured +++

A tourist bus had an accident in Tuscany. Dozens of people were injured in the accident, between Florence and Siena, informed the rescue workers. Including seven or eight were seriously injured and 30 people with minor injuries. Possibly a person had died, it said. The Bus came, therefore, in the case of Monteriggioni from the highway. According to Italian media reports, the passengers are all from Eastern Europe. How it came to the time of the accident, was initially unclear.