According to the firearms attacks from the weekend with 29 dead, the Opposition, Donald Trump attacked. Some of the presidential candidates, the Democrats throw a Trump, to Stoke, with its aggressive rhetoric of hatred and to encourage violence. The international press agrees with you.

US: “the Washington Post”

There are dark days and nights this August. A weekend […] brought us the Horror. Let us do our Horrified but in effective Action to change. So these horrors are not in our country is normal. […]

talk about The hate and the fear that our society as a master, make me sick. It’s time to say, as brave as we can, In America there is no place for racism, no tolerance for hatred and not remain Silent in the face of racist violence and Manifestos.


El Paso, Texas: A vigil for the victims of the shooting, in which 20 people were killed

©Mario Tama AFP UK: “The Independent”

The US President came has condemned the “tragic” attack in El Paso as an “act of cowardice” and “act of hatred”. But his critics are not entirely wrong. Deliberately and cynically Trump had pulled the race card, as he recommended at the start of the campaign for his re-election four non-white members of the Congress of the Democrats, in their supposed home countries “return”, with three of the four women in the United States were born. (…)

in response to blood actions

US Opposition, Trump is complicity in the massacres of El Paso and Dayton


When Trump moved the next Time in this direction, what he will do for sure, then his admirers at home should and abroad, to pause and to El Paso thinking. Can’t we be about the motives of the murderer still not sure. But we can be sure that the US President has poisoned the debate on immigration – including his unwarranted attacks on Hispanics and Mexicans -that this can lead to serious consequences. El Paso could be one of them.

France: “La Croix”

This shooting raises once again the question of the regulation of firearms – in a context in which racism gains ground. A racism that Donald Trump with his messages fired up, the fear and hatred of those dieting, which are considered as foreigners. Recently he called on Deputy of the Democrats with a migrant background, in their countries ” return’. The feeling of fear spreads, the more people will be looking for ways to protect themselves. And with the possession of weapons also increases the risk that they will be used.

Slovakia: “Sme”

As Donald Trump exploits the Situation on the border with Mexico, encouraged those, like the assassins of El Paso feel that the Hispanic-ization of America, constituted an unprecedented threat. It is about a connection between the talk, which announced the policy, and actions such as this.

Although there is also a theory, according to which the Terror was only an extreme Expression of the policy for those who are excluded for different reasons from the debate. If you get a representation, you would devote himself to political work instead of bombs to detonate, or to shoot on the road to. This is a common Argument against the banning of extremist parties.

According to El Paso but we see that the Radical can have their man in the presidency and still not stop, as the angel of death to occur. So that we can return again to the view that it is simply extremists with a propensity to Terror. And such a one must not give in.

the Netherlands: “de Volkskrant”

What runs like a red thread through the attacks, the extreme-right conspiracy theory that left-wing elites would be aware of control in the direction of mass immigration. The white civilization will be replaced, allegedly by non-European peoples””. (…) Both the Alt-Right and the extreme right-wing Identitarian movement have been internalized in the last years, the theory of the “Great exchange”. It is increasingly disseminated via social media and has, depending on the context, many of the variants. Studies of “Time”magazine estimated that there were in the year 2018 to this theory, almost as many as 330,000 Tweets, compared to 2014, a threefold increase. The myth of the demographic upheaval is internationally become in the right of nationalist political parties almost in the public domain.

, Spain: “El Mundo”

It is more than obvious that the United States has a serious Problem of insecurity and that there is a degree of violence that would be accepted by the citizens of any other developed country in the West – you only have to imagine what would happen in such a scenario, in Europe. But the political class is determined to change nothing, in part because of the Power of eminent gun lobby. (…) Trumps entering the White house, the Position has those reinforced, the stress that there are no barriers to personal decision-making must be to arm themselves to the teeth, regardless of how many murders this madness to.

Switzerland: “Tages-Anzeiger”

“An inconvenient truth” is the name of the racist Manifesto, which probably comes from the killer from El Paso. The inconvenient truth, however, is this: The Manifesto is not simply the hatred of imagination of an Individual. Much of what is there, is already penetrated into the American Mainstream. The TV station Fox News, you hear almost every evening, as dark-skinned immigrants supposedly white Americans threaten. With Donald Trump for a President, the appeals open and pitch to racist feelings that goes with the management of resentment on the election campaign, sits in the White house. In the country there are many, where these sounds come across on ear. Militant racists, the easy access to firearms is a deadly combination. Perhaps America’s nightmare has only just begun.”

United States

Trumps populist failures to act: views on a country where racism is shockingly commonplace

By Nicolas Bush the Czech Republic, “Lidove noviny”

is It for years is the Same: Somewhere in the USA, it comes to a massacre of civilians with firearms, and it is followed by a debate, whether the property should be limited to firearms or this should be completely banned. (…) No one knows exactly what is the connection between the regulation of weapons and the number of crimes, and where the optimal Balance lies. In the United States, there is surprisingly little sciencebusiness studies related to the topic. (…) The whole discussion is so politicized that no one can work in research to the question of Finance wants. However, without rational knowledge not only of the emotional debate remains – and in this way a compromise is difficult.

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