a petition for A referendum for the preservation of species diversity has taken in Bavaria, according to information provided by the initiators in advance a crucial hurdle. It had registered more than a Million people in the signature lists, – said the Representative of people’s desire to “Save the bees, and the farmer”, Agnes Becker (ÖDP), in Munich, Germany. For a success of guardians were the signatures of more than ten percent of all election – so close to a Million. The official Figures submitted to the land returning officer on Thursday. You could even be significantly higher, given that many municipalities are missing in the Overview of the initiators.

the battle against extinction of species

Save the bees: Eco-party in Bavaria Söder wants to force to Action

With the people you want to reach desire a referendum on the tightening of the Bavarian nature conservation act. The success of the people’s desire sets Bavaria’s Prime Minister, Markus Söder (CSU), under pressure: He wants to make the CSU green, had been presented but no ideas. On Tuesday, he responded and then invited to a round table for the multi-species diversity. On Tuesday next week, should have searched for “cross-party” solutions and is open to be discussed, announced Söder on Twitter. “Our goal is a social consensus.” The nature should not be against the peasants protected, but with them.

the starting point of the people’s desire, according to the initiators, “the largest extinction of species since the extinction of the dinosaurs”. Especially insects are affected, as a result, I halved the inventory of birds in Bavaria within a period of 30 years. Place the extinction of species, especially the arable and grassland.

rivers and streams from pesticides

protect the goal now is to make ten percent of the grassland in Bavaria Blühwiesen. As in all other provinces, there is also to be in the future, also in Bavaria, the edge strip to a body of water, so that rivers and streams are protected from fertilizer and pesticides. In addition, all of the state managed agricultural land is to be farmed without the use of pesticides and the Development of the organic agriculture to be expanded by decree-law solid.

This is just an excerpt of the claims of the already formulated a draft amendment to the nature conservation act consists of eight pages and is Packed with new features. The success of the people’s desire should confirm, would have to be agreed within six months of a referendum on the law. The simple majority is sufficient.

Markus Söder waits

Söder has responded to his invitation with passivity on the Initiative. He wanted to wait and see how much encouragement the people desire. Actually, he wants to offer an alternative legislative proposal, and thus a “larger radius” – namely, “that the bees and the farmers will be saved”. Because Söder shares the criticism of Parts of the farmers, that the consequences of the referendum go primarily to the detriment of the farmers. Prior to the “severe distortions”, especially for small farms, the CSU chief warns.


Our Reporter is afraid of bees. It’s high time for him to visit a beekeepers course!

The initiators have tried to make the accusation that to be against farmers, to invalidate and to the Bavarian farmers Association, which holds the Initiative for “farmer-Bashing” to take the Wind out of the sails: “There is no denying that conventional agriculture causes a lot of environmental problems. The petition does not attack the farmers. The farmers are victims of the system, that one-sided to the maximum income. The farmers ‘ Association supports this System, instead of with the environmental groups to Agriculture, and harm to the farmers,” reads the website of the people’s desire.

Enough signatures the petition has, apparently, also without the support of the farmers Association.

sources: people’s desire for species diversity , the Bavarian farmers ‘ Association, ÖDP Bayern

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