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Pentagon: U.S. contract new missiles (19.48 PM)

Asap Rocky develop after the end of the INF-up to the day of the judgment, at 14. August free (19.32 PM)

Ex-SPD chief Gabriel expects the social Democrats (18.41 PM)

Tsunami warning in Indonesia lifted (16.50)

Frankfurt’s main train station was completely closed (14.45)

The News today in the star-Ticker:

+++ 22: 20: Juncker congratulates Georgieva on IMF candidacy +++

the EU Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker, world Bank Director Kristalina Georgieva to its designation as a European candidate for the head of the International monetary Fund (IMF) congratulates. The Juncker announced via Twitter. French government circles was confirmed in Paris, first of all, no final agreement of the European Ministers of Finance. The Department heads should communicate by telephone to the name of the candidate and how to proceed. Officially, the former Euro group chief Jeroen Dijsselbloem (53) is from the Netherlands still in the race. The French Ministry of economy and Finance conducts the negotiations for the Kandidatenkür of the Europeans.

+++ 21.26 PM: Trump jokes about duties for German cars +++

Donald Trump, a Meeting with representatives of the EU has used for a joke on customs duties on German cars. Trump said the US would work on an agreement in which the EU is ready to it will agree to pay 25 percent on Mercedes-Benz and BMW cars that are imported into the United States. The USA would appreciate this, said the Republicans, and afterwards is pushed in the next Moment: “it Was only a joke.” Trump was referring, obviously, to import duties – a topic that he has long been a thorn in the eye. From his point of view about European car maker can export to the USA, while it is for US firms, conversely, more difficult. So far, the U.S. demand for European cars 2.5 per cent import tariff – the EU collects 10 per cent. In contrast, the US import duty for the in the United States, the popular Pick-ups is at 25 percent.

+++ 21.39 watch: plane crashes at a forest fire in France – a Pilot dies +++

in The crash of a firefighting aircraft in the South of France is come according to the authorities, the Pilot lost his life. More than 500 firefighters were trying to bring three different fires in the Département of Gard under control. Interior Minister Christophe Castaner expressed his grief on Twitter, he paid tribute to the “boundless courage” of the pilots.

+++ 19.48 PM: Pentagon: U.S. to develop after the end of the INF Treaty a new missile +++

After the end of the INF disarmament Treaty, the United States announced the development of new missiles. The US Department of defense, said that after the withdrawal from the INF Treaty will dedicate themselves “fully” and as a “prudent response to the actions of Russia” the development of new ground-to-air missiles. The US had announced on Friday its formal withdrawal from the INF Treaty of 1987 and, therefore, the race fears of a new global arms stoked.

US Rapper in Sweden before the court

stuff inside: Asap Rocky threw the victim to the ground – state lawyer prison

DPA +++ 19.32 watch: Asap Rocky calls up to the day of the judgment, at 14. August walk +++

After the closing arguments in the trial against the American Rapper Asap Rocky, the court has arranged in Stockholm, the US Rapper provisional release. The 30-year-old musician to come up to the promulgation of the judgment on 14. August on free foot, was ordered by the court. In the process, because of bodily injury, the prosecution called for a six-month prison sentence, the defense demanded the release of Asap Rocky.

+++ 19.21 PM: poem on Uganda’s President to 18 months in prison for activist +++

An activist is sentenced in Uganda due to an on the Internet posted poem about the long-time President Yoweri Museveni a prison sentence of 18 months was. The court justified the decision saying, Stella Nyanzi have bothered with the on Facebook of the Text provided Museveni and his mother in the network, said a judicial spokesman. In the 2018 post a poem she had called Museveni a “filthy, delinquent dictator”. The verdict have you followed by a Video in her cell, and she had stripped as a Protest, said spokesman Solomon Muita the German press Agency.

Museveni in the East African country since 1986, in Power. A long time he was regarded as bearer of hope. However, especially the young Generation, corruption and ineffective government, criticized today’s leadership and calls for changes. Actually, the 74-year-old Museveni would have not allowed to run after its current fifth term. However, the Parliament had to be abolished in 2017 – despite sharp criticism from the opposition, with an amendment to the Constitution the age limit of 75 years for heads of state. So he could remain until 2030 in Power.

+++ 18.51 PM: thousands of people after a gas leak in Mexico in safety brought brought +++

After a gas leak in the center of Mexico thousands of people are in safety. At least 3,000 residents had sought a shelter of protection, wrote to the Governor of the state of Mexico, Alfredo del Mazo on Twitter. “It has smelled strongly of Gas. I woke my daughters, and we are in the pajamas out of the house,” said Rocío Velázquez in the television station Milenio.

In the Videos was seeing a large white cloud over the locality Nextalpan North of Mexico city. The fire Department sprayed water in the cloud to dissolve.

Apparently, the cable had been tapped to be transported in the liquefied petroleum gas and other fuel types, is illegal, as the head of the civil protection, David Leon, told the TV channel Foro TV. In Mexico, criminal gangs are tapping again and again the Pipelines to steal petrol. In the Explosion of a pipeline in the state of Hidalgo came in January, 135 people have been killed.

+++ 18.41 watch: Ex-SPD chief Gabriel settles with social Democrats +++

The former SPD-Chairman Sigmar Gabriel has criticised his party’s sharp and the leadership of an unclear course accused. “The SPD is the left than the left party and the ecological Green. I’m sure that the majority of the members opposes this development,” said the former Vice-Chancellor, the “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger”. Of course, the SPD had become in recent years increasingly unclear. “In the end, compromises are made, where each finds again.” The concept of the SPD, to organize “as a Holding company of minority interests,” was a failure.

On Friday, was Gabriel according to the paper of the movement “SPDpur” joined, who wants to put a stop to the left of the party. “I support the course of “SPDpur”, because here people come together to re-create clarity about what is called social democracy, actually,” he said.

+++ 17.42 PM: Google asks other search engines to checkout for selection in Android +++

Google’s competing search engines want to pay, if user select in setting up of Android devices as an Alternative. The Internet group announced an auction procedure as a solution for the allegation of unfair competition by the EU Commission. The authority had imposed in the past year because of the business model to the Android operating system, a penalty of 4.34 billion euros against Google. The alternative pre-installed web search of the group’s Central point of criticism was.

By the beginning of 2020, to users in Europe, the establishment of a Android device in addition to Google, three more search engines available for selection. Who’s it gonna be, should be decided in an auction process with sealed bids, explained the Internet group. The four search engines to be arranged in the list according to the random principle.

+++ 17: 09: 13.5 years in prison, according to multiple abuse of Thai children +++

For the x times the sexual abuse of Thai children, the regional court I of Munich has sentenced a 67-Year-old to a long imprisonment followed by preventive detention. The man to 13 years and 6 months in jail, as the court announced. The defenders want to check whether you take action against it. The man was found to be due to 80 cases of the serious sexual abuse of two boys guilty.

The man shall have more than 30 years of Thai children – mostly boys – hard to abused. The youngest victims were eight years old. The deeds he was supposed to have photographed filmed. Was accused of being a man because of 103 cases. In his Munich apartment nearly twelve hours of video material were found according to the Prosecutor, more than 8500 children, porn, including. Through his attorney he had given, to the exclusion of the Public statement and the allegations Essentially given.

+++ 16.50 PM: After earthquake in Indonesia Tsunami warning again. + + +

lifted The geophysical Institute of Indonesia lifted after the violent earthquake that issued the Tsunami warning again. The Institute announced on Twitter.

The earthquake had different information, a strength of 6.8 to 7.4 on the Richter scale. It occurred off the coast of Sumatra, about 42 kilometres deep and was felt in many Parts of the country. About possible damage, yet nothing is currently known.

In Indonesia, there are always earthquakes. The large Asian island state is located on the so-called Pacific ring of fire. Where tectonic plates abut each other, so that there are often earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. In the case of a quake of magnitude 7.5 and a Tsunami came last September on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, more than 2200 people have been killed.

+++ 16.30: Lufthansa is struggling with Computer problems – the flight plans printed out +++

Lufthansa has struggled on Friday with a computer problem. Check-In machines were down and Crews would not be able to retrieve their electronic flight plans, said a company spokesman in Frankfurt on request. The documents had then been in the cockpit brought printed. In the result, it was concluded that in the case of individual flights, delays of less than half an hour. After two and a half hours in the case of a service provider resulting network were resolved the problems then.

+++ 16.18 watch: Two little boys in Baden-Württemberg, in the case of dog attacks, injured +++

Two children in Baden-Württemberg are to fall in this week of dogs and been injured. A six-year-old Boy was traveling in Laudenbach, near Weinheim, Germany with his mother on the footpath, as the Rottweiler threw him to the ground and in the shoulder bite. The animal was on a leash, according to information from the police on Friday. Immediately, the dog handlers intervened and separated the dog from the child. In addition to the criminal proceedings for negligent injury against the dog’s leader, the authority shall also consider the measures to be taken against the holder. He was not there. Among other things, it is a question of whether or not the dog must wear in the future, a muzzle.

In the case of another dog attack on a three-year-old in the top field, near Heilbronn, Germany on Tuesday, it could be a fighting dog. The half-breed reported animal look like a American Staffordshire Terrier, said a police spokesman. Earlier, several media had reported about it. Special inquiries were necessary, explained the spokesman. For a fighting dog, a permit would be necessary. The animal had bitten the boy in the face. He was taken to a hospital.

+++ 15.45: Frankfurt main station blocked +++

The main train station in Frankfurt was closed on Friday afternoon complete. The railway announced on Twitter. There was a larger police operation, it said.

The police spoke briefly to the fact on Twitter that in the area of düsseldorf street, a police over use. Pedestrians should avoid the area around the main railway station, it said. A User tweeted that he had received a Katwarn message, in the “extreme risk”, the speech was.

triggered A spokeswoman for the Federal police told a little later that it had probably been a robbery at a Bank. It was an escape of the perpetrators in the Central station. Therefore, the train service had been discontinued. The “FAZ” reports of four to five Suspects and that it should be given in the course of use shots.

next event

large-scale operation on Frankfurt’s main railway station – three arrests


police officers wrestled according to eyewitnesses, on the South side of the railway in lower court of a man and tied him up. Also, special forces were deployed. A spokesman for the police Bureau said, a reference to a robbery was received at the police station. What had developed from it, will be determined.

+++ 15.31 at: researchers: climate change is to blame for extreme heat wave in July in Europe +++

climate change has according to experts, the record-breaking heat wave in Western Europe in the past month. Without the human-caused global warming, the July would have been between one and one-half and three degrees Celsius cooler, said an international team of researchers on Friday.

The researchers used for their calculations, each of the three warmest consecutive days in several European countries. At all locations studied, the temperatures with the same climate would have been lower, informed the Team of the “World Weather Attribution project”. Also the climate change have made the Occurrence of the July heat wave to be significantly more likely. Without the air pollution since the beginning of the industrial Revolution, heat records last month, would only occur every 1000 years in Europe.

It was “virtually certain” that it hadn’t been for the heat wave in the summer of 2018 in Europe without climate change, said the study involved a scientist Martha bird, of the Swiss Federal Institute of technology Zurich.

+++ 15.24 PM: court insists on the return of the possibility for German IS-follower +++

to allow The upper administrative court of Berlin-Brandenburg is urging the Federal government, a German IS a supporter of a return from a Syrian refugee camp. For a refusal, there should be no legal Foundation, said in a letter to the court, which is present the German press Agency. Therein, the court advises the Federal foreign office, other than that with the units for fundamental rights, human rights and international law in other ministries to exchange. About NDR, WDR and “Süddeutsche Zeitung reported”. The court did not comment on Friday about the letter.

the occasion of the letter is the appeal of the office against a decision of the Berlin administrative court. Thereafter, not only the three children of the woman must come to Germany, but also the woman herself. The higher administrative court advises in his letter, the complaint to take back, because it was probably hopeless.

+++ 15.15: platform screen doors for the Munich U-Bahn planned +++

platform screen doors will make in the future, the Munich U-Bahn transport safer and more punctual. You the boundaries of the platform from the track area and open only when a train is in the station. In a pilot project at the U-Bahnhof Olympia center such railway is to be tested dough to the doors of 2023 in first in a Track, said the head of the U-Bahn, Michael Frieß, on Friday. The Stadtwerke München (SWM) had given an appropriate feasibility study whose results are now available.

discussion stations More security at train strong, after an eight-year-old Boy on Monday met with a deadly attack in the Frankfurt main train station to the Track and a ICE was crushed. The Munich-based plans to the platform doors, there was already before.

+++ 15.14 PM: guns and swastikas in the apartment of a mentally striking Bremer +++

special forces of the police found in the apartment of a mentally striking 54-year-old Bremer’s on weapons and anti-constitutional symbols such as the swastika encountered. According to the officials from the Friday the apartment was stormed after the man had fired in the night in his garden several times a gun. He was of the forces is forcibly placed in a psychiatric ward. The state security took up the investigations.

During the RAID the special operations command thrust, therefore, on two Axes and a sword, which had disposed of the owner “at the ready” next to the front door. In addition, the husband had, among other things, a Machete, a crossbow and a saber. In the case of the alleged murder weapon was a flare gun. During the operation, the Suspect called “xenophobic and right-minded slogans,” said the police. In the apartment as unconstitutional forbidden characters were found, such as on flags. Also drugs and cannabis plants were seized.

+++ 15.01 PM: Greek police 129 tonnes of illegal tobacco +++

you were in search of a drug cartel and met with a highly professional cigarette smugglers: Greek narcotics officers have ensured on Wednesday in three warehouses in Central Greece 129 tons of untaxed tobacco. During the Operation, ten men had been arrested, police said on Friday. The actually payable tax on the tobacco would have amounted to 5.5 million euros, and the finished cigarettes had EU-wide should be distributed.

Now, officials are looking for the mastermind of the organization. It is. a prosperous business man have to act, it was possible to Finance the illegal cigarette factory Alone, renting the warehouses have a cost of 150 000 Euro, in addition a professional tobacco production plant was discovered, which can produce in Minute 2500 cigarettes.

+++ 14.42 PM: Five injured in collapse of a wooden balcony in Baden-Württemberg +++

Because the bottom of the wood gave in to the balconies under you, have been injured, five people in baden-württemberg, Göppingen. The four adults and a child jumped from the first floor about three meters deep on a lower balcony, a spokesman for the police in Ulm, Germany, said on Friday. All five of them were injured and had to be transported to a hospital. According to the police, parts of the construction were in disrepair and no longer withstood the weight. The police are investigating.

+++ 14.20: Violent earthquake hits Indonesia – Tsunami-warning +++

off the coast of the Indonesian island of Sumatra, there has been obviously a violent earthquake. The reports of several local media and the earthquake monitoring centre EMSC on Twitter.

The geophysical Institute of Indonesia confirmed the information on Twitter. Accordingly, the quake occurred at about 19 PM local time. The epicenter of the earthquake was located 147 kilometers to the southwest of Sumur in the province of Banten in West Java.

The geophysical Institute in Potsdam, Germany, is the strength of 6.8, the German press Agency even speaks of 7.4. It a Tsunami was issued a warning. The Indonesian disaster mitigation Agency (BNBP) expected in places, with waves up to three metres in height, such as a Twitter message is to be taken. Media reported panic among inhabitants of a residential building in Jakarta. They were overthrown on the road, as a das high-rise building and to listen to popping sounds were varied. Of damage or casualties, nothing was known.

Indonesia lies on the Pacific ring of fire, where about 90 percent of all earthquakes occur in the world.

+++ 14.19 PM: the police registered 27 desecrations of Jewish cemeteries in a single year +++

In Germany is, on average, to nd out about every week, a Jewish cemetery desecrated. The police registered 2018, a total of 27 anti-Semitic attacks on the last resting places of the Jews, such as the Berlin “daily mirror” reported, citing the answer of the Federal Ministry of the interior on a request of the Bundestag Vice-President Petra Pau (Left). Only three cases could inform the police accordingly.

The President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Josef Schuster, said in view of the Figures, frequent desecrations of Jewish cemeteries and attacks on synagogues were “unfortunately, everyday life in Germany”. Many non-Jewish citizens, this was probably not even aware of, Schuster said the “Tagesspiegel”. “Germany should not get used to this Situation as the normal state.”

+++ 14.15: Russian justice assigns to U in prison for incitement to “mass riots” in +++

for a Demonstration for free local elections last Saturday, the Russian judiciary has ordered three men in custody. You should have called “mass riots”, a Moscow court ruled on Friday. Ivan Podkopajew, Kirill Schukov and Samariddin Radschabow would have to 27, in anticipation of your process to. September remain detained. The three government critics were arrested according to police sources on Thursday with two other protesters. The investigators accused them of “violence against security forces”. Podkopajew, Zhukov and Radschabow up to 15 years in prison according to the authorities.

thousands of people were gone on Saturday in Moscow on the street, after Russian authorities prominent opposition says politicians in the municipal elections in September to compete.

+++ 13.51 PM: at Least nine Dead in Libya during Fighting near Tripoli +++

When Fighting South of the Libyan capital Tripoli have been killed, according to the army, at least nine soldiers. Five soldiers of the internationally-recognized unit of government came in the case of an air attack on Thursday killed four more in battles with fighters of renegade General Khalifa Haftar have been killed, according to a military representative. Also on the side of Haftar’s militia there was, therefore, Dead, six followers of the General were arrested. The army was managed, important positions in the suburbs of Tripoli to take. “We have destroyed three military vehicles and four tanks seized,” said the military spokesman. The Haftar militia made first of all, no dead or injured.

Haftar had launched at the beginning of April, an Offensive on Tripoli, where the international recognized government of Libya has its headquarters. Loyal to the government troops and units Haftars deliver since then fierce battles for control of the capital. According to the UN, have been killed so far, more than 1000 people. Haftar supports a rival government in the East of the crisis state.

+++ 13.42 PM: bias application in the process group rape withdrawn +++

In the process to the group rape of an 18-Year-olds in Freiburg, the bias has been withdrawn motion against the presiding judge. As a spokesman for the Prosecutor’s office in Freiburg said on Friday the process will continue as planned. The lawyer of one of the eleven defendants had filed the bias motion against the Chairman Stefan Bürgelin on Wednesday and in the evening again withdrawn, as the spokesman of the prosecution said. The reasons for this were not immediately known. The process would have been granted would have been able to burst the application. Earlier, several media reported.

eleven men aged 18 to 30 years of age are Charged; most of them are refugees. You should have raped the 18-Year-old in mid-October of last year, at night, in the bushes in front of a Freiburg disco. The men deny the. The next day of the trial, the 9 is. August scheduled.

+++ 13.38 PM: British small town because of the threat of dam breakage + + + evacuated

Because of the threat of a dam collapse near the small British town of Whaley Bridge are more than 1000 inhabitants in Friday night evacuated.

Possible disaster

thousands of people in England, fleeing the threat of dam failure


as a result of several days of heavy rains, the dam in the Todd brook-threatened to break a Reservoir, police said. “Everything will be done will be done” to save the dam and to protect the city, said the Deputy police chief of Derbyshire, Kem Mehmet.

+++ 13.17 PM: Fridays for the Future: Young people demonstrate in Dortmund +++

the participants of the summer Congress of the Friday-for-Future movement have demonstrated in the city center of Dortmund for more climate protection. With chants, music, and Transparent, they moved through the city. The organizers estimated the number of participants to around 1500. “It must never come to the extent that the earth will have warmed by two degrees. We are already very close to it, and that makes us huge anxiety,” said a speaker at a rally.


environmental activist Succow

He was already environmentalists in the GDR – and is inspired by “Fridays for Future”

members of the groups Parents-for-Future-and Scientists-for-Future participated in the March. The people a sustainable solution would have to be shown, you might be able to understand and use, said a scientist.

+++ 13.14 PM: EU-Commission: should Ryanair pay millions in France +++

The low-cost airline Ryanair has to pay back the French state pursuant to a decision by the EU competition authorities to 8.5 million Euro in respect of illegal aid. Contracts between the Association for tourism and economic development (APFTE) and the airline to promote the airport Montpellier would be in breach of EU law, informed the EU Commission on Friday.

the payments made by The French authorities to Ryanair would have given the Irish airline an advantage over the competition, said EU competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager. At the same time, you would have benefited from other regional airports. This was in breach of the EU state aid rules. The EU Commission had taken the examination in the past year because of the complaint of one of Ryanair’s competitors directs. Background an agreement between Ryanair and the APFTE is that the Irish Airline has received 8.5 million euros. In return, Ryanair advertised on its Homepage for Montpellier and the surrounding area as a tourist destination.

+++ 13.13 PM: Two Dead from West Nile fever in Greece +++

In Greece this year by 1. August 25 people of the West Nile fever disease. Two of them died as a result. This is the competent authority of the Ministry of health (EODY) informed. Ten people are treated, therefore, currently still in the hospitals, four of them in intensive care units.

+++ 13.12 PM: Four people are Dead and 31 Missing after boat accident in Indonesia +++

In the case of a boat accident in Indonesia, around three-dozen people are in front of the island of Borneo may have killed. According to rescue services, four of the Dead were recovered. 31 the occupants of the boat were still missing. According to a report by the Online news portal Kompas only two could be rescued.

+++ 13.06 PM: return for 30-year government bond for the first time Null +++

There is another turning point in the financial markets: Currently, the yield for German government bonds with a maturity of 30 years has fallen for the first time under zero percent. The effective interest rate, which is calculated from the value of paper rate and the nominal interest rate, fell to minus 0.002 percent.

securities with longer maturities than thirty years, the Federal government currently offers. In the shorter maturities of Federal securities reindeer have long been negative. The yield of German government bonds with ten years to maturity fell on Friday to a record low of minus 0.5 percent.

+++ 12.53 PM: Federal police: Fewer injuries at German railway stations +++

the railway has been established in the past years, in the case of body injuries, a decline in stations in Germany. The Federal police registered 2018 11.308 offences of this kind, such as from a collection which is present the German press Agency. In the year 2017, therefore, 11.605 cases of bodily harm were counted in the year 2016, there were 12.028. Prior to that, the number of cases was, however, lower at 10.483.

Overall, noted the Federal police in the past few years, less criminal offences at railway stations: Were it 2016 yet 165.043, the number dropped in the year 2017 on 139.622 and in the past year on 133.571.

+++ 12.33 PM: IS claims attack on police station in Yemen for +++

The terrorist militia Islamic state (IS) has claimed an attack on a police station in the South Semitic city of Aden with a number of deaths for themselves. A suicide bomber was responsible for the attack, said the IS on Friday. The authenticity of the opinion, at first did not check. The Declaration was disseminated through the usual IS channels.

In the case of two attacks on a military camp and a police station in Yemen on Thursday, at least 60 people and dozens more injured had been killed. The attack on the Camp during a military parade in the port city of Aden, the Shiite Houthi rebels claimed. Security were killed in the circles according to which at least 35 people. Had the attack on the police station no one known first.

+++ 12.25 PM: Seehofer smart “controls at the Swiss border, + + +

the Federal want,” interior Minister Horst Seehofer calls for the introduction of controls on the border to Switzerland. “I’m going to do everything in the ways of intelligent controls to the limit,” said the CSU politician in an Interview with the “mirror”. So he responded to the shocking fact at a platform in Frankfurt: A man had pushed a few days ago, a mother and her son in front of a run-in ends of the ICE. The child died, the mother was able to save himself.

After the assassination in Frankfurt

“The appalling cry that the” words of eye-witness to the people on the move in the network

last year, a total of 43,000 illegal Entry had been to Germany registered. Many other migrants were also not been illegally discovered arrived – but. “This circumstance, we have to meet, by an extended veil of intelligence and event-related, time-limited controls, directly at the border – the border to Switzerland”, said Seehofer, the “mirror”. Until September, he wanted to present a concept. With Chancellor Angela Merkel he had not spoken about his plans.

+++ 12.22 PM: New legislation allows censorship of Online content in Turkey +++

In Turkey could be the national and international digital media, but also content on Netflix or some social media will soon be censored. The government has introduced far-reaching mechanism for the control of the Internet platforms, the means of distributing films, Videos or radio content. The requirements, which are monitored by the state Radio and television Supervisory authority RTÜRK concern in order that many alternative or oppositional media, which had been suspended since the coup attempt of 2016 print or Banned by the government, only to be found in the Internet.

The 13-page, still partly unclear rules, according to RTÜRK will be awarded to the Provider “licenses” and the “items to monitor”. The scheme can, apparently, be against content applied, which are perceived as offensive. In the case of TV shows, that happens already. There are scenes, sometimes with the consumption of alcohol or overly generous breast images pixelated.

+++ 12.13 PM: Chicago is gearing up for possible violence-an escalation on the weekend +++

After several shootings with a total of eight deaths last weekend, the US police in Chicago is gearing up for a possible re-escalation of the violence. There is a “stable” security plan for the music Festival Lollapalooza, said the mayor of the city, Lori light food. The to Sunday Festival is daily visited by around 100,000 Fans.

Several residents feared that the police concentrate too much on the music Festival and in the Problem areas of the city, is less present, especially on the weekend. “One can only wonder what will happen in the residential areas,” said the Anti-gun activist Michael Pfleger, the AFP news Agency. The low detection rate will leave the inhibitions to grab for the weapon, continue to fall, criticized nurses. The police in Chicago reiterated, however, that during the festival, to deduct the share not the security forces from the other city.

+++ 11.28 PM: USA to confirm for the INF disarmament Treaty +++

The USA have confirmed that for the INF-Treaty on the prohibition of land-based nuclear medium-range weapons officially. Russia is the prompts, after a destruction of his Treaty cruise missile system SSC-8 illegal non-compliance, said US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo on Friday in a message. The United States could not therefore adhere to the contract. Russia bears the responsibility for that.

+++ 11.05 am: police are in Swiss francs shoots rampaging renter low +++

A policeman got shot in the Franconian town of Hilpoltstein a man in the leg, struck the earth with a metal rod on his landlord and the alarmed police officials in the attack. The 70-year-old landlord suffered serious injuries due to the blows, the 39-year-old tenant came in with a leg shot to the hospital, the police announced in Nuremberg. Both of them are not living in danger, a spokesman said, citing Doctors. The attacker, the warrant should be opened for attempted manslaughter.

According to police, the tenant a rampage in the house and destroyed the facility. Why he would have to surrender the in-house resident landlords attack, the other investigations, said a police spokesman. After the police arrived, the 39-Year-old had shown to the police officers an attack posture, and a warning shot and the use of pepper spray, he did not react. As the man went off with his rod on the police officers, it came to the use of firearms.

+++ 10.51 am: Moscow: the United States have declared that the INF Treaty should be terminated +++

The USA have declared, according to Russia’s exit from the INF Treaty on the prohibition of land-based nuclear medium-range weapons. The foreign Ministry in Moscow said on Friday the Agency Interfax according to. One of the most important disarmament void contracts between the United States and Russia. The six-month notice period for the agreement had expired on Friday.

disarmament Pact between the United States and Russia

Since today it is no longer true – as the history of the INF Treaty changed the world

By Marc Drewello

The United States had denounced the INF Treaty in early February with the backing of the Nato partners, because they assume that Russia is violating him for years. A little later, Moscow suspended the agreement. Both sides are blaming each other for the escalation. The Americans and Nato to throw the Russians specifically to have with your missile of the type 9M729 (Nato-Code: SSC-8) in breach of the contract, because they fly farther than allowed. Moscow denies this and claims to be faithful to the Treaty have been.

+++ 10.32 am: More than 500 Dead due to Dengue fever in Philippines +++

In the Philippines, more than 500 people came through the Dengue fever claimed the lives of. The health authorities in the Southeast Asian country estimated the number of deaths since the beginning of the year on Friday to 560. Particularly bad in the capital region around Manila, where many people in Slums are home is affected. The European Union introduced on Friday to combat the fever of 100,000 euros. The money is to come about 300,000 people, directly or indirectly, to help.

in Total, were registered in the Philippines since the beginning of the year more than 130,000 Dengue cases, almost twice as many as in the same period of the previous year. The mosquito-borne Virus has spread, according to the world health organization (WHO) in the past decades dramatically. In several countries of Asia and Latin America, a major Dengue in the meantime, the cause of severe illness and death in children. The infection often manifests itself as a fever with flu-like symptoms.

+++ 10.28 am: Another boat with migrants from Italy +++

The Spanish aid organisation Proactiva Open Arms is currently with rescued migrants on the Mediterranean sea, on the go and looking for a safe port. The rescue ship “Open Arms” saved in the night of Friday, 68 migrants off the Libyan coast. The ship now I have 123 people on Board, after on Thursday, already 55, mostly from Eritrea-born people of a leaky boat rescued had been informed by the head of the organization, Oscar camp, on Twitter. On Board are Pregnant – one of them is apparently in the throes – and also nine-month-old twins. In the night, taken on Board, migrants showed a clear sign of Libya suffered violence, so Camps. Italy, the “Open Arms denied”, however, in Lampedusa and other Italian ports to create.

next dispute

Again threatens a rescue crosses ship off the coast of Lampedusa – again, it is not allowed to create

just yesterday, a violent dispute had broken out of the “Alan Kurdi”, another rescue vessel, the castaways aboard in search of a safe haven. The ship of the Regensburger organization Sea-Eye had saved this week, 40 migrants from Libya and the Italian island of Lampedusa is now the South. Italy’s right-wing interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, has banned the ship to the entrance already, and threatened to seize it hardware, it should land in Italy.

Italy has now called Malta, for the “Alan Kurdi” to use. The mission control station of the Italian coast guard telling them that the Maltese authorities are responsible, “even though the ship is right in front of Lampedusa,” tweeted Sea-Eye on Friday. “Malta is more than 20 hours. An unbearable dispute is fought on the backs of the refugees.”

+++ 10.20 PM: customs seized four and a half tons of cocaine in the port of Hamburg +++

The customs service has seized in a ship container in the port of Hamburg, the record amount of four and a half tons of cocaine with a street value of almost a billion euros. The drugs had been discovered around two weeks ago during an inspection, according to the Hamburg main customs office on Friday. It was the largest cocaine shipment that had been discovered in Germany.


So, 4.5 tons of coke, Packed in sport bags, out of

©Hauptzollamt Hamburg DPA

Therefore, the drugs were discovered during a routine risk control in a cargo container with soy beans, the was by ship from Montevideo in Uruguay via Hamburg to Antwerp in Belgium on the way. It was more than 4200 packages in 211 sports bags. This “enormous quantity” was the largest ever single in Germany, asked volume, according to the Hamburg main customs office on Friday. The two weeks ago, discovered the cocaine had been destroyed under strict secrecy, and extensive safety precautions.

International drug trafficking rings to smuggle KoCain frequently in this way in containers from South America to Europe. According to information from the Hamburg customs authorities, the high-purity cocaine would have resulted after the usual stretching, with the other substances a lot, which would have introduced in the street selling nearly one billion euros.

+++ 10.19 PM: Association prohibitions against Rocker and Hezbollah supporters +++

The Rocker-regional Association “Gremium Motorcycle Club of Saxony,” and four of its local branches (“chapters”), as well as the supporters club of the Lebanese Shiite militia Hezbollah “colors for orphans” confirmed remain prohibited. The Federal constitutional court rejected lawsuits by the Federal Ministry of the interior banned clubs. As the highest German court announced on Friday in Karlsruhe, is the prohibition of an Association that directs donations continue to support terrorism, just as, under the Constitution, such as the prohibition of motorcycle”Rocker”-associations that encourage members to violate criminal laws.

+++ 10.18 PM: 19 killed in attack on military base in Yemen +++

In Yemen, a day after the attacks, with dozens dead in the port city of Aden that killed 19 soldiers in an Al-Qaeda attack on a military base. According to information from security stormed the attacker, the extremist group circles, on Friday, the Al-Mahfad military base in the Region Abjan in the South of the country and could stay there for several hours, before military reinforcements arrived. In battles with the attackers 19 Yemeni soldiers were thus killed and several others injured.

On Thursday, at least 49 people were on guard in an attack on a police and an attack on a police barracks have been killed in Aden, many more people were injured. The majority of the victims were according to the government, to police cadets. The attacks of jihadists and the Shiite Huthi were perpetrated by rebels.

+++ 10.11 PM: First successes in the fight against devastating forest fires in Siberia +++

In the fight against the devastating forest fires in Siberia, the forces achieved initial success. Within 24 hours 25 fires had been eliminated on an area of almost 6900 acres, shared with the forestry authorities on Friday.


Huge forest fires rage in Siberia – they are so big that the world’s climate, threaten


these are, therefore, significantly more than the previous day, as the fire crew extinguished the fire on an area of 400 hectares. Nevertheless, 160 forest fires, the most in the regions of Irkutsk and Krasnoyarsk blaze still. The fire destroyed, according to the forestry administration, in the meantime, an area larger than the state of Brandenburg for more than three million hectares.

the fire in the for the world climate the major Taiga, the Russian military since Thursday. It had prevented his planes and helicopters, several large fires to spread more, wrote the newspaper “Izvestia” citing the defense Ministry.

In the +++ 9.51 PM: trump’s new punitive tariffs: Beijing threatens US with consequences +++

After the announcement of new punitive tariffs, China has threatened the United States with consequences. “If the United States measures to be implemented for the introduction of tariffs, China must take necessary counter measures to defend the core interests of the country and the fundamental interests of the people are determined,” said Hua Chunying, a spokeswoman for the Beijing Ministry of foreign Affairs, on Friday. “All the consequences will be borne by the United States,” said the spokesperson.

China will not tolerate “intimidation and deception”. In addition, the spokesperson warned that the additional duties would have a negative impact on the development of the world economy. You are neither in the interest of the Chinese, nor American citizens.

+++ 9.47 am: the number of BAföG-recipients declined to receive +++

In the past year 727.000 students have financial support under the Federal training assistance act (BAföG). In comparison to the previous year, the 55,000 BAföG were recipients less, as the Federal Statistical office announced on Friday – a decline of 7.1 percent. The largest share, with 518 000 recipients represented students, while last year 209.000 students received financial aid, an average of 454 per month. The average aid for students of fraud reported to 493 euros.

half of The BAföG-recipients received the maximum funding amount, the remaining received partial funding, which will then be made if the income of the Funded or the parents exceeds certain limits.

+++ 9.47 PM: Football Planet spits metals +++

astronomers have spotted a super hot planet that is shaped like an American Football and metals to All throws. The Exoplanet catalogue number WASP-121b orbiting a sun in the constellation of the aft deck (Puppis) in the southern sky. With the “Hubble”space telescope, researchers led by David Sing from the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, clouds of Magnesium and Eisengas were able to prove to the planet, as they now report in the journal “Astronomical Journal”.

in 2015, the discovered Planet is around 900 light-years from earth and about one-third more mass than Jupiter, the largest Planet in our System. The Exoplanet orbits its host star so closely that its gravity is ripping him. The Planet is pulled in the length, so that its shape is reminiscent of an American Football. In addition, its upper atmosphere is heated by the nearby star to more than 2500 degrees Celsius. This is not only much hotter than on other known exoplanets, but also hot enough that metals such as iron and Magnesium to condense in the lower layers of the Atmosphere, but as the Gas to All escape.

+++ 9.13 PM: German want. in the case of climate policy, better incentives than prohibitions +++

The Germans in the climate policy more incentives than bans According to the new ARD”Germany trend” are 72 percent to promote with incentives for climate-friendly behavior. Only 15 percent find bans better, to climate, to limit malicious behavior, such as the WDR reported.

a Lot of money, climate and environmental protection is also a broad opinion of cost. Only seven percent of the respondents were according to the “Germany trend” ready to 101 Euro or more per month for appropriate measures to spend. 21 percent are not at all willing for additional expenditure, 21 percent would spend up to 25 euros per month, 20 per cent could think of 26 to 50 euros. 14 percent would also be prepared to support the environmental and climate protection, with an amount between 51 and 100 euros per month.

The promotion of Innovation and Fresearch for more environmental protection, hold 97 percent of the respondents as useful. 92 per cent of trips are for an Expansion of renewable energy sources and lower prices for train. In the case of air travel, 71 per cent hold higher prices for useful.

Saoirse Kennedy Hill

she was only 22 years old: Kennedy-granddaughter dies died died of drug Overdose

+++ 8.54 PM: granddaughter of Robert F. Kennedy +++

A granddaughter of Robert F. Kennedy, the media, reportedly at the age of 22 years. As the “New York Times” reported that brought rescue workers Saoirse Kennedy Hill, in a hospital, after they were called to the family home of the Kennedys in Hyannis Port (Massachusetts). There she was declared dead. As the newspaper reported, citing the family environment, died in the 22-Year-old to a drug Overdose.

“Our hearts are broken because of the loss of our beloved Saoirse. Her life was filled with love, hope, and love,” said the family. As a student of Kennedy Hill is said to have written in your high school newspaper openly about their problems with depression and mental illness.

English on the Job

do you often work with US colleagues? Then you should be aware of these formulations

+++ 8.49 PM: Kramp-Karrenbauer will be in English better +++

The new defense Minister Annegret Kramp-karrenbauer (CDU) wants to be languages for your office, even better, in foreign “I understand and speak French and English. But both are not as good as I would like it myself,” said the Saar countries of the “Saarbrücker Zeitung”. In your time as a politician on the Saar, you have taken therefore, in addition to private French lessons “and in Berlin English. If time permits, I’ll continue with it,” she said.

As defense Minister Kramp-Karrenbauer (56) has a number of dates on the international stage. At the Press conference with Nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in Brussels on Wednesday you are used to hedge the assistance of a simultaneous interpreter.

+++ 7.35 PM: Hungarian Doctors separate conjoined twins from Bangladesh +++

Hungarian Doctors Siam have separated at the hip from Bangladesh successfully. After the 30-hour Operation in Dhaka, Doctors said the two three-year-old girl, Rabeya and Rukaya they are going well. The on the head are grown together, the twins were “after the final separation of the stable,” said lead neurosurgeon Andras Csokay. “In the post-operative Phase, we need to be very careful.”

+++ 6.46 PM: Apple stops evaluation of the Siri recordings by people around the world +++

Apple, the practice continues in the world, to fragments of recordings of its voice assistant, Siri, if people evaluate. In a later Software Update the user should be asked explicitly for permission, explained to the iPhone group is the Tech-Blog “TechCrunch”. Until then, the procedure will be stopped and the test.

In the case of assistant software such as Amazon’s Alexa, the Google Assistant and Siri fragments of recordings were listened to for years, even from some people and typed, in order to improve the quality of speech recognition. The providers emphasize that the recordings are anonymised. The users of the practice, however, was largely not aware of this until a few months ago, the first media appeared reports.

+++ 6.18 PM: women order to get merit – but only slowly +++

Under the Federal President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier, the proportion of women in the award of committed citizens with the order of merit is increased significantly. In the first half of 2019 187 were received from 521 awarded medals to women, and 334 in men, such as the Federal reported to the office of the President. This corresponded to the proportion of women is 36 per cent. This was as high as never before.

+++ 5.59 p.m.: explosions in Bangkok during the Asean foreign Ministers ‘ meeting +++

In Bangkok, where there is a Meeting of the foreign Ministers of the Southeast Asian Asean countries will be held, there have been a number of explosions. The Thai government talked of bomb detonations. According to rescue workers were injured in an Explosion outside the city centre two women. According to the police, there was a Detonation in the centre of the city.


it’s never been so hot: July-weather into the history books

DPA +++ 5.05 PM: Due to heat operation at ADAC air rescue – record inserts, in July +++

The extreme heat has caused the air rescuers of the ADAC for high operation. In July, the non-profit ADAC air rescue flew a nationwide 5555 operations, as a spokesman in Munich said. The rescue helicopter from advanced every day, around 180 Times inserts. That was, on average, about 20 percent more frequent than on other days of the year with about 150 operations a day. In the case of any second use, it had gone to a medical emergency, such as acute cardiovascular problems.

most of The rescue missions this year, the helpers flew on 24. July. On this day the Crews of Pilot, emergency doctor and paramedics had to roll out nationwide 203 Times. 24. to 26. July was according to the German weather service are extremely hot, sometimes over 40 degrees have been measured.

+++ 4.27 PM: a 19-year-old student to Miss Venezuela crowned +++

in the Midst of a severe political and economic crises, a new beauty Queen has been elected in Venezuela. The 19-year-old marketing student Thalia Olvino from the state of Delta Amacuro was crowned Miss Venezuela. At the end of the year, they will represent the South American country at the Miss Universe.

+++ 3.57 PM: Johnson’s majority in Parliament to voice melted +++

the already slim majority of the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in Parliament in London, is melted after a by-election on a single voice.